Pelosi scores a big win with RYAN’s RINOTAX. I have said it before. Without borders, Americans don’t have a country. No… I do not regard the 1500 Anchors a day as Americans. But the TRUMP WALL has become a big fat flop. You might even call it a TRUMP WALL FLIP-FLOP. All the Goldman Sach hoopla over the crony RINOTAX which gave hedge fund carried interest a pass, was worthless expended political capital. It will yield nothing. The RINOTAX was only popular among the RINOS. Idiot Liberals did not have one cogent argument against it because they were just delighted to see the debt rise another 1.5 Trillion. We are that much closer to Socialism. Politicians are the intellectual bottom run. They are morons. UNPOPULAR RINOTAX REPLACES POPULAR BORDER WALL TRUMP FLIP FLOP BETRAYS VOTERS.


The Wall is DEAD!

It is worth noting that Trump has flip-flopped to become the Amnesty President providing more Amnesty than Obama. Deportation by Trump are down 4% lower than Obama who hardly deported anyone. At present illegal border crossers are back to Obama high numbers under Trump.


Now working its way through the RINO Congress is Dreamer Amnesty. No doubt it will be pushed through in the dark of night. 


Aside from the phony lark of the several prototype walls there is no wall and won’t be a wall. Trump doesn’t have the votes. Thanks to his fumble bumming in Alabama the Senate majority has been reduced by one. And NEWS FLASH Mexico will not be paying for any wall.


Trump wasted political capital on phony Repeal and Replace resulting in full-on Obamacare and Government bailouts of the program. 


Then Trump went on to waste more political capital on RINOTAX.

Not one Democrat voted for RINOTAX. It squeaked through by two votes following the dirty scheme of reconciliation. The same basic scheme that allowed Justice Gorsuch to sit on the Supreme Court with a simple majority through the Constitution demands 2/3 vote.

The party in control even with the slimmest of majorities shoves big one-sided legislation down everyone’s throats. Obamacare was identical to RINOTAX in the way it undermined the Constitution.


Trump was elected for Borders, not Taxation.

Trump who didn’t even read the tax bill claims it will bring all kind of prosperity to Americans. Americans that work for Goldman or a hedge fund but the cheezy tax cuts are laughable. A $50,000 earner will get a tax break of almost $100. Don’t spend that all in one place. Meanwhile, the million dollars annual earner will enjoy a 17% tax benefit or roughly $75,000 annual tax cut. And you Republicans let this happen! Were you asleep at the wheel or is Tax so abstract and uninteresting that you just don’t grasp any of it until after you get screwed?


You can have no economy with 35 Million Mexicans squatting in the USA!

While Trump’s liberal nitwit daughter is being praised as a nepotistic power broker in Washington for helping push through her liberal child tax credit agenda welfare program with Marco Rubio, you are getting screwed paying for a lot of irresponsible behavior. First of the bill is tailored for out of wedlock birth. It is virtually automatic. It all includes all illegals that drop anchors. You can never recover from 35 million Mexican squatters in the USA! Is it any wonder that the Democrats made such a flaccid sent of non-arguments to oppose the RINOTAX.


For Liberals, this is another WIN WIN for Pelosi v. Paul Ryan. Remember the last budget battle? Pelosi laughed in Ryan’s face at a news conference saying he gave away the farm. She howled with laughter.

The liberals love Ivanka and Rubio’s child welfare program. Why? Because Hispanics VOTE DEMOCRATIC! Look at the Liberal political model. It’s California! This Child Welfare program will be a dead albatross around the neck of Taxpayers FOREVER!  Florida got 200,000 Peurto Ricans from the last hurricane who have remained in FLORIDA! They are dual citizens cashing in big on Ivanka and Rubio’s grab bag welfare.

Obamacare will be the other dead albatross. These programs don’t go away, they only get ENLARGED! Democrats get a huge win off this one.

Hedge funds are the top Democratic donors along with Tort lawyers. RINOTAX didn’t touch the Hedge Fund Carried Interest. The Democratic Donor Base is intact! Of course, Pelosi and Schumer should be giddy.


Further, the Blue States are already filing lawsuits against RINOTAX for taking away their property deductions. These suits are losers but they will be big winners at the polls. 


There are in the RINOTAX! Florida’s Elderly buried under the Hispanics ought to enjoy that throat cutting. Senator Bill Brain Dead Nelson and Marco Child Welfare Rubio are the Florida State Senators. One pushed through Obamacare with the last needed vote and the other pushed through RINOTAX with the last needed vote. Serves them right the Florida Elderly are idiots. Why not? Many are from NEW YORK! LOL. They are cutting their own throats.




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