Spoiled Rich Kid takes his bat and ball and goes home. Trump dismisses his phony business and infrastructure counsels. Photo Op Friends have left Trump Towers. Bannon gone. Icahn gone. As Rambo said,”They’re all gone, Sir.” What started as the businessman that was going to fix government in a couple of weeks has turned out to be a Trump Personality disaster. Trump simply doesn’t have enough brains to be President. He has no moral or political compass either. TRUMPS WELL OILED FREE FALL GOP RINO MUTINY PHOTO OP FRIENDS WAVE GOODBYE.



RINO PUPPETT this year for Christmas… shouts real Obscenities… Throws blame like the vegematic throws Julian Fries!

What is wrong with TRUMP?

Very simply Trump sold himself as a conservative and converted to the BUSH ROMNEY RYAN MCCAIN RINO camp. Our view is that anything not-Reagan or not-Thomas Jefferson is not CONSERVATIVE. RINOs all pretend to be CONSERVATIVES but they are anything but. RINOs believe in big government solutions such as ROMNEYCARE which became OBAMACARE and that disastrous TRUMPCRAPCARE. These programs are all essentially identical. This is socialism. There are no market forces here at all. Free markets is what made American Medicine the envy of the world. All those Socialist Government systems us our pharmaceuticals, our hardware and all of our surgical procedures invented under Capitalism.



The Bush family are CIA warmongers along with John McCain.

CONSERVATIVES are relative isolationists. Look at Trump and his idiot Bush Generals. THERE IS NO MILITARY SOLUTION TO NORTH KOREA? I don’t care how many times MADDOG Mattis says the US Military is ready to charge forward. It is pure hogwash. There is no military solution here and never will be. Kim Jong Un can lob a nuke on South Korea with ease and take out a large city of millions.

When it comes right down to talking big about nuclear weapons, RUSSIA has a lot more nuclear weapons and a lot more rockets than the USA. In fact John McCain’s tumor blew a gasket when the USA was buying Russian built rocket engines. The Russians make great rocket engines as well as great spacecraft and aircraft. Astonishing since Russia lacks a diversity workforce. Isn’t that the new mantra for the US Claim to superiority?

America has forgotten how much fun it isn’t to fight Asians. The last time the US forces were fighting in Korea, they were being overrun at Pork Chop Hill by the Chinese. We were fighting for hills and nothing. The same thing happened in Vietnam. Jungle fighting is no fun. In the South Pacific during WWII, the US Marines had 50% casualties on those beach landings. America has no stomach for that. What are you going to send in a battalion of women and watch them get ripped to pieces? We have a spoiled lard assed society in America that talk big and underestimate everyone else in the world.


Trump and the Trump Family have stuffed their own pockets of course. This is not what a Conservative would do. But it is 100% RINO.

It is a disgrace the way Trump has funneled money into Trump Towers early on with his ring kissing beginning. Then we have State Dinners at Mar-a-Lago paid for by the Taxpayers. None of this stuff goes out to bid. Taxpayer just get hammered. One would think that Trump would have realized that the public was very upset with paying for nearly $200 million in lavish vacations and airfare for the Obamas but nothing registered with Trump other than to take more advantage. This is not how a Reagan Republican would act. But it is the way a regal Bush Family member would act on steroids. It’s shameful that this guy is such a user.


Obama was the ultimate empty suit but Trump is the hollow man.

Trump has delusions of grandeur and little else. He is terribly rude to everyone except his family. Conservatives are not rude to others. In fact they weren’t rude to George Bush, Romney, McCain, Collins or that idiot woman from Alaska. Conservatives are tolerant of those with lesser minds. It is incomprehensible however for anyone to behave like Trump. He has the vocabulary of an idiot. Don’t confuse Bush. Bush had a decent vocabulary but was too lazy to apply proper diction besides he was using that affect to snooker folks from the South. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan being rude to anyone? Or Jimmy Carter? Reagan and Carter were intelligent. Bill Clinton was intelligent if not cunning but he wasn’t malicious or rude to anyone.

