Forget the Wall chumps. Trump is playing you just like Mitch McConnel and Paul Ryan play you.  Awww wasn’t it nice nice seeing Trump act more civil?  If someone spits in your face and says, but no injury intended would you think them sincere or would you be skeptical? Trump is only nice nice when he wants something from you. Ask Melania. What Trump says and what he does are two distinctly different things. His state of the Union Speech was like one of his off-Broadway speeches in Bumbfield to his cheering RINO base whenever he threatens some tiny country with nuclear war. These people love a bully and like the idea of false flag CIA wars. Remember Obama had the same 23% adoring throngs that cheered his every socialist platitude. Sadly for Republicans, it is pretty obvious that the Party itself is Full-On RINO and Conservatives need not apply. Reagan’s and Jeffersonian Republicans so long!


Carney show atmosphere:

This really started in earnest with Bush who would introduce Thousand Points of Light citizens to share their testimony with the true RINO believers. Nary was the mention of False Flag Wars or the CIA killing off your teen sons. That’s Showbiz in the grand jingoist spectacular.

Trump the Carney showman pulled out the stops. But when the crutches were raised into the air, I thought somebody who couldn’t walk was going to come out doing the chicken dance. It was amusing and perfect for sucking in the RINO loyalists. If you can’t give them a new CIA war, then give them crutches in the air and a chicken walk sideshow.


Some Cheer Trump for being the Anti-Obama…

This would be great if it were, in fact, True but it’s not.  Tump’s bumbling and fumbling is why America and American businesses still have Obamacare. The individual mandate will be brought back again. The machinery of Obamacare remains. The destruction of Obamacare remains.  70% of individual doctor offices have closed from Obamacare. Life expectancy has dropped for the first time in US History for the last two years running.

Trump’s Horrific praise of the RINOCARE repeal and replace shows how little Trump knows about any of this. It became clear as Mitch McConnell said about the stooge Trump, “He will sign anything put in front of him.” This was the moment the RINOs knew they had their Bush Third Term.  This is when the borrow and spend floodgates opened.

Examine any government agency. Obama’s people are still in power at the DOJ, IRS, Education, EPA, Dept of Interior and Immigration. Trump has not made the strategic appointments. Trump is in court for everything he attempts. But he is proving that Obama’s one-man government is equally as ineffective in his own hands. Ruling by executive order has its limits.


RINOTAX is a disaster.

When you borrow 1.5 Trillion and hand the cash to the wealthiest and then give the bill to the Taxpayers, you have a big problem. In the USA at present the three Richest Americans, Bezos, Gates, and Buffett total asses equal that of the lower 50% of American Citizens. More simply that is three billionaires on one side and 168 million people on the other. It is almost sickening. This isn’t a demonstration of Capitalism. It is a demonstration of cronyism.

The next influx of borrowed money will be Trump’s call for $719 Billion for Department of Defense. We are not at war!  This is all crony business funding.  These Defense businesses don’t compete. Taxpayers pay for all the risk. They pay for the feasibility studies, the new equipment, the prototypes, the testing, the cost overrides, and all the rest. These are scam businesses. About the only thing made in America these days are cruise missiles.

The most important thing about RINOTAX was that it picked the winners. Unlike Reagan tax cuts that applied to everyone, RINOTAX was selective to favor Republican Donor companies.  Professionals, for the most part, were shafted. But if you rent real estate like Trump, then it was great for you and the Trump Kids.


Those were the TRUMP “WINS” now he wants to borrow and spend another 1.5 trillion in the bottomless corrupt pit knows as infrastructure.

For Trump, this means dumb infrastructure, not high technology. He needs Airports near Trump Resorts. Trump as Bush II, is trying to lure the Democrats with this big sinkhole spendaholism. Democrats are virtual criminals so they will begrudgingly opt for this black hole spending.  We are still waiting for Biden to reveal where the $100 Billion of missing money for “home insulations” ended up. Apparently, nobody knows.

This reminds me of Bush signing Sarbox and starting Homeland Security and TSA airport gropers. That is RINO for you, removing your rights one signature after another. NANCY PELOSI wanted all those things done. Bush thought he was making friends by selling out Citizen Freedom. That is RINO to the core.


Stock Market tells the story of the day.

Markets up over 230 points the morning after the speech and then by afternoon were in red territory.  Janet Yellen as expected left rates unchanged. So the market fall was all Trump. Each time Trump threatens China and NAFTA market volatility ensues. Markets don’t like surprises. Trump has no policies. He more or less wings it every day. The whole mess just becomes more RINO because Trump Talk is Cheap and he will sign anything McConnel and Ryan toss in front of him.


What’s with Melania? The Stormy Daniels full Monty!

Trump and Trophy for all practical purpose live apart. Trump didn’t come to the Speech with her. This is a first. I know of no other President that appears to live separately from his wife.

The latest rift in Paradise…

Melania wore white in her first appearance since the “Trump slept with the porn actress Stormy Daniels” story broke in the New York Times, describing the 2006 tryst.  2006 was the year Kid Zombie was born. Two months after the blessed event, Trump was allegedly hot dogging it with Stormy. 

Later we discover that Trump’s election team paid the porn star $130,000 to shut up about the incident. New York Times Reported that Milania was “blindsided” and “furious” by the Stormy Daniels leak and opted out of the fabulous DAVOS trip. She didn’t want to be questioned about Trump’s ALLEGED TRYST two months following the birth of Emperor, I mean Barron. 

Then she shows up in a re-virginized White Dior pantsuit in contrast to the black dress formal attire generally worn. She did not sport the “Stand-by your man” Hillary Clinton blue pantsuit. The fashion world is abuzz at the raw slap in the face Melania delivered to her allegedly unfaithful husband. 

Bottom line… if some pile of garbage can’t be faithful to their pre-nuptialed spouse, why would they be faithful to voters? Trump is playing you just as he is alleged to have played Melanie and two-month-old Kid Zombie. Whatever Trump does; it’s for Trump only. His moral code does not include others, even Trophy.

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