How about Tobacco Stocks? The most dangerous government overreach since FDR banned US Citizens from owning gold. Joe Biden is banning US investors from owning various Chinese Stocks and has even talked of banning BITCOIN. All done with the magic of no laws, but just a Dictator’s Executive Order. Ordering adults about like diapered school children. A nation of pansies rolls over for this dope. 

Executive Order 6102, signed on April 5, 1933, “forbidding the hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States.” The executive order was made under the authority of the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917.  As always, the chewed dog bone of National Security strikes again. BTW, in 1933, there was no “enemy” and no war but that’s a mere technicality.

I don’t think there is a person alive that thinks Donald Trump, JOE BIDEN, Ukrainian Dirt Boy Hunter Biden or the elephant killing spawn of Trump has an ounce of human decency or brains.  

Redneck walnut brained Trumpers and Liberal bigots think nothing of Government overreach. In fact, they welcome it. They are immersed in Bigotry and Class Warfare. Their chief anger strategy these days is China. Primarily because China has been extremely successful. Chinese students excel. 

Have you ever met a more angry person than Tom Cotton or Elizabeth Warren?

Save Greta Thunberg. I have never seen a child with such anger; undoubtedly she will go far in life. These people spew hatred on the level of a Hitler phenotype. All share one common theme: Self-Employed Sainthood. 

I am now an ENTITY. Probably an abolitionist and firebrand libertarian. I am on the Seeking ALPHA, ZEROHEDGE, ABC NEWS, lifetime enemy list. Why? Because I am sick of US Xenophobia and Racism and patent stupidity. It is everywhere and it is worse now because of Trump and Biden. Everything these idiots touch they weaponize.

Nothing new about America’s love affair with RACISM. Since the founding of the Nation, slave ships from Africa delivered the human servitude. Shortly thereafter the Native Americans were butchered, their lands stolen and moved to dirt farm internment camps called Reservations. The Invading White Man thought nothing of destroying these people and stripping them of all human dignity and property. The man with the gun had the power.

The Police State as it now exists evolved from Slave Catchers: They are still gunning down Black men all over the country. Old habits are hard to break. Roots of the slaver run deep.

There is not a single American institution that has not been invaded by RACISM. The last holdout was actually the Stock Market where race meant nothing and investment ruled. A Black man, a woman of colour, an Asian, Persian, Islander, Native American; none of this mattered. All that mattered was the skill of the anonymous investor trader. Investing is a true meritocracy. But NOT NOW. Trump and Biden have weaponized it with their Asian Xenophobia.

These tin horn dictators are depriving Americans of their property and forcing liquidations after they destroy the markets.

Only the wealthiest persons in America own stocks. I am not talking about the passive 401K investor that has a handful of mutual funds from which to choose. I am talking about the 14% of Americans that own stock and are investor traders. So they are perfect targets for Biden. They are the so-called rich that Biden wants to tax, Elizabeth Warren wants to kill and Trumpers hate because of their own redneck inferiority complexes. 

The TRUMP BIDEN overt RACISM against the Chinese. 

Here you have Trump with his overt Racism. His antagonism toward China is also related to the fact he owes over $200 million dollars to the BANK OF CHINA. He will badmouth them until they forgive the loan. They should foreclose and turn the screws.

Biden on the other hand is a slippery liberal practicing shillism. He is strictly a political animal always playing both sides of any racket. On one hand, he is attacking US Investors by blocking Chinese company investments. He calls Putin a Murderer and Xi a thug. Then Asian-Americans get attacked in the USA by Trumpers and Liberal thugs and Biden decries it when in fact he invited it. He stirs the pot like Trump then acts appalled when Asians are attacked. That is the mark of the Social Arsonist; the modern-day Populist.

SEEKING ALPHA and ZEROHEDGE pretend to be a financial website but 60% of the posts are from China Bashers and Xenophobes. They are there with the singular purpose of bigotry.

