Trump actually read the teleprompter speech written by some unnamed source without lapsing into his usual two syllable babytalk. He reads terribly to the point that it is clear he is just speaking someone else’s words. Worse he reads poorly. Traditionally “America First” meant isolationism. Prior to WWII many Americans simply didn’t want to get involved in the European war. They did not think Hitler would try to make his way to the United States. The tide of Public Opinion did not turn until Japan attack Pearl Harbor. Many today think FDR knew about the attack in advance and did nothing to stop it or prepare in order to garner support to enter WWII.  Trump is now using “Ameria First” to describe a Bush Third Term Foreign Policy of Bullying. TRUMP USURPS AMERICA FIRST DISGUISING GRIFTER FIRST CIA BULLYING POLICIES.



Granted Trump’s Foreign Policy looks like a hodgepodge of confusion.

If this was his best attempt to enlighten the nation he failed. If Trump meant that he was going to continue his policies of provoking global anger at the USA, he succeeded.

The big question is why does the USA have 800 military bases worldwide? The entire security council of the UN excluding the USA has just 39 in total. That is not AMERICA FIRST, that is AMERICA THE BULLY asserting its views on everyone else. Why should the USA be promoting homosexuality and transgenderism globally? Russia and China don’t want their societies destabilized by these elements.

Look at the US Republic. Do you really feel comfortable with both parties pushing the homosexual and transgender agendas at you? Do you feel your children are safe in such a society? Yet the incumbent party is intent on destroying your rights and your safety.

They lavish themselves and their cronies with your tax dollars. Congress still has its lavish PPO for life. Even when Trump was howling that phony phrase “Repeal and Replace”, the RINOs with Democrats put that lavish PPO off limits. They took care of themselves first. Was that representing your interests or theirs?


People who read CashMcCall think we are down on Trump.

Flatly we don’t think Trump is good enough to occupy the Oval Office. We do not think he possesses the morality, decency, or intellect to be President. He is always on the cheap make. We called him morally unfit after the Billy Bush incident. Then when Trump recently claimed the audio tapes were faked, he showed his total indecency. Such a person should not be in the Oval Office.

We are often criticized for saying that Jimmy Carter was a decent moral man. With Ronald Reagan, we had the best of all worlds. Reagan was a decent moral man with unwavering philosophical clarity. Trump is the compassless man. He has no moral, political, or philosophical compass of any kind. He is simply out for himself and his filthy family.

They are bilking the taxpayer daily. Every trip to a Trump Resort costs the taxpayers millions. We are a far cry from Reagan who always paid for Nancy’s Airfare out of his own pocket. Instead, we have Ivanka and Kushner son-of-a-crook galavanting around the globe in one of the Presidential 747s conducting private business under the guise of a Governmental mission.

Trump has intentionally skirted the Federal nepotism law to bilk the taxpayers. This is the lowest man that ever got into the White House, even lower than Andrew Jackson.


The AMERICA FIRST SECURITY DOCTRINE was the affirmation that the US intended to remain policeman of the world.

It was met quickly by Russian and Chinese responses. Russia and China resented the Trump Administration labeling of RUSSIA and CHINA as military rivals. Russia pointed out that the world benefits from multiple strong powers that can provide checks and balances to other large powers.

Bottom line, Trump’s policies square identically with Hillary Clinton policies which since the Bush family replaced Reagan the peacemaker has been rolled by into the USA as CIA BULLY.


Bush Family are the Anti-Reagans.

When that stiff Walker Bush was given the Oval Office on Reagan Coattails, the first thing that erudite lout did was order all Reagan portraits and memorabilia out of the White House.

Remember that Ronald Reagan was the true Conservative exception. The Bush family represented the Nixon and Rockefeller wing of the Republican party. These are now referred to as RINOs since Reagan is the ideal REPUBLICAN. The rest of them are closet liberals. RINOs traditionally are big government, big spending, war mongers. They like authority. Yet not one of those lame morons accomplished anything on the order of Reagan who brought the cold war to an end. Bush started it up again.


Recall that Walker Bush was the head of the CIA. Under Reagan, the CIA was essentially neutered.

