UPDATE: FBI ARRESTS COLLEGE BASKETBALL COACHES AND OFFICIALS THIS Morning. DETAILS click here. It is astonishing when perhaps the Rudest most childish man in America, Donald Trump tries to correct the rude childish Anti-American conduct of spoiled black professional athlete pea brains. Don’t blame me, I don’t support professional sports or college sports these days. I was a collegiate Letterman; I am not a spectator. TRUMP WHITE HOUSE INVITATIONS SNUBBED LeBron CALLS TRUMP Le BUM.


ROY WILLIAMS SNUBBED BUSH IN 2005 AND SNUBBED TRUMP TWO DAYS AGO,  BUT HE DIDN’T SNUB OBAMA! Here is RACIST ROY with OBAMA in 2009. Roy claims he had scheduling problems. Sure you did lefty!

Lets Cut to the chase: In March of 2017 Roy Williams Head Coach of the University of North Carolina basketball team had this to say about Trump,”You know, our president tweets out more bullshit than anybody I’ve ever seen.” Now you know why Williams is not going to accept the White House Invitation. Though he accepted it with Obama.


Typical liberal can’t discern the difference between the idiot in the White House and the United States of America. Racist Roy needs walking papers. 


UNC may as well become Black LIves Matter University: It’s another BEND OVER BLACKWARDS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY, a big fat White Apology for Boo Hoo Hoo slavery.

UNC Basketball Team turned down the White House Invitation. Roy Williams Coach is a bend over blackwards liberal democrat. It fits with the School’s image as racially progressive to the point of self immolation. Some refer to UNC as the first Black State University. It has cultivated an image as one o the first Southern Universities to admit Blacks to the BASKETBALL TEAM back in the 1960’s when Charlie Scott took the floor in the old Kenan Arena. Today UNC has one or two white players but basically UNC’s team has evolved to be a farm team for illiterates jumping ship early to the NBA. Is that really a testimonial to Civil Rights or a phony placard board of racial condescension? You be the judge.


Don’t let the phony Williams UNC press release fool you.

It is nothing more than a flaccid southern euphemism to cover the stench of overt liberal politics. There was nothing polite about it. It was terse and meant to be impolite. It was vintage Roy Williams with another slobbering microphone moment.

Williams and his mostly Black National Championship Team did not have a scheduling problem. They were not scheduled to attend the Anti-Silent Sam Statute tear down Rally in the quad, nor were they scheduled to visit Sutton’s Drug Store on Franklin Street to protest the once WHITE ONLY Drug Store in Town. This is history to the boneheads as they sterilizer and rewrite the Democratic Party History. Nothing worse than a converted zealot.

No, I am afraid Roy’s answer is more sinister than that, more political.

I imagine the Daily Tar Heel that bastion of powder blue haze propaganda will carry the dummy story of a “scheduling conflict.” But there was no conflict. The word is out on campus Roy. Nobody is buying your barbecue and at least half the State of North Carolina is infuriated.

Williams had since April to decide on a suitable date to visit Washington DC. Don’t worry Roy the real story has leaked; may as well start penning the old resignation. I hear George Karl is available.

UNC is not going to the White House for POLITICAL REASONS! Liberal Political Reasons.  If Obama was in “White’s House” as Mrs. Obama called it; no problem. Because of Trump’s presence at the White House, Future Black dropouts made the decision with little or no coaching from Williams on the maturity of acting like decent American Citizens or adults. How spineless.

Even Michael Jordan, basketball billionaire UNC dropout posted his anti-Trump message. Oh that’s right Jordon returned to UNC Summer School to earn his degree after going to the pros while working at the Dean Smith Summer Basketball Camp. It gets more surreal by the minute.

The Roy Williams WHITE WASH in Chapel Hill, and Carboro North Carolina is afoot. Everyone knows exactly what went down here. I guess everyone is “REAL UPSET” about SLAVERY in Chapel Hill. What a stupid revolting pathologically mindless argument. How vapid.


How about some Cross Examination?

Let me give you an authentic argument why UNC might not want to bring attention to it’s Athletic programs on the national stage. Why? Because there are questions about the long storied history of UNC’s Athletic programs. Oh how I love the arrogant in cross examination!


