Trump Skips Fox News Debate Megyn Kelly Fouls Out

Fox’s breast player Megyn Kelly is in foul trouble. With big leads in Iowa and New Hampshire, Trump takes his ques from legendary basketball Coach Dean Smith and has slowed the game with the “Four Corners Offense.” Trump Skips Fox News Debate Megyn Kelly Fouls Out

Megyn Kelly Shows her “Journalistic” Stuff! 


“You’re Hired!” Megyn Kelly on a Job Interview at FOX. Giving pointers to young girls that want a serious career in Journalism.


Trump loves sports and he loves to win.


With big leads in Iowa and New Hampshire, Trump can cruz to victory and at the same time deprive his enemies of any last minute hot streaks from three point land.


The GOP stage needs to be weaned to no more than four candidates


More simply this means Ellis Bush needs to pack it in along with Carson and Kasich. With Trump skipping the Fox News debate the scrubs and “water boy” Ellis can sort those details out for themselves. Nobody will be watching.


It is also perfect timing to dump Megyn Kelly.  


Glenn Beck and other anti-Trump media types have been pumping up the professional wrestling-styled grudge mach rhetoric to set Trump up as the next Megyn Kelly Man-Kill expose.

Megyn Kelly specializes in a form of “lean in” journalism that targets exclusively men. It has become her trademark. She has quite a large feminist following including Hillary Clinton who would like nothing more than to see Trump’s head mounted on a wall next to Cecil the Lion’s head.


For the last several months, Megyn Kelly has made no bones about it, she’s been gunning for Trump.


Nothing would have galvanized her stature more as a Man Killer than to take down an elephant Alpha like Trump. But that ain’t gonna happen sweetie.

Continuously underestimated, Trump has navigated the drive-by-media land mines intact.  Erstwhile those desperate challengers like squeaky voiced Ellis Bush get their “man” appendages blown to bits with “ladyfingers”.

Last week for example Ellis joined in the chorus of the National Review slamming Trump as not being a “genuine” conservative. The same negative statements were made by Herbert Walker Bush during the primaries about Ronald Reagan.

The establishment republicans, Bush Strain, or Rockefeller Republicans as they were once called, hated Goldwater. But the crescendo of the big government disease didn’t fully mature until George W. Bush violated every tenant of conservative philosophy by growing the Federal Government by over 30% and charting the course with pervert Dennis Haster to spend the nation into recession.


The country is in no mood to listen to Ellis Bush ramble on making excuses for his brother and father’s miserable records.


The big question for Trump now is what should he do with his free time away from the FOX RINOTIME DEBATE? I think he should do a show special on Jobs Lost in America or why kids should be allowed to have Lemonade stands in America. More simply Trump should compete head on with the GOP Fox News Debate time slots and drive the Fox News Debate ratings into the basement.

And finally for Megyn Kelly the serious journalist… looks like Trump Gotcha!


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