Back when Obama made his big fat splash in Europe, he filled the 747 with Black Folks from Chicago and went pushing for the US Olympic Games in Chicago. He was promptly reminded that Europeans don’t like American big shots. By the time he and his large entourage were airborne and heading back to the States, he was informed the Olympic Committee had rejected the Obama proposal. The European press crucified Obama as rude and boorish. Now we have the king of Rude, Donald Trump at the microphone at DAVOS. The crowd isn’t thrilled.

Part of the Trump Style is to always threaten somebody.

Here is a guy atop a 3% GDP which now includes rising debt as prosperity, telling the world of the 1% that they will have to be “fair” traders with the USA or Trump won’t like it. Chinese stocks roared today with laughter.

Trump spoke of protectionism for the home crowd then called for globalization in the form trade oversight regulation. Mindless. But Trump warned that if the globe didn’t cooperate the USA would go it alone.  Sounds just like his bullcrap North Korea monologue.  I suppose the Treasury Bond Tour will begin next week with the song, “Brother can you spare a dime.”


It was a week when we were reminded that the Vintage Trump wines were really grape jelly with alcohol.

From the gold plated plastic bathroom fixtures that adorn Trophy’s bathroom and that of Kid Zombie, to the Vintage grape jelly wine, we see a man self-possessed with the trappings of phony. Care for a glass of sparkling grape jelly and ginger ale to celebrate your diploma from Trump University?

We also found out this week that Oprah Winfrey has 50% more money than Trump. Yet she has never breathed a word about her wealth. Then there was the stunning fact that in the United States the wealth of three men, Bezos, Gates, and Buffett equaled that of the lower 50% of the US Population or 168 million citizens. I don’t even know what to do with that statistic. Bezos wealth is 50 Times greater that senior Blowhard and the family grifters.


Each Year DAVOS has a theme and it is always the idea of how the Super Rich makes this a better world.

Last year it was the idea of wealth inequity. The Rich came away from DAVOS committed to ending wealth inequity. But somehow it all went haywire and the Rich got Richer and the Poor got pooer as usual. Though in the USA the new Trump tautology was that as the Rich get Richer, the crumbs trickle down to the chumps along with the bill.

If RINOTAX was such a great big idea, this Trickle down Paul Ryan TAX plan that Trump signed without reading, why hasn’t the rest of the world caught on and stopped taxing the rich and powerful? After all, aren’t they all here at DAVOS for you to make the world an equal place, a better place?


The Taxpayers are picking up the Luxury bills for Trump’s enormous traveling grifter medicine show contingent.

Estimates are north of $13 million dollars. But Ivanka and Kushner are having a great time. So is Trophy and Kid Zombie. Meanwhile, Trump Administration announced they were seeking $719 Billion for the Department of Defense. This is the agency that has never been audited. Remember the $500 hammers and the $3000 toilet seats? This is the DOD. This is insane.


Also, the grape jelly negotiator has thrown 1.8 million new Dreamers citizenship in exchange for “The [pretend] Wall.” Reminds me of Mitch McConnell holding the hardline over Obama spending.

Other estimates put that Amnesty number at 5 MILLION Mexicans! This is no longer a wall. The Republican RINOs pushing this Amnesty are not using the term wall, they are using the terms “Heightened Security.”

Trump is using the word “wall” just as he was using the word “Wine” to describe Trump Special Edition Vintage grape jelly and alcohol. Mark my words, there will be no wall or it will be the grape jelly Trump Wine equivalent. They will likely try to sell a small section of fence and call it a TRUMP WIN.


But but but, why is Trump negotiation with 5 million Dreamers for a wall. Wasn’t Mexico going to pay for that wall?

More Trump cheap talk.  Making America Grifter Again.


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