Jury Members, Perhaps Williams made the right decision to phony up a scheduling excuse since UNC is the home of Invisible Classes for black athletes. Oh you look surprised…!

The NCAA has yet to sanction UNC for this incredible breach. But but but liberal double standards and all… it’s no big deal. Right? Cheating is not a big deal these days. It’s gone mainstream like tramp stamps and wall to wall tattoos. They make nice road signs to identify losers. Saves the trouble of having to engage an idiot in conversation.


A black professor created completely fake classes for Black Athletes at UNC.

The Athletes didn’t attend any classes but all received “A” grades as if they attended. You don’t hear Michael Jordon spouting off about this do you?  No he’s silent as a Trappist Monk on this one. How selective. Worse those FAKE courses counted toward UNC Degrees. Even Trump University held real classes. Think about it. UNC Degrees are worth less than Trump University Degrees. At least Trump student’s attended classes.


What about the students that earned their degrees or those that struggled with lower GPAs and were ejected from the University? They have a tort claim. They should lawyer up. This needs a big fat class action lawsuit. It needs an FBI investigation. UNC receives Federal Funds through the North Carolina University System. 


Were the black athlete degrees the same as the earned degrees? Sure… [sarcasm noted] UNC administrators gave them full credit after they discovered the breach even though the University has an honor code system. So much for the honor code too. That doesn’t apply to Blacks Athletes at UNC… well you know… SLAVERY N ALL!


So these black athlete role models knew they were getting “A” grades for not attending classes. How inspirational.

And those classes would be counted as degree earning requirements.  That’s an honor code violation. Any other student would have been expelled. It is akin to cheating on a Final Exam. It is cheating and you can’t Whitewash that Mr. Williams while you are playing high and mighty over Trump’s garish rude persona.

Oh but Obama was a stellar human being; a drug punk, pot and crack head; a real role model. Roy can’t discern a loser from a loser.

This is all AFFIRMATIVE ACTION where the rules of moral conduct get waived in the name of hyperequality. There is nothing more denigrating than a dishonorable cheat.

Oh but but but this was UNC taking advantage of Blackie. Sure it was but it was also Blackie taking advantage of everyone else including himself. The dishonesty and dishonor were pandemic in a system that promoted this disease yet pretended to be pious. Reminds me a bit of the Catholic Church and its Priest molesters. Non est species ei, neque decor.  


Suddenly now UNC is too high minded and too-clean to shake hands with the White House Grifter, a Trump University man too boot! UNC should have gone to the White House because they are of like kind morally.

In reality Williams should have gone because it is the Nation, the United States that is honoring the basketball team’s achievement not Donald Trump or Black Obama. But small prejudiced liberal minds don’t get past the superficial. They are immature childish minds that have no discipline. A human without discipline is a fraud.


But in UNC’s case, UNC should be apologizing to the nation and to every student that has ever attended UNC or been tossed because of a low GPA.


All these Alumni need lawyers. GPA averages across the board need to be altered because these fake grades in the aggregate harmed all honest students. All Students that ever attended UNC deserve to get all their tuition back in triplicate because this was so sinister a breach it must pay treble damages.

Black Athletes got a free ride so it didn’t cost them a dime and they were party to the the deception. Free Education Work free Degrees. They were all dishonest. They should have been expelled.


Those fraudulent degrees should have been rescinded.

Instead UNC brushes this under the carpet and lets the degrees stand, those violative, dishonest degrees stand shoulder to shoulder with every degree every granted by UNC.


Williams could have taken the opportunity at the White House to apologize to all UNC alumni. He could have rescinded the National Championship trophy saying UNC’s conduct should not be rewarded. That is what a big man would do; not Roy. Roy chose instead the road of hubris. 


Instead he was rousing the rabble to make a big political stink about his personal hotly held lofty liberal prejudices and pretending to cleverly disguise it. That’s just lying; that’s not an honor code violation at UNC. The Administration at UNC has been lying to itself for years over these FAKE classes.


You haven’t fooled anyone Roy.

The whole story has leaked across all of North Carolina and the nation. You just got your 15 minutes of “small” delivered to you under a sky blue Dean Smith halo. The State of North Carolina is infuriated. You forget Roy, it is their Tax Dollars that pay for that University and facilitate your summer basketball camps. UNC has become a national disgrace.


