UPDATE. TRUMP PLAYS AMERICAN TAXPAYERS. Want a Tax cut? Tell Trump to stop funneling Taxpayer dollars into his private resorts. Trump is gaming everyone. Look at everything he touches; its a con. With 35 Million Mexicans squatters and growing every minute, Trump has talked tough about deportations.  Of those 35 million squatters, 1500 Anchor citizen are born a day. Thus in 200 days Trump has welcomed 300000 new TRUMP GOLD CLUB ANCHORS to the Taxpayers deep pockets. Meanwhile deportations are down 1.2% from Obama and Trump has given Amnesty to at least 76,000 illegals. TRUMP SOAKS TAXPAYERS MILLIONS FUNNELED INTO TRUMP PROPERTIES NO BIDS.


Trump has Mastered the Art of the RINO politician: Lying

On one hand Trump talks loud about deportations but his actions don’t meet his words. Trump sells snake oil. He does the same thing with everything. Look at TrumpCrapCare I, II, II, and IV. This is the phony “Repeal Replace.” Who came up with that scheme? Paul Ryno the House Speaker. Trump loved the idea of claiming he Repealed Obamacare even though he was setting that socialist rubbish in granite stone.

The Fake Wall in name only  is the same deal:

Recall the gang of eight reforming under the leadership of John McCain’s brain tumor has suggested that funding would be available for a small section of fence if Trump gave Amnesty to the 35 million illegal squatters. Surely that is insane. Apparently McCain would like the “Trump Fence Wall” around some large farms and ranches that are McCain donors. They don’t want a real border but they want to keep the Mexican border crossers from breaking or cutting their barbed wire fences. Thus they could get the Federal Government to pay for those fences by pretending to sign on to the “Trump Fake Wall.” Most recently Paul Rino said it was time to fund the “Fake Wall.” Both McCain and Ryan see the potential to deceive the Republican Base once again. Trump calls that a Win!


Meanwhile Trump’s poll numbers collapse: He has moved rapidly from Honest Don to Dishonest Trump.

Of Course nobody seems to mind the Grifter scheme in which Trump is loading his marginal resorts with private vacations and filling his hotel rooms with Government employees and Secret Service. In this instance Trump is way ahead of the Obama Vacation sloth. Obama’s spent nearly $200 million on vacations and lavish travel. In several instances taking “Separate 747 Presidential Aircraft” to the same holiday location.  His and Her Presidential Aircraft.



But but but Nepotism is OK because these stooges don’t get a gov salary but they sure bag down the Luxury Vacations and Presidential JET for their own purposes at the Taxpayer’s expense.  Trump’s Out-Foxed everyone.


Trump has put the Obamas to shame.

Trump is pumping millions of Taxpayer dollars into his Hotels, Trump Tower, resorts and Mar-a-Lago. And Trump Kids use the Presidential Jet like Michele Obama on steroids. All of the presidential dinners, the lodging for staff and secret service fill up the occupancy of Trump resorts. Thump improves the bottom line of those marginal businesses. None of this government spending goes out to bid. Chocolate Cake served to President Xi of China was billed $1000 a slice. Trump’s having his cake and eating it too!


This is in far contrast to Ronald Reagan paying out of pocket for His and Nancy’s airfare to the Reagan Ranch on holidays. Or Nixon who flew Commercial Airliners.

Republicans were once a humble lot.

The Bush Family changed all that with their lavish vacations to Kennebunkport and their lobster eating sloth. They were the big spending big time liberal Republicans often termed the “Anti-Reagans.”

By the time “W” got in office, he spent like a big shot. The Crawford Ranch lands got expensive fences and wall erected at no cost to Bush. The Bush family used to laugh about sticking the Bills to the Taxpayer. But Trump puts them all to shame. He’s literally just stuffing his pockets with no end in sight. There are no laws against this because it was never anticipated.

In Reagan’s day there was personal morality. But Trump has none of that. With Trump he has no moral compass at all. The only thing that matters to Trump is the con.

Everything Trump does is projection of image.

With Immigration he shilled his way in office running on the platform of protecting our borders. It has never happened and worn’t happen. Trump was going to stop NAFTA or renegotiate it. The Opposite has happened. More Business has flowed to Mexico. You are being played by this chump.

CashMcCall is often accused of Turning on Trump: We think otherwise. We think Trump was insincere from the start and Flip flopped 180 degrees to what now looks like a Regal Bush Third Term.

We are still mired down in Afghanistan, Russia’s Vietnam:

Trump is increasing forces but that won’t change the history of Afghanastan. Every standing army in Afghanastan has been destroyed over time. The US is no different from Russia. There is no purpose in this war.


Trump is trying to run a Tabloid War with the fat kid from North Korea.

Trump uses the UN he was going to defund while running for office, and now uses it to push sanctions. His mouthpiece is RINO Niki Haley!

Then Trump was going to improve relations with Russia during the campaign. And now flip flopped into the worst Russian relations since the Cuban Missile Crisis. This is all Bush Third Term Neocon CIA garbage.

Believe me the CIA knows a stooge when it sees one. They picked “W” out of a field of cotton and Trump who they saw as completely corruptible.


But but but Michael Sav……….age thinks everyone is out to get Trump not the other way around.

Oh I forgot, Michael Savage had dinner with Trumps. Let me Yell in Savages face as he yells at listeners…. “SAVAGE… TRUMP USED YOU!” Just as Trump used Sheriff Joe who was recently convicted of Criminal Contempt and may face up to 6 months in Jail. INFOWARS that bottomed out garbage website had a photo of Sheriff Joe asking “Where’s Trump?”

Where do you think he is INFOJERKs, Trump is picking your pockets. He USES people and discards them. Look at Scaramucci! That was fast. Scaramucci got rid of Reince Priebus. Priebus was the guy that brought the Establishment Bush Types to support Trump in the election. Trump shed no tears. He uses people. On the larger scale he is just using the Taxpayers.


The only difference between Jeb Bush and Trump is Bush told the truth and nobody wanted to hear that garbage of another Bush Third Term or Third Bush Presidency.

But with Trump you got lies to get elected then in practice you got the Bush Third Term. If you look at it, Trump has given out more illegal amnesty than deportations. But they always publicize the deportations, while trying to bury the Amnesty.


I don’t know if Mueller’s got this guy or not.

What we do know is that Rod Rosenstein the acting Attorney General appointed Mueller as special counsel. What we know now is that Mueller has brought in a Grand Jury. Trump at this point loses all moral authority to fire Mueller.

If you were a conspiracy theorist, you might think that Pence was in the wings to be installed as the more Stable Bush Neocon. Rosenstein is a RINO and may have seen real opportunity to get rid of Trump and install Pence as the President.


I know what America and especially the Jeffersonian and Reagan Base are seeing is the formation of a Bush Third Term on Steroids. Trump has installed wall to wall Bush retreads and Bush War field commanders in office.

Trump’s a patsy and the Tin Soldiers are just itching for war.




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