As Mitch McConnell mused, “Trump will sign anything put in front of him.” Get ready for AMNESTY folks. NO WALL and we’re talking millions of DREAMERS now. This doesn’t change the 35 MILLION Mexican squatters dumping 1500 Anchors a day. The Government is in pretend Shut-Down mode, and after two days, politicians are acting like the world just came to an end. The reality is nobody is buying this phony shutdown. Everyone knows this is all theatrics so RINOs and Trump can pass Amnesty complaining Democrats had a gun to their temple.

Sorry but the fakey Government shutdown isn’t worth a single pixel to report it except to say that Americans don’t really give a rat’s ass what Congress and Trump do at this point. The burnout is suffocating. Trump has proven himself to be worthless.



What is finally happening is the Trump White House reality show featuring Trophy, Kid Zombie, and the Ivanka is flatlining. Normal such a show would be canceled after Season I.

At some point, the Trump Burnout eventually sets in. It is here now in the midst of winter. I have never seen people in America more disinterested in Trump politics than now. Everyone, Republicans, Liberals just wish Trump would go away for about six months. Instead, Trump continues to dose the media and Americas are suffering from Trump overload. Trump is apparently the only person on earth that doesn’t get sick of Trump.

Meanwhile thousand of Liberal Women March against Trump:

This thing is fast evolving to a large scale anti-male feminist march. That is why it is so ineffective. Trump is out taunting them when he should just ignore them. More and more men understand the need to ignore this mob.

For example, a modern male walking into a large office building should never hold the door opened for any woman behind them. In the old days, such conduct would have been considered rude. But in the modern times, it actually makes the proper statement which is no statement and no access at all.


Men give women the cold shoulder while beta male cheerleaders try to befriend them.

It is an age-old story. Women want what they can’t have. So you give them what they don’t want. You give them the beta male cheerleaders who will snivel, sympathize and blow smoke up their tails. What self-respecting man would be out carrying ERA signs at a woman’s bitchfest? Nobody worth knowing, that’s who. Men should encourage beta males to be cheerleaders. That is the greatest gift a male can give a female bellyacher.


Send ambiguous signals.

So if you are in a place where you can’t hit on a woman try this approach:

“You know, if we weren’t in this work-related situation, I would likely be hitting on you. But since we are, I will never hit on you even if you were the last skirt on earth. So please don’t ever talk to me or acknowledge my existence and I will do the same for you. Thanks for understanding. It’s nothing personal.”

The woman will spend the next six months trying to figure out what you just said to her. She can’t call you a harasser and she can’t call you rude.


Complain about women wearing perfume and sexually alluring fashion.

The wearing of perfume in the workplace should be viewed by males as a hate crime against men. Women should be reported anonymously to the female head of HR. Let the battle bitch handle it from there.

Complain about skirts. Complain about high heels. Volunteer to write up a special dress code for women to de-sex them thus removing their proximity power over men. Even the beta male cheerleaders won’t look at them, well at least some.

Make women tie their hair back in a knot or braid that could drag a tugboat down the Mississippi. Remove the advantage of big hair. Make them look like Olive Oyl.


Once you desex them, then call in the “Team” photographer when nobody expects it, preferably late in the day in a place where women can’t get access to makeup or combs.

Pay the photographer for the most unflattering pictures he can take, especially individual surprise close-ups. Post those photos in the workplace for all to see. Post them on Desk Cubicles under polycarbonate. The workplace for women should be a place of reality and humility.

Male photos should be taken at the studios of Fabian Bacharach.





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