After essentially thanking himself for everything, Trump praised the Military in his typical populist appeal for more war. Of Course, Trump calls this “Winning.” Beyond his self-lauds, he had no comment about the multiple warship collisions with private vessels in the last six months. Nor did he address the five Green Berets killed in NIGER who will not be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner. Nor did Trump mention the murder of one of those Green Berets at the hands of Seal Team Six. The Green Beret had uncovered Seal Team Six’s plot to embezzle Pentagon slush money destined for enemy informants. TRUMP TWEETS HAPPY THANKSGIVING HATERS LOSERS GRIFTER FAMILY STUFFS POCKETS GRAVY FLOWS TRUMP ORGANIZATION.


“Happy Thanksgiving to all — even the haters and losers!”

Trump Tweet. He just couldn’t resist being a jerkoff. The low-class slob did, however, commence on an elaborate Mar-o-Logo Thanksgiving. All gravy going to the Trump Organization.

The scheme is pretty simple. Trump uses his private business clubs for state dinners and official Presidential functions. This is not donated. This is Trump and Taxpayers are paying full fare at top dollar for every penny of this gauche fraud. None of this goes out to bid. There is no law against it. It’s the Trump Family private gravy train.


Obamas always took elaborate vacations.

That was Moocher’s style and method of picking the Taxpayer’s pockets to satisfy the big chip on her slave girl plow horse shoulders. She ripped Taxpayers to the tune of $190 million on lavish vacations. But Trump makes her look like a piker. Trump should easily exceed that in his first and likely only term.


Conflicts of Interest will trap Trump eventually.

Trump has never relinquished his control over Trump Organization. If anyone thinks the Zoo killers Donald Jr. and Eric have the reigns it is clearly time to buy some Trump Steaks and sign up for Trump University Courses.

Further, the infuriating injection of Ivanka Trump into Government along with her hubby son-of-a-crook is incomprehensible. Trump skirted the nepotism law by merely not paying them a Government Salary. However, they are galavanting around the globe with Secret Service and the Family’s blue 747 as Ivanka spreads her clothing brand and is awarded Copyright and Trademark protection from various Countries including China, Japan, and India. The worst of all is that Americans are getting stuck with IVANKA’s doubling of the Child Tax Credit. Most of this will go to Illegals who squat and have Anchors. Ivanka and her liberal hogwash need to be as far from government as possible.


In fact, at present with over 35 million Mexican squatters in the USA, that is roughly 1500 new Anchors a DAY! 


Try doing that for your own company and it would take years. Clearly, this is Quid Pro Quo in the same way that a broadcaster paid Chelsea $600,000 for a few weeks of meaningless “work.” Clearly, they weren’t buying Chelsea. This was her second job. Her first was a six-figure starter job with a hedge fund. Nepotism is a scourage and it is made worse by Quid Pro Quo!


Jamie Dimon, chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase & Co, said he bets Trump will be a one term only president.

Dimon emphasized that Democrats need to push a “pro-free enterprise” economic growth or they would lose. Democrats have been mired down in their bizarre socialist feminist agenda for years.


At present Elizabeth Warren, the Screech Owl is exactly what Democrats should never run for the Presidency.

Penetrating thick Democratic skulls may be impossible as the party on a nearly daily basis attempts to offload the Clintons.

The recent charges of sexual harassment have Democrats now suggesting that Bill Clinton should have been impeached and forced to resign. Whether Democrats can slough off their socialism is anyone’s guess. At present, there are no business-friendly Democrats that are not somehow tied into the Clintons.

If Bernie Sanders runs for Democrats it will be pure suicide. Terry McAuliffe is a Clinton shill so that is too much baggage. Quite frankly the Democrats don’t have a new JFK on the horizon. Republicans don’t have another Reagan on the horizon. Of course, I am not including the JFK womanizing as a trait that Democrats should embrace. That double standard with Bill Clinton is haunting the Democratic party.


Jamie Dimon is correct on both counts

But my guess is that the Democratic Party will once again commit Suicide with a feminist candidate. The way California has gone is the way of the Democratic Party has gone. The Clinton corrupton and the mentally deranged feminist socialist. Good luck. Democrats may as well run the last Charles Manson. It is absurd they can’t get out of their own way. But that is true of the NEOCON RINOs as well. Both parties are Toxic. Which one is less toxic.

My concern is that Trump has already burned out independents and roughly 22% of the Republican party. Pence is a RINO so that is no consolation should Trump be impeached for abuse of power. So it’s anybody’s guess.