None of these clowns has ever been to Asia. Many are old unschooled boomers with a lot of pent up hate issues and no money. I encourage all Asians and all other current USA race targets to visit Zerohedge and Seeking Alpha. See for yourselves the spew of hate that comes off these posters’ keyboards. This is Murica bathed in RACISM. I challenge anyone to look at this filthy spew of these degenerates. America is a lush field of bigotry.

I could ask what is wrong with these mentally ill posters. But I know the answer. They are just bigots. And as the US declines following the disgrace of Trump, Biden carries the torch, continuing with sanctions on 40% of the world’s populations, and trying to outdo Trump in Xenophobia.

In the USA Bills of Attainder and Ex Post Facto laws are unconstitutional. 

Yet these back to back racists, Trump and Biden, single out Chinese stocks to block US investors, as if investors are three-year-old’s. Think about it. The Chinese companies filed legal IPOs and followed all the contract requirements to list on US exchanges. Now Trump and Joe Biden breached those contracts and order US Investors to liquidate positions. I wonder if Wilbur Ross shorted these companies with his advanced notice. 

Who suffers? US investor alone. The Chinese companies got their IPO money. Only US investors get harmed and that is a 5th Amendment Taking. 

There is no Constitutional grant of power to block Americans from investing in anything they wish including BITCOIN. These are bills of Attainder. They single out a group. The only businesses on these banned lists are Chinese Businesses.

So what is the legal claim for these Bills of Attainder and Ex Post Facto changing of rules after the fact, breaching contracts, and criminalizing ownership?

Biden claims it is to prevent US investors from “Supporting Companies that do business with the Chinese Military.” So a Chinese Shoe Shine boy that polishes a soldiers boots would be banned. 

That doesn’t work. If anyone is supporting these Companies it is Biden and Trump who are basically allowing the Chinese Firms to take their US IPO money and leave. This is Force Majeure and the businesses may keep the IPO money and thumb their noses at US shareholders and Biden. The Chinese Companies liability to US shareholders is Voidable under Force Majeure. All because of The Cancerous Bobbsey Twins: Trump and Biden. 

For another thing, any US Citizen can support any political ideology they wish and need not furnish any reasons.

Pea Brains Trump and Biden don’t dictate thought. I don’t want these no character losers dictating to me how to think about the Chinese or anyone else. Trump’s an unethical idiot; Biden’s a bonehead. Both reside at the intellectual bottom rung. What they are doing is foisting their foul prejudices on the nation as if a virtue. 

If a US person wants to support Cuban Communism or Hitler, they are free to do so. I can wear a leather jacket into a US Courtroom that says “Fuck Murica” on the back and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

“one man’s vulgarity is another’s lyric”  Justice John Harlan

Cohen v. California, 403 U.S. 15 (1971)

On behalf of the the Neo-Nazis stands “National Socialist Party of America v. Village of Skokie, 432 U.S. 43 (1977)” in which a local government sought an injunction to ban Neo-Nazis marching and displaying Swastikas in Skokie, Illinois.

In every Constitutional case, the freedoms to assert Free Speech and display it through personal property such as a Jacket, Flag, Flag burning, or Swastikas, links property rights to Free Speech. They are inseparable. A jury of the blind would understand this most clearly.

My Portfolio of Chinese Stocks is my form of Socially Responsible free speech.

I do not want the US Military to have a global monopoly on committing warfare without checks and balances by China and the Russian Federation. I cite the despicable War in Vietnam in particular as a war started by the US Government under false pretenses. Killing millions of innocent Vietnamese to force a political will by falsely claiming US Forces were attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin when in fact there was no such attack. 

Agency historian Robert J. Hanyok on SIGINT and the Tonkin Gulf which confirms what historians have long argued: that there was no attack on U.S. ships in Tonkin on August 4, 1964.


The War in Vietnam has proven to be a pathetic pack of lies by the US Military and NSA. The Government fought the release of the egregious conduct for over 5o years.  It was finally released due to the persistence of FOIA requester Matthew M. Aid, who requested the Hanyok study in April 2004 and brought the issue to the attention of The New York Times when he learned that senior National Security Agency officials were trying to block the release of the documents.

