UPDATE… SHOW OF FARCE…  This is rich! The US is now claiming that it NEVER SENT a Carrier Group to North Korea! Carrier Carl Vinson and the three other warships in the BIG BAD TRUMP ARMADA were actually headed in the opposite direction to the Indian Ocean to participate in exercises with the Australian Navy. That’s 3500 miles southwest of North Korean! Trump Administration is calling this a “Glitch” in their well-oiled machine. Of course the stock market took a big hit and TRUMP’s WAR DRUM Polls bumped higher but it was all a big fat fake. TRUMP SHOW OF FARCE NORTH KOREAN CARRIER ARMADA GOES 3500 MILES WRONG WAY.




Trump well-Oiled Administration called it a glitch:

A glitch? Every media outlet in the world spent the long Easter Weekend wondering if Trump was about to start World War III! The Stock markets tumbled globally. Tensions rose.  TRUMP ADMIN and PENTAGON KEPT MUM. Now the Pentagon tells us it was all a Fake AND TRUMP KNEW IT!

White House officials unnamed of course said Tuesday they “had been relying on guidance from the Defense Department.” So much for the Commander in Loud Mouth calling the shots. The Defense Department is blaming Maddog Mattis for the false narrative that the TRUMP CHEST THUMPING ARMADA was steaming toward NORTH KOREA TO “Deal with KIM Jong UN!” IT was all a big fat lie! The Pentagon had an absolute Duty to Correct this false malignant story immediately. But they didn’t say a peep until four days later when the Trump Administration RINO goons knew they would get caught in a whopper of a lie.

It reminds of the military’s fake attack claim on the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin used to start the Vietnam War. In that instance the Military took 47 years before telling the truth. That’s military honor for you. They will kill 60 thousand men in Vietnam and maim hundreds of thousands before they will utter the truth.


The Grifter in Chief hasn’t uttered a word about this deception to the American People. How pathetic!


Image result for wrong way trump


The Ultimate Big Brother technique was its fake war with the Eurasians. In Trump’s care this is all Glengarry Glen Ross style selling tactics: lies, deceit, flattery and finally threats. But believe me, in America nothing sells like war or a good bombing of somebody who the Government has demonized.


HR “Hardon” McMaster spewing bullcrap… This is apparently the guy behind the Syrian Bombings. Nobody honest talks like this creep!


The North Korean Trump Armada Story has now vanished from thin air!



A funny thing about War, it really brings out the blood thirst in people that have never gone to war.  Just like watching fat out-of-shape rabid sports fans in the stands screaming obscenities at players on the field.

America declined Rapidly following Ronald Reagan when old READ MY LIPS Walker Bush, Reagan’s VP and former Director of the CIA took control. After all Reagan had done for peace, ending the cold war and bringing down the Berlin wall without firing a shot, Bush I made a mindless beeline for the the CIA Gulf War and lit the place on fire. Clinton came in and did the same with Kosovo. Then BUSH II started IRAQ on fire. Of course BUSH II  ignored 43 warnings that Osama bin Laden was planing a large attack on US Soil. Fake threats were created like Weapons of Mass Destruction and real threats were ignored.

Then came Obama. More war, more assassinations, more dead Americans.


The pundits are calling this TRUMP aggression the new Sheriff in Town.

Somehow Americans are supposed to glean that TRUMP was sending a MESSAGE to the world that Obama foreign policy is over. But be careful with that fiction. Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi both are “on-board” for the attacks on Syria. Trump is being applauded for not waiting to gather the facts and instead simply making a decision to bomb Syria unilaterally. The same applied to Trump’s Carrier Armada to North Korea.


It is True that Obama moved more slowly and more cautiously. Apparently it is in vogue under Trump to simply make assumptions and attack.

Apparently moving slowly into confrontation is out of season.  In 2012, Obama did in fact request Congressional approval to bomb Syria for a larger gas attack after the actual source of the attack and the gas was identified. Obama’s legal team instructed Obama that he needed Congressional approval. Trump pundits like Krauthammer and the every tin soldier Allan West simply eliminated the Constitution as relevant. Yet if a Democrats had behaved as Trump they would be the first to scream IMPEACHMENT!


Why are all these Anti-Trump democrats behind this unilateral Trump hair trigger attack?

