Danny Williams “Clinton” is 30 years old and living in Little Rock Arkansas with his mother, Bobbie Ann Williams. Said to have been a model student and man of impeccable character, Danny Williams is the spitting image of Bill Clinton with one minor exception; Danny is Black or mixed race. Will HILLARY’S BLACK STEP-SON BACK BERNIE OR TRUMP? Or come home to the Hill?



Danny Williams, His Mother Bobbie, and a photo of Former President Bill Clinton.  “Who’s your Daddy?”


Danny Williams has long accepted the origin of his humble beginnings. His mother was a struggling single mom in the black section of Little Rock who sold her body to men to put food on her table. One of those men was Governor Bill Clinton according to Williams. As the story goes, Bobbie arranged a “foursome” with the sex junkie governor who she met while he was jogging in 1984.

Subsequently Bobbie became pregnant and in 1985 Danny was born. Bobbie maintains that her only white male customer was Bill Clinton. Bobbie maintains that Bill Clinton is Danny’s father.

While Bill Clinton is fond of calling himself “The First Black President” his fondness for Black folks seems only to extend to getting their votes. Clinton through an angry Hillary Clinton has denied Danny his birthright.

After the Monica Lewinsky affair, it was reported that Star Magazine had access to the Presidential DNA and would test Danny’s DNA. They reported there was no match. However subsequently it has been revealed that Star Magazine had no access to Bill Clinton’s DNA and no such testing was preformed. Danny and his mom never abandoned their story and have stuck by it.

Even if Bill Clinton and Hillary want to shun their Obama-Styled mix race son, doesn’t Danny and his mom deserve the respect to do a proper DNA test and find out. Besides it might help the Clintons win more of the Black vote.

Bobbie Williams has no reason to lie. This isn’t some “Great White Wing Conspiracy” against Bill Clinton. It is just a Black woman in Arkansas that regrets her life choices but somehow managed to raise a fine son in Danny. Bobbie and Danny do not wield the giant power of the Clintons.  They are just people left behind in the wake of the Clinton’s appetites for endless conquest.

Hasn’t Hillary gotten past the ways of the Old South yet? Let Bill spend some quality time with Danny. This is the Kardashian World now. Bill Clinton should be openly proud of his son and give he and Bobbie Williams some Clinton breadcrumbs out of respect for family.




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Bill Clinton on left… I mean right… hard to tell He and Danny Williams apart. Imagine an Obama-styled child with the Political skills of Bill Clinton…. “DANNY CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT!”



Meanwhile Danny and his Mother Bobbie have never changed their story throughout the years of Clinton denials. Uncertainty remains and Bill Clinton could clear the air by just providing a DNA sample. It seems very bigoted that he would not want to help a young Black man find his true identity.


If you are the First Black President Mr. Clinton… then Act like it and treat Danny and his mother with some respect.


Finally it remains to be seen who Danny will support in this year’s election. I would be nice to see Chelsea Clinton and her step-brother on the campaign trail with Mom and Pop, and Bobbie… ONE BIG HAPPY CLINTON FAMILY out on the campaign trail together!


Apparently Hillary is not quite so color-blind as she claims… Here is some Southern Fried Hillary going Plantation. I sure hope she doesn’t speak to Danny and his mother in such a condescending tone.

As my Arkansas neighbor said, “Bill Clinton was a hound dog, and at some point you will have to run down all them puppies.”


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