It’s all about ratings right TRUMP? For all practical purposes the show has been cancelled. One word can best describe Trump’s first 100 days in office: Ineffective. That’s the polite word.  Trump’s boorish rude conduct has quite frankly shocked his former base supporters.  Hang in as they have tried the TRUMP flip flopping into a gunboat diplomacy Bush Third Term has evacuated virtually every independent. Americans don’t like foreign wars. The only Trump support gains have been in the ranks of the Bush Neocon Establishment.  Reagan and Jeffersonian Republican have once again been taken in by yet another RINO.  Fortunately they had low expectations. TRUMPS TABLOID REALITY SHOW APPRENTICE PRESIDENCY FIRST 100 DAYS RATINGS FOLD.




From a carrier fleet that steams 3500 miles in the wrong direction to the now TWICE FAILED RINOCARE pretend Obamacare repeal, Trump has consistently shown he’s out of touch.

Perhaps Trump is accustomed to having everyone wait on him and do his thinking for him. Paul Ryan wrote the deceptive RINOCARE. Trump didn’t lift a finger. He didn’t even read it but then he and RYAN concocted the fraud that this pile of garbage was “Repeal and Replacement”.  As with most words that enter the modern Lexicon, “Repeal and Replace” is now a sardonic slang synonym for fraud and a public cheat. Its sits right up next to “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and the laughable Walker Bush lie… “Read my Lips… no new Taxes.”

The singular biggest complaint Reagan and Jeffersonian Republicans have is that Liberals are pathological liars. Bush NEOCONS are even more dishonest. The reason for this is the RINOs always think they are pulling a fast one on everybody. Unfortunately those include the non-RINO republicans. They think they are cleaver by twice. Look at Trump. It is baffling that a guy with a fifth grader vocabulary regards himself as “smart.” He also fancies himself a strategic mastermind.


What Strategic benefit did the Checker’s Master get by screaming on the phone with the President of Australia or the President of Mexico?

NONE! In fact Trump came off looking like a wacko. But as is common for a lout of this volume, he never apologizes for being a loud boorish ill-mannered jerk. Americans recoil with every response.

The great myth about Trump is that he is always working a deal; always moving chess pieces in place. That explains the carrier group heading away from North Korea and located 3500 miles from PYONGYANG. How masterfully cleaver!

Oh and RINOCARE retaining all the Obamacare Policy Mandates including the prize pig of them all, Sexual Reassignment Surgeries! That was another very cleaver move by Trump. Yup he’s always way ahead of the pack.


The NEOCONS are very upset with the Congress.

They have their boy Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell in place and a dope in the White House that will sign anything for a “Win.” As yet however Trump can’t win for los’in as they say. In a Trump Casino that is knows as a drought. And if you were to lose the family farm at the poker table, you will appreciate the fact that RINOCARE retains the Obamacare policy mandate that will provide treatment for Gambling Addiction.

For the last eight years the Bush Neocons screamed in opposition to Obama spending and debt publicly. But while everyone’s back was turned they facilitates the largest debt increases in US History. Obama did not borrow and spend America out of house and home alone. He got all the help he needed from the Republican Establishment leadership.

Sadly for the neocons not all Republicans are spineless Bush styled sheep celebrating the return of gunboat diplomacy and spending to be on a scale grander than Bush.

Don’t think the Big Banks and Goldman aren’t licking their chops for another round of loose money followed by a big fat recession. Nothing in American History has been better for Banks than the Bush Subprime catastrophe followed by gigantic Pelosi spending.


Uh Oh… the Trump hot air economy turns in a sour GDP 0.7%

We said the same about the Obama smoke and mirrors and total lack of any kind of recovery for the Black Messiah’s reign of terror. Obama raised taxes endlessly including the largest tax in US History, OBAMACARE! The economy sputtered for eight years. Obama was clueless. But at least Obama proved one thing. If you raise taxes out of a recession there will be no recovery. Of course every economist in the world knew that but Obama wanted to prove that he knew more. He proved he knew next to nothing about the economy.


Then comes the Wharton Graduate and his well oiled Administration:

Trump was going to hit the Tarmac at 300 mph. But then reality set it. Trump had to make a call to his national security adviser Mike Flynn to ask him whether a high or low dollar was better for the economy. It was instantly evident that the old Wharton Grad didn’t know a thing about economics.  But Trump knows how to play a sucker in a New York minute.

The glint in the eye of Goldman comes from Government Spending. They could care less what type of spending as long as the floodgates of borrow and spend are opened full blast.

Goldman wet their pants when Trump said he wanted to spend 2 Trillion on brick and mortar infrastructure.  This is useless and mindless but its spending spending spending.


Here is the kind of Infrastructure that Low Tech Trump doesn’t understand. Robotics.

Speaking of Germany or like a German, Germany is far ahead of the USA in robotics.



These guys below win the Steak Knives with a great home brew design on a beer and pretzel budget. In a society like the USA, these guys get noth’in while Obama’s Aunt and Uncle non-citizens… bagged down $6900 a month each on all the welfare and disability they could get their Obama claws on!


The USA rewarding the shufflefooted and punishing the innovative.


Not the fastest but it’s damn impressive.


Then there is Feliks… Yikes


Not Surprisingly South Korea, has many times more industrial robots than the United States. But but but we’ll have some new New Airports… I can see it now… IVONKA TRUMP INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT for the Famous for no reason.

I wonder how many seconds it would take IVONKA and KUSHNA to solve the Rubiks cube…. but only if she wanted to…


The Fumbling first 100 days.

  1. DOA Obamacare Repeal
  2. No Wall
  3. Dead Tax reform
  4. No ban on Muslim Radicals from entering Country
  5. Not one Deportation
  6. No elimination of sanctuary cities
  7. Plenty of Global Policeman
  8. No America First
  9. No Swamp Draining
  10. Time will tell but Gorsuch is NO SCALIA… He’s a RINO liberal like Kennedy or worse Souter II.
  11. GDP DOWN ON TRUMP’s Watch to 0.7%….  Even Obama had a 1.0% GDP and he was an economic idiot!


It all spells one thing: BUSH THIRD TERM! 


Then we have unelected IVONKA and KUSHNA running the Country. She bombed Syria, he bombed Afghanistan. Neither BTW registered to Vote in the Presidential Election. Their liberal New York Social circle would have disowned them! Oh how awful.

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