So much for the notion that Trump is any more business-friendly than Obama. When it Rains it Pours. Both Comcast and Verison have expressed an interest in FOX assets in a deal that could be worth $20 Billion to Murdoch. This comes on the heels of the Eternal MERGER between ATT and TIME WARNER which had been dragged into the TRUMP SWAMP by his Iranian Shill MAKAN DELRAHIM. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan the great deregulator, “There you go again…” As TRUMP has proven over his first year to be a vindictive snit. The natural inclination for these Telecoms and Cable ops is to mover toward content. WILL TRUMPS DEAL BREAKER MAKAN DELRAHIM PUNISH COMCAST FOX DEALS OVER NBC?


Trump has always relished being the center of attention, even bad attention. GOP should stop USING and Elephant as its symbol. A Dead Elephant would be more TRUMP Appropriate.

He is achieving that goal now as business consolidation and merger have been left in the Lurch by his incompetent Administration. Apparently, only one person in the DOJ can do anything with Anti-Trust and that is MAKAN. Since he is Iranian we cannot use the term MAKAN BACON. Instead, a better term is MAKAN OBSTRUCTION on behalf of a savage Pig. In spite of mounting pressure by businesses, no progress is being made. It is not even certain that MAKAN has lifted a finger.


What is known is that MAKAN solicited States Attorneys Generals for support to block the ATT MERGER and GOT Nothin!  So basically he is wasting time and Taxpayer’s money. But the foot dragging nine months of TRUMP Continues.


The Truth should be recognized by Republicans and Democrats alike, consolidation to create the scale to compete globally is an absolute necessity. Having Trump Obstruct deals over his petty squabbles with news organizations is just turning businesses against Trump. All the angry press is coming back at Trump.

Trump should FIRE MAKAN DELRAHIM saying that he just hasn’t worked out. While Delrahim talked a good line during confirmation hearings, he’s not on the right page with Trump’s claimed ambitions to spur deregulation. Even though we know the Obstruction is coming from TRUMP over CNN.

Apparently, we need the Trump Daughter Baby Sitter IVANKA to get with her hubby son-of-a-crook and fire MAKAN.

It is not just the DOJ that can’t get anything done. Blunder after blunder from the Departments of Interior to Health and Human Services, to ICE Agents, saying they have been betrayed by Trump, TRUMP just hasn’t made key appointments necessary to remove the Obama Staffs. That is dumb. The salaries and benefits continue and the Obama Administration retains full control over the regulatory machinery of government.

Trump is a micromanager with the attention span of a gnat. He’s really not good at this. He’s pathetic. He attempts to use executive orders as a royal decree. Unfortunately they show he, just as Obama can get anything accomplished with others.


Nothing works it all stalls:

Trump is even being sued by his own EPA! That’s remarkable. When he tried to get the DOJ moving, he had Sally Yates kicking his face in. His own DOJ with Sessions recusing himself over Russia appointed Robert Mueller Special Counsel. It’s been one goof after another. Nothing works.

Look at Trump’s Muslim ban. Most have expired long ago and many are still tied up in District Courts across the country because Trump didn’t know how to properly craft an executive order. Trump’s government lawyers are terrible. They simply can’t argue in court.


TRUMP SIGNS Law to allow Big Game Hunters to bring their “trophies” back to the USA. Let’s hope the airlines refuse. 

Trump managed to sign a bill that allows big game hunters like the Trump Boyz to bring home ELEPHANT TROPHIES.

Is there anybody on the planet that thinks Hunting Elephants is cool? My God.


DONALD TRUMP KILLA Jr. BIG GAME HUNTER… “Today I am a man.” The Trump right of passage means Killing big game.


Ivanka could plug and stuff a baby elephant to mount on the wall of her NYC Luxury baby nursery.

Elephants are the strongest animal on earth. Yet they are gentle. The birds roost on their backs and the antelope walk amongst them.

They eat the soft green tips of trees and the water lilies. They are a predator to none and only man has seen fit to slaughter them for their ivory.


What does an elephant eat in Africa? leaves and twigs!

Thanks to Trump, the Trump Kids can now kill some elephants.


TRUMP LADS are BIG GAME KILLAS…  Look at them Antlers… you can hang a couple of TRUMP “MAKE ELEPHANTS EXTINCT” hats on them. The “Thrill of the KILL!”


As Fred Trump told Donald over his morning cornflakes, “You’re a King, you’re a Killer, or you’re a loser….”


Actually, anyone that hunts elephants is a TRUMP Sized loser. There is no reason a sane nation would advocate and support the killing of Elephants and re-ignition of the hunting trophy business.

The RINOs pushed this law through in the dark of night. Where was the opposition? There was none. Not one spoke on behalf of the Elephants.

Of course, you might be aware that the US Military is now gunning down elephants in Chad, NIGER, and Mali. Trump has spread the war to Africa. Click here for our story on the Green Beret killed by Seal Team Six for discovering the Seal Team Six embezzlement scheme.

With shoulder-launched missiles, you can blow an elephant to bits and his ivory will break off from the skull intact. Now our mercenary armies can bring home their multi-million dollar stashes of Ivory.


One other thing I want to make perfectly clear. You don’t have to be a climate fanatic or some kind of crazy anti-GMO vegetarian to comprehend that Killing Elephants is an atrocious blood sport.

These are sensitive creatures that are terrified of man. Nothing seems fouler in my mind than having the TRUMP KIDS kill a zoo in a couple of hours. Why can’t man just engage in war with his own kind? They drop bombs, and defoliants, start fires and poison the water habitats. They never think of the Elephants with the flaming tar on their backs screaming out in pain.

Why must man turn his murderous nature on the Elephants? Republicans should not be using the Elephant as their symbol.

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Only the Ivory trophies for the rich big game TRUMP KILLAS go home. The remains of these most gentle of all creatures remain strewn about under the baobab trees till they are pushing into a pit and burned.



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Another TRUMP TROPHY…  The horror… is incomprehensible.


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