By the time this thing is settled the 90 day 6 country Muslim ban will have come and gone. If it goes to the Supreme Court that would be reason for the Court to reject taking the case on the grounds of mootness.  For the Courts along the way, the question is whether Trump’s Big Mouth should be used against him as the basis for his intent to travel ban persons from six Muslim Countries based on their religion. This can be read either way but one fact remains clear. If Trump had kept his big mouth shut and just acted quietly in the matter, the Liberal Courts would have had NO LEGAL ARGUMENTS to block the ban. TRUMPS BIG MOUTH vs LIBERAL COURTS 90 DAY MUSLIM TRAVEL BAN SHORT CIRCUITS.


Even a staunch Conservative finds Trump’s big mouth repulsive:

Though many publicly say Trump should not be held strictly to his cheap talk political speech, some Conservatives are enjoying watching the Courts slap the big mouth around. Generally speaking they view the six country ban as essentially useless.  90 days is gone. This case is now about bragging rights. Do we really want to hear Trump brag some more? Do we want him celebrating another big phony fakey “win.”


Trump has a real passion for phony wins.

This is part of the “Fake it Till you make it” mantra common to the real estate salesperson.  “Everybody Loves a Winner.” Nothing Succeeds like Success…  My God is that Tony Robbin’s voice I keep hearing?  The Congressional passage of RINOCARE was hardly a Conservative victory considering that 90% of Obamacare was retained including the policy mandates for sexual reassignment surgery coverage. The only thing that changed were the taxes to the wealthy were eliminated. But at this point Trump wants to get the Virginia Appeals Court to side with the Government and then the Supreme Court could hear the case based on conflicting Court of Appeals rulings. The Supreme Court could also take the case on appeal if the Virginia Appeals Court ruling goes against the Mouth. But that would be optional by the Supreme Court.


The Trouble with the Liberal Court view is that it doesn’t make any sense.

So admit it, Trump is a big mouth. So what? Does this mean that anything Trump might have said against Muslims on 9/11 while looking at ground zero would always taint him as prejudice against Muslims? Liberals would like to think so.

This is how OJ got off for the double murder of his former wife and Ron Goldman. Mark Furman an investigating police officer had an old audio recording surface of him using the “n-word”. Furman was instantly labeled as Prejudice against OJ. This supposedly implied that Furman could not possibly preform his job without prejudice and bias against any black man even one as White as OJ. So idiot Judge Ito essentially throws out all the blood evidence or he allows the Jury to ignore it. Ito was a real prize.


Trump’s Best defense is to show that his talk and his campaign promises are meaningless.

He can start with the Obamacare Repeal. He can clearly show that RINOCARE is no repeal. In fact it embraces Obamacare and sets the Machinery of Government control in Obamacare granite and on the road to Amtrak. That ain’t no repeal!

Trump could show that he campaigned against NATO, against bombing in Syria and yet there he was after the election, touting NATO as wonderful and bombing Syria. Trump should simply say there is nothing cheaper or of less value than a Trump promise. He could get lots of witnesses to agree. Virtually everyone associated with Trump University would agree. So would those in partnership with Trump in the Atlantic City Casinos.  There would be no shortages of witnesses.


Hillary Clinton could testify. She has called Trump a liar as long as she has been dishonest. She won the popular vote so one could conclude she speaks for the majority of voters.

Trump should just play the liar card and the flip flop card. No jury in the world would ever convict Trump of telling the truth! Yet there is Trump literally advertising that he is “keeping his election promises.” It’s true that Trump actually put out and ad touting his fine running machine tooled Administration. Of course the Drive-by-media didn’t want to run such a thing. Always Closing; That’s Trump hand his endless horn blowing. He’s really very annoying.

Trump doesn’t realize this but he is actually weakening the Presidency. He simply doesn’t seem to comprehend that nobody likes a loudmouth. Maybe to New Yorkers the concept that big mouths are undesirable is incomprehensible. In New York City, running one’s mouth is considered a virtue. In the rest of the country especially the Red States it is considered down right rude. People with manners simply don’t do it and they don’t like it.

The Trump Exec Order idea now appears ridiculous.

After the Judged shut down Trump’s Muslim ban, Trump claimed the Courts were damaging his capacity to keep America safe. However now that the 90 days is over and the ban was blocked by the Courts, Trump’s safety argument looks phony. There simply were no terrorist attacks attributed to the Courts blocking the Trump ban. It could be a coincidence or it could be the risk was very low to begin with and this was just another fake public display by Trump.

Now it looks like Trump’s only purpose in fighting the Court’s ruling is to claim to have the authority to order this Muslim ban in the first place. By now surely the new vetting procedures are in place since the ban was going to be dropped in 90 days.


This was Trump and Kushner’s Executive Order.

They did not consult any government attorney. Trump did not yet have an Attorney General telling him to put a sock in!  Instead this was Trump running the country with Kushna and running it badly. Even IVONKA was not on board yet to advise Trump to bomb Assad.


Trump may well get shut down by this Court battle.

As I say, sympathy is not running high for Trump at this point The problem is that the roll out of the Executive Order Ban was so thoughtlessly applied that most of America felt Trump was being a bit insensitive to people with VISAs and permanent residents.  It also demonstrated that Trump was impulsive and unprepared.

Many, not just the Liberal Sore losers and bellyachers, are wondering if Trump has the temperament and maturity for the Oval Office. His tirades on the phone with the Prime Minister of Australia and President of Mexico were rude and simply unacceptable behavior.  There has never been a President in history that was as rude as Trump. Just as there has never been a more Racist President than Barack Obama. Both are forms of egregious manners.


It is the same mess with the Trump Russian Story.

Clearly the story has no legs yet it is beaten like a dead horse. Why? Because nobody gives a crap if Trump is accused of colluding with Russia because Trump garners no public sympathy. Americans are apathetic toward Trump. Trump is so media overexposed it is just plain burnout for everyone. Americans also suffered Burnout from Obama, as well as Bush. Even though Bill Clinton was a lying scoundrel, Americans for the most part gave him a pass because he just didn’t act like an arrogant bastard. Obama, Trump and Walker Bush pretty much cornered the market on arrogance.

Tump’s Big Day in the 4 Circuit Court of Appeals in Virginia.

Once again if you want a Liberal Court this is the place to find it. It wasn’t always like this. Obama changed this court from Conservative to a Liberal Hotbed.  This happened in all the Eastern Federal Districts and throughout much of the South. In Virginia two conservative judges have recused themselves from hearing the lower court appeal. This means that 10 Liberals Judges and 3 Conservative Judges will hear the case. Obama did a huge amount of damage to the Federal Courts over eight years.

These judges will decide whether the lower court Judge had the right to use Trump’s blabbermouth statements during the Presidential Campaign as evidence that Trump Ban was an Unconstitutional breach of the First Amendment.  One thing that should be emphasized which Liberal Judges don’t want to hear is that non-citizens have no claim to Constitutional Rights because they are not American Citizens. But Trump has the B Team in the court room so legal arguments will be vague and unpersuasive.

Our guess is that this court is going to fold liberal and there will be an appeal to the Supreme Court. This lousy story just won’t go away.




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