Oh but but but Trumpers think the New York Times is FAKE NEWS… Democrats think this document should have remained hidden because it shined a sinister light on LBJ and the Democrats that pushed the War in Vietnam down American throats.

In essence, the USA started the War in Vietnam and lost the war they started. Looks like Jane Fonda was right after all. She is still hated by all the Keyboard Militants. I adore her courage. She was in Vietnam when Trump was at home playing golf and having a good laugh over x-rays of the third party chap with Heel Spurs.

Oh… you don’t like that war… How about Bush II’s war in Iraq and Afghanistan? Once again the false flag of “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.” “W” killed millions of men, women and children, over this false flag. Oh but the USA is oh so beloved and God is on our side too.

While I may not agree with all policies of China or Russia, they are the only Defense programs large enough to stalemate unbridled unfettered provocation by the US Military. After Vietnam and Iraq, no American nor anyone else can trust the USA or these murderous politicians.

The US now has a fully documented case history of lying under the guise of National Security, and killing millions of innocent Asians and Middle Easterners, in the process. This is the road to perdition. Taxpayer dollar used to murder millions of souls with no end in sight. The US learned nothing from Vietnam except how to do it again in Iraq. 

I believe it is in the best interest of all humanity that China needs to reach a comparable Military Strength to the US to counterbalance the out of control barbaric US Military bullyism. The Vietnam War is a war crime, knowingly committed by the United States. 

Trump and Joe Bite’in say I can’t own this Socially Responsible Stock Portfolio. And they are acting against my political views to forward more US Bullyism with more uncovered lies. 

Knick v. Township of Scott, Pennsylvania, No. 17-647, 588 U.S.(2019) now allows property owners deprived of their property rights by State and local actors to bring cases directly to the Federal Courts. I don’t have to sue a dozen brokerage firms to get to Dictator Joe Bite’in.

But the most important aspect of the ruling is the clear understanding that Government violates the Constitution whenever it takes property without advance compensation, no matter how good its commitment to pay. Trump and Biden took my property without advanced compensation and they can’t do that. 

Trump and Biden, hereinafter JOE TRUMP, both are claiming that US investors that buy Chinese Stocks are endorsing Chinese Communist Party political ideology and they are banning it. Well, they can’t ban that.

Any American can be a member of the Communist Party, including the Chinese Communist Party if they wish. Just because the Pea Brains don’t like it that is tough. The greatest threat to Americans in my view is this whimish Dictator Super Executive that prances around claiming toy drones and home surveillance cameras are a National Security Concern. One can claim there are spacemen in the attic, but where is the EVIDENCE? Where is the Rational Basis for these flagrant lies?


Pentagon report clears use of drones made by top Chinese manufacturer

Five days ago the Pentagon confirmed that DJI Drones were not sending secret data to Beijing and were not a National Security threat. That took them two Trump years to figure out what a 13-year-old kid could have told them in one minute.

And for the TRUMPERS entertainment and approval we have this National Review article By REBECCAH HEINRICHS from December 20, 2020, that stirred the Chinese Drone frenzy and touched off the sparks in Rick Scott and Marco Rubio’s insanity:

Chinese Drones Are Spying on Americans

From this astonishing lunatic paranoia from the National Review comes the following paragraph:

“It’s important to counter companies such as Da Jiang Innovations Science and Technology Company (DJI), a Chinese-owned drone behemoth headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It dominates the American drone market. Its low cost has boxed out the American and ally market, giving it a nearly two-thirds share in the United States and Canada.”

Rest assured this paragraph will be in my legal brief to Bite’in.

Here is the rising Xenophobic star of the GQP RICK SCOTT of Florida a year ago. Also the man with the largest Medicare Fraud Settlement in US History. Great Credentials for a US Senator. A man that wears his fraud proudly.

