Trump says he wants to make a fast pick! That by itself shows little or no thought will go into this important appointment. The FBI sorely needs a non-partisan bulldog cop. It doesn’t need a political pick from the diversity island of broken politicians and unemployed judges merely because they have shown favor to Trump in the past. YUGE CHANCE TRUMP FLUBS NEW FBI DIRECTOR APPOINTMENT.


To date the following names have been floated:

Judge Michael J. Garcia, Hispanic bait.  Then we have the GENDER bait Assistant Attorney General Alice Fisher. Additionally we have the RINO Bait Sen. John Cornyn of Texas. Though it would be good to get rid of him and John McCain from the Senate. Then there is this creep who’s wife is a Democratic Politicians Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe.  Can we have a round of liberal applause for that one. And then Richmond FBI head Adam Lee who has been on the job for two years. There are also a few notable Bush Retreads and local NYC political types.


Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. played Inspector Lewis Erskine in The FBI TV Show. Zimbalist personified the ideal of an FBI Agent, an intelligent resourceful bulldog.


This guy will do too.

Image result for dirty harry hot dog


This is the kind of Guy America Needs!

There is not a single one of the Trump wrist lickers and ring kissers that measures up to the ideal played by Efrem Zimbalist Jr. from the TV SHOW, THE FBI. What America needs and what Trump wants are likely to be two very different kinds of people.

Trump is looking for a buddy to watch his back, a wrist licking subordinate. Americans need somebody serious about ENFORCING THE LAW and protecting citizens regardless of political affiliation. We need somebody that is not going to pursue this insane dead end Russian election hacking fiction or whatever they are calling it this minute. They have zero evidence to date and they are not likely to find any. It is just another phony put up job by the CIA. An FBI Director has to know when to shut off ridiculous phony political goose chases  and doggedly stick to the real issues at hand.


Comey did Obama’s bidding:

Because Comey was afraid to pursue Islamic Radicals because of Obama’s great love of these people, investigations were closed on both the San Benardino terrorists and the Orlando shooter. The FBI opened these investigations and then shut them down inexplicably. The blood of Americans is on the FBI’s hands. Yet no heads at the FBI have ever rolled over these two incidents. Nope. It is business as usual. Comey did a lousy job.


The FBI was non-existent on 9/11 when 3000 Americans were killed and the Twin Towers taken down. NOBODY at the FBI WAS HELD ACCOUNTABLE!  So instead of purging the dead rot, Bush and Pelosi push through Homeland Security as a whole new Agency of desk sitteres and seat polishers. The Security of this nation has gone the way of the US Postal Service and AMTRAK!

Meanwhile Trumps entire administration is imploding over the firing of Comey.

Nobody has the straight story yet. Trump is all over the place on this. He EVEN TWEETED THAT HE RECORDED COMEY AND HAS HIM ON TAPE.  How do you spell NIXON? So in typical Trump Style he is in an enormous hurry to get it all behind him. RINOCARE2 was another perfect example. How any Republican could have signed on to that nightmare is beyond any reasonable comprehension. Well except for the Bush NEOCONS and RINOs and they are nothing but stealth Democrats.

Always fun to watch Trump huff and puff and blown his own administration down.


“We can make a fast decision,” said Trump…


Yeah… that’s what we’re all afraid of…

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