Quit calling Socialists “Conservatives!” Ever since the Bush family of CIA Warmongers usurped Reagan’s Conservatism the term has no meaning. With a fresh hole in his head, John McCain will have to pass on Trump’s free lunch today. He’ll miss Elizabeth Warren’s Indian Football spiking Striptease. Trump continues to call TRUMPCRAPCARE a great Bill. Now he intends to bring it back from the Dead. Nothing quite like shoving a bad idea down everyone’s throat for lunch. But Trump is clueless. He just wants a “Win” which in Grifter terms is a “Con.” TRUMPCRAPCARE v OBAMACARE SOCIALIST GOP v COMMUNIST DNC LOSE LOSE COIN FLIP.


Where are we headed with this nightmare TRUMPCRAPCARE?

TRUMPCRAPCARE is CODE for OBAMACARE BAILOUT.  That is all you need to know about this.  We are headed straight for a GOP bailout of Obamacare. That’s where this mess is now going. What Trump fails to understand is that as long as members of congress and their families and staff have taken a cushy lavish PPO for life for themselves, they have no stake in any healthcare for citizens. They don’t give a crap. That was the single most impressive part of TRUMPCRAPCARE was the unanimous agreement by the GOP to exempt themselves from TRUMPCRAPCARE and retain their Lavish PPO for life. You didn’t hear Rand Paul bellyaching about that did you?

Normally that would be enough for the people to put their foot down but in Socialist America and Communist Blue states,  citizens have become accustomed to a system of elites and proletariat. In simple terms citizens are digg’in socialism and Communism and they like being second class citizens. Millennials love living in the basement. Anything that smacks of work makes them hot under the collar. One millennial actually “offed” his mother because she cut his bandwidth to the basement in order to encourage him to move. He was 38 years old at the time of the murder. A jury of millennial peers gave him voluntary manslaughter because they felt his mother provoked him.


Don’t think the liberal billionaires are not taking notice.

Recently Musk and other billionaire shills have proposed government income for one an all. Think about it. Sit on your ass and the government sends you a monthly check. Why would they support such a crazy idea? Because the 1% of which Trump is a member are crapping in their pants thinking a Socialist Revolution may be at hand. That is why the Republican Party has become Socialist. The Democrats are cycle and hammer toting Communists. Socialist love cronyism and Communists love Government control. Which party are you?

Look at IVONKA. That pinhead is proposing paid gov. maturity leave. The 1% has to pretend they are just like you which is insane. IVONKA’s proposal is typical of the 1% that want to get you hooked on Socialism so you don’t take to the streets with pitch forks and torches. They need to buy you off on the cheap.


As a 1% er, the Best Thing about Controlled Socialism and Communism is nobody else can get wealthy and they retain their power and wealth.

95% of all wealth in America is inherited. You think Sam Walton’s kids are worth a crap? Not at all. They spend most of their time fighting neighbors who they think are making too much noise on the next estate down the private roads. They never earned a dime of their $25 billion. But they are very elite!

Then there is Buffett the Hillary supporter. He says he isn’t paying enough taxes. But he hires an army of Tax Attorney’s to prevent him from paying more tax. Can’t trust any of these shills.


With Trump it is all FAKE POLITICS:

Instead of building the Wall as promised. Trump will say he has built the wall when Congress approves fixing the existing fence for a distance of 28 miles. Fake all Fake. You wanted a wall well here’s your wall! Fake wall.

If you expect Trump to drain the Swamp, looks like he will have to drain it with Donny Trumpski Jr. mud swimming in it.

The Big GOP White House Lunch:

Trump once again tried to isolate senators that voted against this putrid Trumpcrapcare fake repeal. Heller who is from Nevada voted against it because it wasn’t liberal enough.

These are the main RINO liberals:  Sens. Dean Heller of Nevada, Rob Portman of Ohio, Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. You have Susan Collins of course and John McCain.

Rand Paul is a real conservative and a doctors. He opposes this bill as Obamacare Lite. Mike Lee opposes it on similar grounds.


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