Whoso neglects learning in his youth, loses the past and is dead for the future.                                                                                           Euripides


Blacks Athletes continue to take a knee for Slavery:

Laughable. I have said it before. The United States is the home of more black millionaires and billionaires than all other countries of the world combined. This includes Europe the prejudice free zone as well as Africa that Utopia of unbridled  racial freedom.


No I will not discuss how the Kenyan Africans sold their black brethren into slavery. Instead let the Black Athlete bask in their historical ignorance blaming the United States. Praise Obama their Kenyan master and aim racial fire at white fans that watch NFL football and NBA basketball. 


And look at Africa with all its freedom and wonderment. One would think with a Utopia like that, Africans would have led the way to Space exploration and the stars. They should have unlocked the hidden worlds of the Genome a hundred years before the White Slave masters of America built those car thumping amplifiers and base speakers.

After all if we are to believe Blacks and minorities and feminists, then White men are just inept and stupid. Isn’t that the mantra of the Black man these days? Isn’t that the scowl of the feminist and the rattle pablum of the other noble savages of the earth? Whitey, the White Male the source of all their collective problems?

Don’t curse the White Farmer with your mouth full…

Gaze at your Iphone Ozymandias, and despair! Whitey made it all possible. Oh but but but Whitey is so stupid and uncool.


Every invention from data bits to transmis0sion towers to the microprocessors was invented and produced by dumb old inept Whitey. All the physics all the math, chemistry and biology was brought to you by that lowlife Whitey.

UNC’s endowment was brought to you by Acetylene gas not Michael Jordan. And if it were left to you and the feminists you would still be sucking insects up by straws as they are at the lunch special in Africa this day.  Of course I am sure you could learn all this in fake Physics classes at UNC. Yeah I am sure of that. E = MC Hammer.

Actually Blackie it is you that are the spectator  or spectacle when you take a knee at a sporting event to celebrate your ignorance. Instead you should be on both knees thanking your lucky stars that you and your ancestors landed in America by whatever means.

You could have landed in Barbuda in a ship wreck just in time for a hurricane. So close but oh… so so far away.


Then we have Trump the name callingist President in History. Believe me LeBron you and Trump should be best friends.

It is guys like Trump that own you. You let him live in your head. You just called the President of the United States a Bum. Where is your self control? You couldn’t restrain yourself. LaBron, you are just as inarticulate as Trump and just as small. “U BUM” words that will live through the ages. Was that a wise thing or a noble thing for you to say in front of the Children of Akron Ohio? No. It was moronic, impulsive and UnAmerican and damaging to your own reputation.

You should be good friends with Trump. You both share that marvelous middle School vocabulary. What’s the difference, you don’t need to be smart or articulate to play basketball. You don’t need a thimble full of intellect to do that. In fact you can succeed with invisible classes at UNC. That is how much intellect is required to play sports; less thinking capacity than a microwave oven. Yet cleaver Whitey got us to the moon with a computer he designed and built that had no more memory than a microwave oven.


I hope you and your black activists turn off a lot of White folks from attending professional sports or watching on Television.

I promise you one thing, if I was your audience you would starve. So you should be grateful for all the stupid whites that attend pro games and buy the crummy team paraphernalia. If people were like me that don’t give a rats… about pro sports, you would be playing street ball in the ghetto because you would be completely unemployable.

Oh you spoiled tiny clowns. Take a knee for the National Anthem and denigrate yourselves; the black sheep diving off the cliffs to your own moronic demise.

Trump may well be a broken clock but this time he’s telling the right time of day. It is time that Americans stopped attending and supporting sporting events and products that feed this anti-American professional sports business. Behind all the pretend slaves or FAKE SLAVES is the Owner. He’s the sycophantic FAKE SLAVE Plantation house MASTER BILLIONAIRE that wants to frame this as business as usual… no big deal. Mark Cuban Maverick’s owner said it was no big deal.

By our reckoning, if just 25% of the Gate stays home and stops watching on TV and stops buying professional sports paraphernalia most teams would be plunged into near sudden death.

I would also mention that these private businesses do not confer the Constitutional Bill of Rights to Employees or contractors. Everyone of these players denigrating the Flag may be fired immediately without recourse as if they worked at Sarbucks or a local tire shop.

NIKE you should be afraid… very afraid.



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