American Security Drone Act

Since you may not want to read all this rubbish it basically claims that toy drones made by DJI are spying on you. JOE McCarthy Lives! The Pentagon just pulled the rug out from under Rick Scott American Security Drone Act.

Let’s remember that genius Kamala Harris also voted in favour of banning Chinese Toy Drones. Another Political shill is born. So nice to see the Bite’ins and Trumpers agreeing over fantasy in order to harm US consumers and investors. The intellectual bottom rung strikes again.

The thought police run by two of the people with the smallest brains in US history, Trump and Biden; the amalgamated JOE TRUMP.

Xenophobia is not a grant of power. Biden and Trump claimed in their Co-Authored Executive Orders that it

“prevents U.S. investment from supporting the Chinese defense sector, while also expanding the U.S. government’s ability to address the threat of Chinese surveillance technology firms that contribute — both inside and outside China — to the surveillance of religious or ethnic minorities or otherwise facilitate repression and serious human rights abuses,

Have you ever read such hogwash? So what is Bite’in doing, taking property under the claim digital cameras and facial recognition are used to facilitate repression and human rights violations? Why not ban chain-linked fences? Or ban Indian Reservations which make the life of Uyghurs look terrific by comparison.

From a political view, I most certainly can support the Chinese defense sector. I can support political surveillance and facial recognition as well. Americans need to be protected from violent US State actors.

Think about it. Half a dozen cops participated in Trump violent attack on the Capital! Soldiers and even officers participated. I want facial recognition and surveillance cameras. I want to know the Trump Thug or Liberal Thug that is casing my property before the home invasion. 

There is not one word in this BIDEN GARBAGE that TRUMPS my right to support political ideology opposing TRUMP or BIDEN’s administration.

It is Biden’s own words that claim investment supports his opposing political ideologies. So Biden is blocking my right to Political Free Speech and my right to Socially Responsible investment for political causes of my choosing. JOE TRUMP is making my case for me.

When I wave a Confederate Battle Flag, I may do so for my own personal political reasons. And you may not impinge on my rights with your political opposition. Your reasons do not outweigh my rights.

I may just like the colours of that beautiful flag. Perhaps I pay homage to Confederate War Dead. Perhaps I feel whites are superior as Trump believes. Maybe a thug will be deterred from robbing my home if they see that flag. Perhaps Racist Cops will be my friends. 

Maybe I just want the world to know that the USA history is that of a murderous Slave State. And a nation that stole lands from Native Americans and butchered them and placed them in internment camps called reservations. 

Perhaps I just want to remind the virtue signalling Muricans of their foul and detestable history. That is my unfettered right.

What if BIDEN said I could not own Jim Beam Stock because it supported the Confederate Military. I will rewrite Biden’s Executive Order.

“prevents U.S. investment from supporting the Confederate defense sector, while also expanding the U.S. government’s ability to address the threat of Alcoholism both inside and outside of the Confederacy— to the surveillance of religious or ethnic minorities or otherwise facilitate repression and serious human rights abuses”

I guess you could say Joe Biden is Plagiarizing Trump. Does Bite’in even possess a single thought of his own?

I am posing the legal arguments because I am interested in suing to overturn this moronic JOE TRUMP Exec Order.

The Department of Defense wisely got out of the limelight on this one after two fast court losses; actually blowouts. So now its Janet Yellen at the helm forced to defend this xenophobic lunacy. 

Make no mistake Seeking Alpha and ZEROHEDGE are free to support Xenophobia by banning me. They are private and the First Amendment dose not apply to them. But it does apply to that idiot Joe Bite’in. 

I love Bite’in’s legal rant that he thinks his Exec Order is more defensible than the Trump slop. Biden masquerades as an attorney. He has never practiced law a day in his life. Biden should have been tossed for plagiarism in his first year of law school. Then years later this dufus did it again copying a political speech. The only reason Biden is in the White House is Trump turned Amerians’ stomachs slightly more than Biden. 



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