For one thing Democrats don’t want to appear less hyperconcerned than Ivanka Trump who apparently told Daddy with tears in her eyes, to bomb Assad because she was so upset with the Turkish photos of gassed children. But remember the facts have never been looked at in regard to the claim Assad was behind the Sarin Gas attack. Assad denies ordering this gas attack. Whoop… we now know it wasn’t Sarin gas or any kind of nerve gas.

But what we do know is that Turkey Strongman Erdogan has neo-ottoman ideas and is the facilitator of all Assad opposition including ISIS. Of Course America and TRUMP are aligned with this crackpot thug. This was the cornerstone of Obama / Hillary State Department policy to arm ISIS! Remember how Trump howled during the presidential campaign Obama’s and Clinton’s policies? Trump is doing exactly the same thing. The only thing Trump didn’t do was ask Congress permission to bomb Assad. He just bombed unilaterally.

Remember we are not at war with Syria. We have no allies in the Syrian conflict. Trump’s actions are unilateral and Unconstitutional. Bombing a sovereign country is a Declaration of War. Only Congress has that power.


Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the U.S. Constitution grants Congress the power to declare war. The President, meanwhile, derives the power to direct the military after a Congressional declaration of war from Article II, Section 2, which names the President Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.


Most liberals and all RINOs would love to just get rid of the Constitution.


THIS IS A MUST READ from Zero Hedge:

Evidence Calls Western Narrative About Syrian Chemical Attack Into Question


WE think Trump and Tillerson are NOW fully aware that they were being manipulated by John McCain and ISIS Jihadist and have now distanced themselves from Syrian Regime Change! Of course flip-flopping Trump and intolerant Tillerson will not as yet admit the bombing is a big fat stupid error. They are attempting to move on with it and get it past them. In doing so however they immediately stepped into the FAKE FLAG OP sending a phantom Carrier Fleet to North Korea!

However it is looking more an more like the US Intelligence agencies and John McCain had a hand in the misinformation given to Trump and Tillerson. Notice also how fast Maddog Mattis tried to calm the US Public that this Trump bombing was not a regime change flip-flop.

“The purpose of this attack was singularly against chemical weapons use… It was not a harbinger of some change in our military campaign.”


There is now good reason to suspect that Dr. Shajul Islam a known person of extreme interest by British Intelligence was behind this staged gas attack. Days before the attack, Dr. Islam received a shipment of gas masks. But they were gas masks that could not be used with Sarin Gas! Further in the photos of the children, rescue workers are not wearing gloves. With Sarin they would all be dead.


The McCain problem:

John McCain’s visit to Anti-Assad forces in Syria on two recent occasions just prior to the alleged Syrian Gov. gas attack is highly suspect. Let’s remember too that it was John McCain that presented the Trump Russian Urination Dossier to the FBI. Since Mattis has now rejected regime change in Syria because of the bombing error, McCain has gone ballistic.


This appears to be a chlorine gas manufactured in Saudi Arabia.

Below is a bit of video showing the US Supported Anti-Assad White Hats / terrorists staging a fake rescue. All quiet on the Set…. ACTION!  Oscar time!



Former UK Ambassador cast doubt on the Syrian Chemical Attack


Wait for the UN Report:

Uh Oh…  IVONKA will be blamed!  I think the UN Report will end up showing the same thing it showed when it investigated a similar incident in December 2013. They will find Assad had nothing to do with the chemical attack.


What we know now is the attack was not using Sarin gas as advertised and the attack was not an airborne attack. US intelligence used the telemetry of an aircraft to claim the gas attack was airborne and emanated from the Syrian air strip.


This appears to be why Trump administration that is chock full of Bush Third Term WMD warmongers including Mattis, “HR” Hardon Herbert McMaster is rapidly trying to kill the SYRIAN story. That is probably why North Korea is now the main focus of the Trump Brinkmanship. Now that the North Korean Armada story has fallen apart!


Conservative pundits continue to claim that Trump is the Pillsbury Dough boy being manipulated by the neo-cons.

Though Trump does make the perfect idiot since he is impulsive, loud and generally thoughtless, he is the guy that picked all these Bush retreads. Did Ellis Jeb Bush bring these names to Trump on a golden lobster tray? Did they make Trump flip-flop on his campaign promises of healthcare, tax reform, and the Trump Wall? Of course not.

Watch closely as Trump and his RINOs try to take all these stories undercover as if they never happened.

TRUMP It’s 11 PM Do you know where your Carrier Armada is?


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