The Truth Hurts. Trump has morphed into some kind of self-aggrandizing adulation seeker. Completely lost, he has now resorted to a FACEBOOK style Administration.  Yesterday in Puerto Rico he told everyone just what they wanted to hear. In essence that the USA was going to bail out Puerto Rico. This was vintage RINO from the Paul Ryan RINO playbook… RINO SANTA Chapter. RINOs see big opportunities wooing Hispanics. But these are Puerto Ricans. As for Tax Reform, Trump’s goldfish attention span is already done with it. He called it a “Tremendous” bill. As usual the shades of TrumpCrapCare emerged as it has become more and more evident that Tax Reform is anything but Reform. Perhaps it is Reform in Name only… TRUMP SOCIAL MEDIA PRESIDENT FAKE EVERYTHING REX CALLS TRUMP MORON.



It seems that once Trump pushed the IVANKA doubled Child tax credit and family leave giveaway, then the self-proclaimed Tax expert lost interest. The Trump plan which is really the Paul Ryan RINO plan is disintegrating faster than TRUMPCRAPCARE. Rand Paul, perhaps the only real conservative on the Hill basically said it was Obamacare Taxation. Face it Trump just doesn’t have a head for numbers. He is Mr. Fake-it-Till You Make It type. Trump’s legislative record is a shambles, yet Trump claims he has passed more legislation than any modern day president. But no point in letting reality stand in the way; Trump may not actually know difference.


As long as there are Hurricanes and Flood waters, Trump can play Santa Clueless.

But at some point it is becomes clear that Trump isn’t running anything and we wouldn’t want him too. But do we really want Paul Ryan running things? No. Not in this lifetime.


The Allure of this Billionaire Tax cut giveaway has really peaked the interest of the hedge funds.

In the last two weeks, you couldn’t knock the Stock Market down with natural disaster or the biggest mass murder in US History! Nothing is derailing these markets. No matter how useless the companies in the social media they are rocketing like the Dot Coms.

Worse you have companies like Boeing that are essentially state run defense contractors selling record levels of weapons overseas. Its craziness.

Now we finally have steady supplies of oil but instead there is some kind of crazy push across the globe for electric cars. Golf Carts work fine in some countries but electric cars don’t have the range to make them useful. And suddenly Lithium is as hot a commodity as it gets. Instead of using it in batteries, Wall Street should be taking it orally to ease the mania.


We are back in the world of the Dot Coms. Markets making new highs daily. Yet these are not earnings propelled.

This is all about lose money. The Consolidation of the Rich took a huge leap forward after Bush III and the collapse of the subprime. Nearly 9 Trillion dollar moved from American homeowners to the Banks almost overnight. The Federal Reserve Bank under Bernanke filled the punch bowl with borrowed money and the Billionaires and Banks went to town feeding on the American Public like never before.

Obama was as useless as he could be. He knew nothing about economics or money. He was just a fool; a place holder. The fundamental question was never asked. Why did banking lending standards collapse completely across the board? The Answer from Bush and Obama was the same. Both Bush and Obama claimed the problem was from the runaway speculation by banks but that was wrong. The problem was a complete utter breakdown of lending standards. This fueled a real estate bubble that was destined to burst.


Now we have Trump who spends like not other including Obama.

It is debt that is more destabilizing to to the US Markets. Tax cuts do little to stimulate the economy when every dollar is used to service the debt. This causes instability in the bond markets. Trump and his Goldman cohorts readily admit that the Tax cuts are borrowed money. They claim cutting taxes on the rich stimulates business activity and increases GDP. But this has never been found to be true. As one old sage put it, the billionaire buying a dozen cars cannot offset the middle class buying no cars.

The idea that billionaire’s are generous is not borne out either. In spite of the large consolidation in billionaire wealth over the last ten years, wages have actually declined.


The state tax deduction is a bust:

States do this routinely to tax certain populations that write this off their taxes. In Florida they have a State Doctor Tax called NICA. Doctors write this off like it is a business deduction against their federal tax. So who actually pays for this tax? You do. Every American that pays Federal Tax pays for this cowardly tax.

The Republican legislature in Florida passed this tax years ago. They did it because it is a method of sucking money out of the Federal Taxpayer. These state tax deductions should be eliminated so these state politicians could not scam the Federal taxpayer. This NICA tax was designed exclusively to bilk the Federal Taxpayer.


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