When it comes to a BUSH RINO TRUMP POLICE STATE, the enemy must be silenced if not exterminated. The Conservative Freedom Caucus must be destroyed according to TRUMP in order for the Bush Fuhrer to usher in the Trumpian Utopia of borrow and spend til you drop. Trump must destroy the Jeffersonian small Government idealists that stand in the way of the “Make America Great” HypnoRINOizing. Make Republicans Sheep Again is the real mantra of the Trump Paul Ryan Administration. TRUMPSTABLISHMENT PUNK TARGETS JEFFERSONIAN CIVIL LIBERTARIAN JUSTIN AMASH MICHIGAN.


The Patriot Act by any other Name Reichstagsbrandverordnung!

Destroyed American Civil Liberties. GOV is watching you. Inside these Laws are the erosion of every privacy protected by the Bill of Rights. You are groped by TSA. Your phone calls and email are intercepted without any 4th Amendment protections. Your Right to privacy in your papers does not exist. Every transaction is watched. Your cell phone records your location. You have no freedom of movement without this oppressive and massive series of laws choking your freedoms.

Why? Because George Bush ignored 43 CIA warnings from March 2001 to September 2001 that a guy named Bin Laden was planning a large scale attack on US Soil. Instead Bush and Tony Blair invented the false Flag of Weapons of Mass Destruction and planned the Iraq war.

Don’t think for a minute that Liberals were opposed to any of this. They weren’t. Liberals wanted Homeland Security. They wanted TSA to be government employees. Libs approved of the IRAQ war. Biden, Clinton, Pelosi voted for the IRAQ war twice! They voted for the Patriot Act, Patriot Act 2, Investigatory Powers Act 2016 and the USA Freedom Act which restored some of the power to the Patriot Act that had expired. KEEP THE LEASH ON THOSE AMERICAN CITIZEN NECKS!


Protesting is now an act of Terrorism

Every Police State needs its Joseph Goebbels; Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945.

Trump has Dan Scavino Jr. the White House “social media director.” Sure it sounds a bit sissified but its the same thing. I suppose this means FACEBOOK and GOOGLE and WAPO and other FAKE NEWS outlets will goose step to Scavino’s call to defeat Justin Amash in the next election. And well they should; they are all Goebbelists!


Justin Amash, a philosophical anchor of the Republican House Freedom Caucus.

He has opposed the re-ignition of the Patriot Act as well as opposed indefinite detentions and wants to reign in the NAS spying on American Citizens.

Most recently he staunchly opposed the phony RINOCARE fake repeal of Obamacare. Trump and other BUSH RINOs said the Bill was great.


Amash has opposed runaway government spending.

He has opposed debt ceiling increases. He was skeptical of the RINO cover story that the debt ceiling only represented money that Congress already spent [misspent]. That kind of reasoning could only find appeal with the likes of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. TRUMP wants 4 Trillion in new spending even in the face of an automatic 10 Trillion in deficits he will accrue with zero increases in spending.



. is bringing auto plants & jobs back to Michigan. is a big liability. , defeat him in primary.


Amash hits the nail on the head….

Trump admin & Establishment have merged into. Same old agenda: Attack conservatives, libertarians & independent thinkers.


Trump’s Joseph Goebbels SCAVINO is trying to soften up the Conservative Caucus that opposes TRUMP’s insane READ MY LIPS… RINO phony tax cuts. TRUMP and Paul Ryan intend to pass a 20% BAT TAX on all Imported goods in order to pay for Tax Cuts for the rich.

In both Trump’s tax cut plan and Ryans the middle class gets chump change and the rich get a windfall. We are not opposed to tax cuts for the wealthy, they pay most of the tax in this country. They deserve a break but not at the expense of the middle class. There can be no real tax reform without increasing the tax base. Click here for more.



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