Reagan is the only modern-era president to avoid long distance protracted wars.  As Sun Tzu said, “Engage in long-distance wars and bankrupt the Treasury.” The Bush family are illiterates so they didn’t comprehend any of this but both Bush presidencies led to massive recessions. Reagan, on the other hand, led the greatest prosperity in US History with the highest employment utilization and highest wages in history. The Bush family destroyed all of it.

The sad part for Republicans now is that the GOP is 100% RINO.

Look at Corker making a personal deal for his RINOTAX vote. He pretended to be a guy looking out for small business but he was only using that as a front to enrich himself. These RINOs have no integrity whatsoever. They are nothing but liberals bilking the taxpayer for cronyism and self-enrichment. Trump fits in perfectly. He’s been scamming since he got in.


Compare the Bullies accomplishments to Reagans.

Reagan ended the cold war. RINOs set the Millde East ablaze. Reagan deregulated businesses and they flourished. 40% of the GDP was manufacturing with high pay job. The Bush family and Clinton pushed NAFTA down American throats and by the time Obama got done only 16% of the US economy was manufacturing. The top job under Trump is BARTENDER and Hotel Domestic.


In many ways, Trump is the worst.

He sold himself as the businessman who knew how to gear up the economy. The GDP remains at a miserable 3%. Reagan pumped it up to about 8%. Worse Debt is now included in the GDP calculation. You are just being scammed. Day and night you are being scammed by these RINOs. Trump is nothing more than a Bush Third Term.

The RINOTAX cronyism is just a one-sided form of the Democrats shoving Obamacare down citizen’s throats. All that does is create resentment. But Trump has more executives from Goldman Sach controlling things than any other president in history. So the RINOTAX is Goldman euphoria.


Let’s remember that America was sick of Bush not once but twice.

Each led to varying degrees of political cancer. Bill Clinton followed Bush I and Obama followed Bush II. Quite frankly by the time Obama care along the nations was sick to death of BUSH II and Dick Cheney. The worst possible candidate JOHN MCCAIN was the next RINO nominee.

It is almost laughable listening to Trump talk about anything.  He tweeted that infrastructure was the cause of the Pelosi High-speed Amtrak train in Seattle. But it wasn’t. The Conductor was driving the train at 80 mph through a 30 mph zone.

Nevertheless, Trump put in a swipe at Bush II for spending 6 Trillion in Iraq. Trouble is that Trump has accelerated spending and debt faster than Obama. Trump is now the biggest borrower and spender in US History and there is nothing to show for it.

Want infrastructure TRUMP WHERE’s the WALL? This is Ground ZERO. Nothing else matters!

Without a wall… in four years, you won’t have a country left. If you do it will look identical to California. That is Illegal Mexican Immigration that has gone out of control.

Right now while Trump blabbers about RINOTAX winning and sends Carrier Groups three to North Korea, 35 million Mexican squatters remain on US Soil dumping 1500 Anchor Citizens a DAY!

Rubio wouldn’t vote for the RINOTAX unless the Tax Credit was opened to all Illegals. These RINOs are idiots. Look at CALIFORNIA. It wasn’t always Liberal Socialist. It’s the Mexican’s STUPID!


The only time Trump mentions a wall is when he is feeding his NEOCON Bush audiences his Grifter duplicity.

But actions speak louder. Illegals crossing the border now with Trump in charge is at the same high levels as Obama.

Trump deportations are 4% lower than Obama. And While Sessions talks about GANGS not a single gang member has been deported. Not a single drug has been stopped by Trump. It is just flapping Grifter duplicity. He’s worse on borders than Obama!


Trump pushed this worthless RINOTAX as if he ran on Taxes. He did no such thing. He ran on borders and judges.

Gorsuch is no Scalia. The borders are in worse shape under Trump than Obama. Trump’s poll ratings are so low and his endless personality problems are already ushering in Democrats. Midterms are coming and Trump is likely to become a lame duck. That means there will be NO Borders. Trump has failed at everything. His lack of integrity is merely the tip of the unlikable iceberg. He has made an undignified mockery of the presidency. Trump will not win a second term. 22% of Republicans can’t stand him and 64% of independents now think he betrayed them.

Trump wasted all political capital on this one-sided crony RINOTAX and there will be no wall. Trump is an abysmal failure and will be credited with the downfall of America. A mouth too big and a brain too small.



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