Wisconsin Democrats can end Paul Ryan’s 13 year congressional career. In a state where Democrats have suffered endless defeats at the hands of Boy Governor Scott Walker, revenge is at hand. Scott Walker has endorsed Paul Ryan. Ryan was expecting an easy win but not any more. Mini-Trump Paul Nehlen has challenged Ryan in the August 9th Wisconsin Primary. Nehlen has thus far split the Republican vote though Ryan apparently leads in Republican Polls. WISCONSIN DEMS PLAN PAUL RYAN TAKEDOWN.



Ryan has been outwardly antagonistic to Trump the Republican Nominee:

Ryan’s conduct has not set well with the National GOP or Trump supporters. Ryan’s failure to get in line with the Republican Candidate as pledged now makes Ryan vulnerable to both Trump Republicans and Democrats.

Trump Republicans want Ryan “Cantored”.  Ryan has been a decisive figure taking swipes at Trump whenever possible. This has caused mostly superficial bad blood with the base. However the Wisconsin GOP is another matter.


Scott Walker humiliated by Trump in debates:

Maybe its in the Wisconsin water. Seems Republicans from this relatively small state have big aspiration for the White House. Scott Walker was one of them, Paul Ryan another. On the way of his big dream, Scott Walker was clobbered by Trump over the State’s fiscal condition under Walker.  Walker’s campaign buckled. The Wisconsin GOP then headed into “Never Trump” land and attempted to sabotage the state’s Presidential Primary. They failed to stop Trump and large donors wasted nearly $500 million dollars on Anti-Trump ads. It was Classic Rope-A-Dope by Trump.

Now comes Paul Ryan the House Speaker who has continued the antagonism with Trump. Trump has responded but to a far lesser degree failing to endorse Ryan for his latest congressional bid. Insiders claim that Trump will endorse Ryan but the damage on both sides have already taken a severe toll.

Ryan however has failed to calculate the impact of the smaller and weaker Democratic machine in Wisconsin. The primary is an opened primary. With Ryan marginally weakened by his Mini-Trump primary opponent Paul Nehlen, Democrats now have the power to take down Paul Ryan.

Though this would ultimately not have the effect of obtaining House control again, it would demolish the Establishment GOP by taking down Paul Ryan its standard bearer.

Ryan goes John McCain:

While Paul Ryan has adopted some positions similar to John McCain on immigration and wars, his main agenda of packaging Social Security and Medicare into a privatized system is violently opposed by Democrats. Democrats fear that as Speaker of the House, Ryan can force through legislation that attaches to other bills.

Other programs the Democrats in the state oppose are the TPP and Ryan’s guest worker program which directly harms manufacturing jobs and labor wages in the State. Democrats would like nothing more than to spoil the big plans of the Establishment GOP.

As an aside, John McCain is in serious danger of being Cantored this year. There is no “Independent Party” in the state of Arizona. Independent voters do not belong to ANY party, but are still allowed to vote a ballot for ONE of the recognized parties in the Primary Election. McCain to date has not exceeded 39% in the polls.


Democrats also enjoy the idea that Walker has endorsed Ryan and relish a takedown:

The State GOP press is working overtime in Wisconsin trying to reassure  all the large out of state donors including the Koch Brothers and Apple Computer’s Tim Cook that have funneled money to Ryan. Ryan has $10 million dollars against Nehlen’s $1 million dollars.

Democrats smell blood and can turn Wisconsin upside down if they can take down Ryan. Democrats also think they will have a much less difficult time defeating Nehlen in the general election.


Ryan’s Primary is an Opened Primary in which Republicans and Democrats can vote:

The brave face of the Wisconsin GOP might not be shared by Ryan. Ryan has avoided meeting with any press out of fear of “unscripted” questions. Paul Nehlen has been fanning the flames very effectively in the last three weeks. Nehlen has focused on immigration, worker VISAs and TPP. Nehlen claims TPP alone can defeat Ryan.



Many Trump supporters have cooled since the Mike Pence VP selection. Pence is viewed as a quasi Paul Ryan type. In fact Pence endorsed Ryan immediately after being selected as Trump’s VP, creating a small backlash with the Trump base. Ann Coulter referred to Pence as being Donald Trump’s first big mistake.

The Base is very concerned that Trump is going RINO. Trump appears to some to be always appeasing the Establishment GOP instead of wiping them out. The Democratic cross appeal of trump is based primarily on Trump’s rejection of establishment politics. With Trump appearing to kowtow to the Establishment one inch at a time, the base and the Democratic crossovers are not sure what they have signed onto.

The Base is actively watching now to see if Trump will cave in and endorse Ryan before the primary. It is an endorsement that will have little sway because the Trump Base hates Paul Ryan.

Bernie supporter who have been asked by the Base to vote for Nehlen are still reeling from the Bernie defection.  Sanders capitulated to the Establishment DNC then promptly and without warning, turned his back on his supporters and walked away from the Democratic party. More Here.  Bernie subjected his supporters to cold turkey and Trump is subjecting his supporters to the RINO Installment plan.


Déjà vu:

Whether the Bernie supporters have more stomach for politics is doubtful. Trump moving rapidly toward the Establishment GOP looks like Déjà vu.

It is doubtful that Trump could swing a single voter to vote for Ryan at this point, but Trump could most certainly loose the Base if he endorses Ryan. Trump has a rather arrogant view of the Base. He figures they have no choice now but to support him; to which we say… Look at the Polls Mr. Trump!



Tonight Donald Trump Endorsed PAUL RINO, JOHN McCAIN, and Sen. Kelly Ayotte the world class RINO backsides of the Republican Party.

As we said, Poll numbers for Trump will drop. Welcome to the GOP Establishment party on the Trump Installment plan.

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