21 years of Warmongering Insanity. Biden must have had a stroke. He is actually doing the right thing by getting out of this Afghanistan mess after 21 years of utter failure. Bullying others just doesn’t work. The globe is tired of the bully. So leave as you did in Saigon with no dignity at all. Just leave. In the case of Afghanistan, this bullying lunacy just built a more determined Taliban. 73% of American citizens opposed this War but the politicians stuck it in the craw of the public for 21 years! Don’t hand me your democracy crap. Politicians are self-serving. They get donations from Defense firms. They think killing your children is a small price to pay for their re-election.

The Nation Building mess failed again. Trillions blown! Thousands of young Americans were killed. Many by reckless friendly fire. Including Pat Tillman. Pat was shot in the back of the head three times at 30 ft. by a fellow American soldier.  The Government lied about it to the public and worse, lied bald faced to Pat’s family. Can you even images the sand of the US Military to pull a foul stunt like this?  Of course you can. This is the stinko from these Forever Wars… Lies, lies and more lies. 

21 years of playing games with young lives and lying endlessly about the war. Vietnam II, except the banner, wasn’t “Nation Building” it was “Stop them Dominoes.”  The same meddling in which the USA was going to bomb you to the ground until you conformed to the will of the US Politicians. These include rednecks like Arkansas’s blithering idiot, Tom Cotton and many Democrats like Chuck Schumer, lifer an shill. The ragtag Taliban won just as the barefoot army from the North won in Vietnam. 

So what is Tom Cotton’s thesis?

Always like to hear the thesis of some dope from Arkansas. The whole nation should conform to this provincial poser. Oh but but but Tom Cotton served in the Army. He never never never saw a single second of combat. His resume is window dressing. Fortunately he’s a rather ugly pencil neck of a man, so his chances of getting into the White House are nil. Nevertheless the man from Arkansas’s thesis on this and I assume Vietnam is that the US just didn’t bomb enough. 

He seems to think that in Undeclared Wars, the US should throw everything it has at whoever they are calling the enemy today. That won’t work. For one thing Americans are repulses by undeclared wars. Secondly, the US doesn’t seem to realize that when you are on the home turf of a determined opposition, they will use gorilla tactics that would make your brain fry. 

Blowhard aside, name one battle that the US has won long term. 

Korea… nope over 70 years and still at it. The US Army was stopped cold at Pork Chop Hill and declared an Armistice. Maybe you want to go back in and fight that one Cotton!

Vietnam… Ah the war the US intentionally started under the false flag of the Gulf of Tonkin and hid from the US public for 50 years until 2010. You got your tail kicked and murdered over 60,000 young men, 90% in their 20’s or younger. These right wing nuts like Cotton and McMaster, the sawed off lunatic claim the US should have dropped more bombs. They dropped more bombs than WWII on Vietnam. I guess they needed draft dodger Trump to win that one.

Gulf I… That war cost 2 trillion and led directly to Iraq. 

IRAQ WAR… Every want to know what 6 trillion will buy you? A lot of happy executives at Halliburton, like Dick Cheney. This was the false flag of Weapons of Mass Destruction and “Mission Accompliced.” 

Millions indiscriminately killed by the US Military. 

The MiddleEast Monitor reports: June 26th, 2021

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi has announced that his country was on the verge of civil war because of clashes between armed groups, noting that his government faced many challenges in order to spare the lives of Iraqis.

Al-Kadhimi stressed in an interview with state-owned channel Al Iraqiya that the outbreak of a confrontation between Washington and Tehran on Iraqi soil during Donald Trump’s administration was possible.

So Cotton, guess the USA just didn’t drop enough bombs on Iraq, or kill enough people, or spend enough money. Should have spent $12 Trillion. 

Afghanistan… The Russians warned the US not to get involved with Afghanistan, but to the Tom Cottons that was a “Challenge to prove the Mighty USA” could not be defeated. So in other words if the US prevailed, it proved they were better than the Russian Military. Well, Afghanistan proved the opposite. 

As far as Afghanistan is concerned, the bigger they are the harder they fall. Over centuries they have taken on all comers, the most powerful militaries of the world and everyone of those armies was defeated. But of course Tom Cotton is going to defy all history. The ugly pinheaded pencil neck Arkansas redneck knows all. Oh I forgot, Afghanistan grows poppies so this Afghanistan action was also part of the great US war on drugs. 

The only retort these screwballs have is that somehow, the US Military wasn’t “allowed to win” these wars. Somebody was always holding them back. The invisible hand. 

I am a Conservative but unlike these Right Wing Republican clowns, I am opposed to war because it is a stupid enterprise that interferes with free Capitalism. It is insanely expensive and it kills markets. Not only that, it creates refugees from normal working families running for their lives. It also creates militarized police forces from the gung ho flakes that think American Civilians are their enemy.