Trump shows from tweets that he is malicious. His attacks on Jeff Sessions were unconscionable. Under the surface is always a threat aimed at someone else or some business. It is never Trump’s fault. That’s where Trump emulates Obama to perfection. They are the two biggest blame throwers in history. Can you imagine John Kennedy throwing blame at anyone? He took responsibility and often it wasn’t pretty but all Americans respected that just as most disrespect Obama  and his brother Trump.


Carter was a nuclear engineer. Just because Carter didn’t start wars or kill anybody he was regarded as inept. Perhaps history will judge Carter for his morality and decency. No man ever worked harder for peaceful diplomacy between Israel and Egypt. 


Ronald Reagan was of course an all-star.

No Republican measures up to the Gipper. He was articulate brilliant and kindly. He also paid his own way. When he and Nancy would go to the ranch, Reagan always paid out of pocket for their Airfare. They never chalked up a single vacation expense to the Taxpayers. For Ronald and Nancy living at the White House was an honor. They spent every Christmas there except their last which they spent overseas with our troops. Look at what Reagan accomplished. He built the economy like no other. He brought Democracy to Russia and ended the cold war. Additionally he brought down the wall in Berlin and helping to unify East and West Germany.

Now we have this Train-wreck New York bigmouth masquerading as a Republican in our historic White House that this guy calls a “Real Dump.” He denies saying it but at least eight people heard him. And it is his vocabulary and attitude. The only other person to hate the White House this much was Michele Obama who called it “White’s House” as a derogatory racist slang. Trump has a great deal in common with the Obamas.

BANNON GONE! Wall Street and RINOs Cheer! That says it all! 

RINOs are cheering Trump’s elimination of Bannon. Trump is now completely manipulable. Think of Trump now as the Ultimate RINO Puppet. No conscience, no moral compass whatsoever, no political philosophy. He is the absolute opposite of Reagan. He has the poll numbers of Bush II and less spine.

It was Bannon that pushed for the Wall. It was Bannon that pushed for the Deportations that have never occurred. Click here for more on that! Bannon brought the base to Trump.

Meanwhile Trump has violated each and every campaign promise made. The case was however sealed with TRUMPCRAPCARE which is more socialist than Obamacare. It showed that Trump is nothing but a crony capitalist and slurping for the insurance companies and Goldman.

Oh and lets not forget that microcephalic IVONKA and Son-of-A-CROOK Kushna… didn’t like BANNON. In spite of nepotism law the spirit of which was to prevent these two worthless Trump Family members from being involved with government, Trump used the loophole they were not to be paid. Yet IVONKA has gotten Trademarks from CHINA, gifts from ARABIA, and will lead a delegation of Entrepreneurs to India so she can sell her brand there or find some more sweat shops to fashion her junk line.

Son-of-a-Crook tried to get the Chinese to bail out his Jail Bird fathers real estate business in NYC. These Trumps are on the prowl stuffing their pockets and flying around in the Presidential Jet like it’s their own. IRS needs to be taking note. This is compensation. The nepotism law should be applied!


Meanwhile Goldman and the RINOs just want more spending and to increase the debt ceiling.

Crony capitalists love that. Just remember what happened to the economy following Bush’s crony capitalism, government expansion and endless debt. The subprime wiped out 9 Trillion in American Citizen wealth and basically gutted the Babyboomer generation into a social security dependency. Remember that with Bush you had Goldman heading the Treasury the same as under Trump. The parallels of the two puppet presidents are uncanny.

Once TARP was approved by Bush and Obama, Goldman Sachs decided to declare themselves a “Bank” so they could get in on the government gravy train. I looked for their ATM machine. I even went to the home office in NYC and in the lobby there was no ATM and no Tellers. That’s fraud. That should be investigated. But Crony’s don’t investigate themselves. Not one Wall Street mugger was sent to prison over the $9 Trillion dollar theft of Americans’ homes. They bailed out the banks and the banks foreclosed on the real estate. The Government funded it all so the banks could steal all those homes.

RINO trash ran that Bush Administration and now you have Puppet Trump and the BUSH THIRD TERM.





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