Trump’s very very very bad week. Trump never should have dumped Scaramucci. But Ivanka and Son of a Crook Kushna didn’t like him. Trump decided to placate the RINOs and get rid of Mooch. He could have used a guy like Moocher in the last several days. Since then Trump has been winging it on his own with inane Tweets and rambling discussions. TRUMP SHOULD NATIONALIZE HISTORICALLY SIGNIFICANT STATUES MONUMENTS AND MEMORIALS.



ALT – Libs and Blackie are probably kissing the boots of this Comrade.


So exactly what can Trump do to reverse his bad press?

That’s simple. He should simply call a federal DOJ investigation into Charlottesville. He should not take sides just simply say that the public needs to know what occurred. Trump should not be talking about it. Instead he should pull this little move out of the Obama playbook but without taking sides.

We do know for example that there was no gun stash claimed by Terry McAuliffe. There may have been collusion between McAuliffe and the Mayor of Charlottesville. Apparently the Mayor told the local police to stand down in effect inviting violence.

Trump should open the investigation then say he does not want to give any comments which could be misconstrued as influencing the investigation as Obama has done in the past. Simply say that the DOJ and FBI should be after the truth and gathering facts.


What else can Trump do?

He can place an Executive Order Moratorium against the removal of any historic statues and declare them National Historic Monuments and part of the fabric of American Heritage and placed under the control of the Department of Interior. He can also make removal or defacing them a federal crime. If states don’t comply Trump can reduce or eliminate Federal Highway funds to those states.

Trump has an obligation to protect history and Defend the Constitution. The hypersensitive liberal rabble that continues to sterilize history shows true ignorance.


Taking down statues is a lot like burning books.

These statues are works of art and very much a part of American History whether you like the history or not. Reality is not discretionary. The horror of this is that Trump is a relative illiterate in virtually every subject from history to law, medicine, the sciences. He needs speech writers that don’t answer to IVANKA. History will view Trump as not only correct in this view but an important advocate of American History. Reagan could have handled this quite easily. But Trump is no Reagan. Those thin-skin Tweets have to stop.



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