Trump just like his dem counterparts can’t get past himself.

The delusion Trump has is that he is very popular. The polls tell otherwise. He has the lowest approval rating in history. So the question is whether he knows it and just doesn’t care or whether he simply doesn’t believe it and continues with more of the same stupid political blundering.


In real estate they call this “Fake it Till you make it!”

But this ain’t real estate. It is politics in which blind behavior causes others to think you are stupid or a mental case crackpot. So far Rex Tillerson and H.R. McMaster have called Trump a moron. So that is an appraisal of how the chips are falling within his own administration.


The Republican base is simply lost.

Four years ago the Democrats and RINO Republicans embarked on a strategy to make the Tea Party candidates look bizarre. For some unknown reason, the Tea Party became a synonym for anti-abortion and not much else. It was infused with fundamentalist Christians. Several candidates simply blew apart with this issue. For example is abortion is wrong and it is murder, why would a victim of rape that becomes pregnant suddenly change that abortion into something acceptable. It was arguments like this that caused the Tea Party candidates to twist like pretzels. And there was zero focus on the economy which is always the driver. The Tea Party died the death of a Holy Roller.

It might be worth remembering that both Jefferson and Reagan opposed the Religious right. Reagan warned they would harm the Republican Party. Bush Played them like an old guitar using them for the stupidity of more war in the Middle East and killing stem cell research in the United States. This was done in the name of some cockamamie religious quagmire composed of fundamentalists.


The Republican Party is now completely fractured and has never simply puked out the Bush Strain which is in power today.

Trump has operated identically to Bush II. So this is the Bush Third Term. Trump is equally inept and disliked slightly more. Both were big spending, big government Republicans.


Trump is a lot like Obama too.

Obama ran as a Centrist Democrat but quickly turned hard left. Trump Ran as a Traditional Republican on a platform of America First. Then he quickly morphed into a full-on RINO globalist.

The Truth is that unlike Jefferson or Reagan, Trump has no moral or political compass. If he had an ounce of this he would not be incorporating Ivanka and Kushner into his Administration and he would not be using his properties to take advantage of the Taxpayers and filling rooms with Secret Service paying top rates. As I have noted, none of this goes out for bid. Trump is so ignorant he can see no conflict in anything he does.


It is really a matter of ethics and character.

The Nepotism law is intended to prevent Ivanka and Kushner and the Trump Kids or other Tump family from playing a roll in a Presidential Administration. That is the intent of the law. But the fine print allows for these advisers if they are not paid a salary. So Trump as usual looks for the way around the law.

A normal person that owned a hotel, for example, would not hold State functions at such a hotel because it is a conflict of interest. In this case, the Financial Interests of the Trump Organization benefits by Trump using these properties to conduct Government Business. Anyone could comprehend this but Trump is of the ethical and moral persuasion that he only thinks of schemes that benefit him and his family. The Taxpayers be damned. Unless there is a direct law, Trump will do whatever he thinks he can get away with. But that doesn’t decide what is ethical or moral conduct.

When the Nazis were gathering on the campus of UVA, Trump saw no moral or ethical problem with it because this group had a permit from the local government to assemble.


In Trump’s mind, the permit made the assembly moral and ethical. Again Trump has no inborn sense of morality or ethics. His view is that if some conduct is not absolutely prohibited then it is not only allowed but it is ethical to boot.

Let me give you a good example: Years ago there was no such crime as infanticide. If a wife or boyfriend beater punched his pregnant spouse or girlfriend in the stomach and killed the fetus, that was no regarded as a murder. Worst case it was a battery.

Because there was no direct law prohibiting the infanticide, then there was no criminal wrongdoing for the act of killing the fetus. But that doesn’t make the conduct moral or ethical. Shortly thereafter California enacted infanticide laws. At that point, Trump would believe the infanticide was actually wrong. Trump is a Con Artist. This makes him extremely unappealing to traditional small government Republicans.


I don’t want Melanie Trump confused with her husband the Grifter.

I think she tries very hard to be a decent, kind, First Lady. She may have been the Trump Trophy #2 replete with a prenuptial agreement, but she is a deservedly principled individual that makes a significant effort to wear the title First Lady well.

Michele Obama used this title to ramp up her slavery girl chip on the shoulder anti-white rants. Unfortunately, with all the Trump noise, Melanie’s significant contribution as a gracious First Lady is drowned out by TRUMP’s big mouth.

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