Trade with those you think are your enemy and you will find good customers and form good working relations. If Egypt and Israel can do it; anyone can do it. Nobody except American hates their best customers.

My God you can’t go to Arkansas and not get confronted by some redneck peabrain. Same with Alabama. Years ago I drove through Alabama. I have two doctorates; am a surgeon and lawyer. I got stopped by this fat stupid redneck cop that claimed the tires on my car were “oversized.” Consequently, I speak with a British R-P accent so he turned up the slob drawl just for me.

At the time, I was wearing my green scrubs and hospital badge. I was not speeding but was on my way directly to surgery. And I had to put up with this pea brained pile of garbage shaking me down claiming “falsely” that I had oversized tires on the car. Why was he doing this? The rental car I was driving, that I picked up in Birmingham, had New Jersey tags on it. How provincial. 

So this fat piece of crap, needed probable cause to stop the vehicle so he made up this stupid story of oversized tires, otherwise his stop would have been illegal. There is no such thing as a “routine” stop. Oh but I am supposed to thank this lying conniving disrespectful lard tail for his service. If you can’t come back to normal after military service, you are mentally ill. This guy needed a needle full of Haldol and a different occupation. 

What really gets Trump angry is the Taliban are now driving around in his Hummer donations, thousands of them. They ought to put Trump stickers on them. That’s a lot of Trump stickers for over 700 US military vehicles, taken just last month. Taliban hands on the steering wheels. 

Even stupid lazy Trump knew the US had lost Afghanistan. All that idiot could come up with was a threat to use Nuclear weapons on the country. But that is sooo Trump. Can’t win so you knock over the game board. Can’t win an election so you try to knock over the US Capital. As in all things, Trump threatened to pull out of Afghanistan just as he threatened Stormy Danials, and threatened Iran, and China and everyone in reach. The great hot air windbag. Nothing about that loser is Conservative. $9 Trillion record debt and nothing but Xenophobic Racist spew. Incompetent blowhard.

Undoubtedly the Taliban saw this lunatic screaming fat child president as the perfect opportunity to take Afghanistan and the Trump Hummers. This moron didn’t have the intelligence to get out.

Instead, Trump signed on every year with his foot long signature, just like he did with the debt ceiling. Howling like his mother was trying to make him tie his shoes.  Petulant toxic loser signed on and on each of his dreadful four years of mayhem. A man with no moral or philosophical compass. He was just as clueless the day he left as the day he arrived. Of course the Taliban played this incompetent screamer.

Jul 22, 2019: Trump said Monday he could win the war in Afghanistan but doesn’t want to “kill 10 million people.”

“Trade wars are good and easy to win.” Said Trump the “WAR PRESIDENT.” Everything with Trump was easy as pie. 

At this point all the US can do is demonize China for saying they would recognize the Taliban if they took Kabul.

That is not a wish, it is a statement of fact. China is not interested in meddling in the internal affairs of other nations. They are interested in developing commerce and trade. The Belt and Road initiative has various economic projects spanning from Afghanistan to Pakistan. Those projects will help Afghanistan and Pakistan develop their economies. 

I would be remiss if I did not include some of the comments floating around in social media from former US Soldiers that claim to be horrified by Biden leaving Afghanistan.  Here is a headline from MSN:

‘Why did my friend get blown up? For what?’: Afghanistan war veterans horrified by Taliban gains.

All I can say is get over it. There is nothing more repugnant than listening to some ego damaged child that wants more war. This is the kind of pablum and propaganda that keeps the USA coming back for more and more wars.

A better question is to ask Pat Tillman’s family why their son was shot in the back of the head three times, at 10 meters by a US Soldier. For what? The all-volunteer Army apparently has a lot of spoiled jerks that get the crazy notion that the USA will always prevail even in these insane operations. In the Japanese Islands, Citizen soldier Marines suffered 55% casualties.  They lost lots of battles but you never heard them complain. They didn’t think they were ordained to win. 

Vietnam should have taught Americans something about losing and the futility of war.

But as long as the puffed chested military wants to make excuses like the US just didn’t bomb them enough, or some other lame excuse, nothing will be learned. Losing teaches humility and respect for native warriors. Go to another man’s land to fight and they will fight you to the death and never give up. 

You can kill ten of our men for every one we kill of yours. But even at those odds, you will lose and we will win.

Ho Chi Minh

With the US bombing and blowing the place up, people that would normally build an economy fled as refugees for their lives. 21 years and the US only solution was endless bombing and destruction. The US stock in trade, the purple testament of bleeding war. 



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