TRUMP’s 100 DAY JOURNEY TO RINO! Obamacare repeal, Tax Reform, Tax Cut, and today the Mexican Border Wall was killed. That about ends the Trump Agenda in less than 100 days!  Trump will now go down in history as another “READ MY LIPS… NO REAL AGENDA!  This is just another day in the life of the Trumpstablishment’s Bush Third Term. It’s shocking that BANNON has so little self-esteem that he just waits like a lump for the ax to fall. He should be the one that dumps Trump. TRUMPS INVISIBLE MEXICAN BORDER FENCE DISAPPEARS RYAN MCCAIN KILL FUNDING.


Two canines stand at the Trump invisible Mexican Border fence but stop because they don’t like the smell…. its smells well…. illegal!


Bring on the articles of Impeachment:

Trump is now eligible for impeachment for his Syrian Attacks. Click here for more. We think it goes even further. The siphoning off of funds to Trump Towers and Mar-o-Lago is a grotesque picking of the taxpayer’s pockets by this family of grifters. This is costing the taxpayers millions per month aside from the fact it sends the wrong signal. Trump’s Houses of Gaud are spectacularly tacky. Foreign dignitaries prefer the White House with its historic symbolism rather than gold leaf paint in the bathrooms.-

Meanwhile Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul introduced a bill to require Congressional Approval for any humanitarian military bombing retaliation. They might need IVONKA’s signature for that one.


Home Is Where You Shop:

Meanwhile Trophy First Lady Melania Trump still lives in Trump Towers in NYC and the security bill is picked up by the taxpayers. At this point nobody cares if she moves to Washington or not.  Three years and eight months will pass rapidly. Maybe she can get the liberal ballerina to pen another plagiarism of Michele Obama for Melania to read.


Here’s a First!  Our First Lady from a GQ photo spread



John Songbird McCain the self-proclaimed everyhero had this to say at a Homeland Security Hearing.

“There is a lot of anti-American sentiment in Mexico. If the election were tomorrow in Mexico, you’d probably have a left-wing, anti-American president in Mexico. That can’t be good for America.”

There is a lot of Anti-McCain sentiment in America too. Always nice to see McCain thinks American policy should be set by the ‘feelings’ of the Mexican in the street! Hey McCain, you mean left wing anti-Bush sentiment that ushered in Obama over you?

TRUMP’s FOUR LATEST FLIPFLOPS IN ONE DAY: A Day in the life of a RINO Back peddler.

  1. China is no longer a currency manipulator
  2. Janet Yellen is OK even if she doesn’t know her head from her tail, neither does Trump.
  3. Export-Import Bank CRONY CAPITALISM IS Good for MERIKA
  4. [Drum Roll] NATO is no longer obsolete… It’s the new TRUMP SS.


The Republican base has been had!

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