McCain is dying PERIOD. Quite frankly he has been easily the worst Republican in history.  His taking Barry Goldwater’s seat for the last 34 years has been a disgrace to the memory of Goldwater. Trump is now worried that McCain will pop off before Tuesday. I hope not. I want to see McCain milk the moment and show up half dead and out of his mind as he wrecks America with this RINOTAX bill.  For Trump, this is another Case of Zero Leadership. Right off the top. Tax cuts are not permanent. So it is hand on the tiller politics at its worst. Secondly, while the Obamacare mandate for individuals is temporarily removed until Democrats get into power again, corporations are stuck with the employer Obamacare mandate. This was the largest tax ever levied against US businesses. None of it is deductible.  TRUMP WORRIED MCCAIN MIGHT DIE MONDAY BEFORE RINOTAX VOTE.


 McCain Grandstanding… A diseased brain and he still wants to be center of attention. He should never have run the last time. But dicks like McCain crave power.

Look what this nut has done in the last months of his life. He stuck you with Obamacare forever. Then he turns around and sticks you with RINOTAX. He’s totally dishonest. Ross Perot called this creep one of the most callus persons he has ever known. McCain was wrapped up in the Keating Federal Savings and Loan scam. He was flying around in Keating’s private jet. McCain has never attoned for anything. He is rotten to the core.


There is nothing here that will stimulate business growth or higher wages.

More simply no foreign business will be coming to the USA and get stuck with the ever-rising OBAMACARE premiums. They were up 24% this year alone. The 21% Corporation rate will not take place until 2019. Really doesn’t matter since most corporation only pays 15% in income tax or less. It’s not Tax Reform; it is nothing but junk to pay off Republican donors and hedge funds. It won’t stimulate any real business activity or growth. Remember that now only 16% of the US GDP is based on manufacturing. Under Reagan, it was 40%. Trump is simply lost in space somewhere.

All this RINOTAX creates is higher debt. All corporation taxes account for less than 11% of all tax collected. Under Republicans, that number will go to 9%. It will be meaningless.

If they had been even remotely responsible they would have eliminated the corp tax entirely and required profits and depreciation to go to the shareholders. That, by the way, was the definition of a corporation in the USA before the 16th Amendment started taxing businesses as persons. Trump doesn’t know a think about business structure. He’s just a shyster and a weirdo.

Of course, the IVANKA doubling of the Child Welfare Tax Credit will happen:

In the USA where 54% of all children are now born out of wedlock, 97% of all Black children, we are now rewarding this conduct. Why isn’t the father collecting too? Isn’t it his kid too? RINO welfare ala the Trump Family NYC liberals.


As for McCain, he is on his last legs.

It is pretty obvious from his last appearance in the Senate that he is on borrowed time. He looks frail like death warmed over. They wheelchaired him to the floor for his first disastrous vote for RINOTAX. In just a few days to weeks, this guy is going to be dining on spicy food in hell. He’s a traitor flat out.

Oh but you think he is a war hero… Listen to the words of your war hero: two minutes of TRAITOR TALK!



I want to see John McCain get a hero’s welcome in the US Senate on Tuesday and then pop off just before the RINOTAX vote. I want this vote to be like an instant replay like they do in March Madness. Maybe Ivanka can be there holding McCain’s dead hand and help him push the YEA vote button with his dead index finger. Then every RINO could let out with a great big fat cheer.

Another thing, McCain’s Daddy who was in charge of the Vietnam WAR knew the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a False Flag  AND SAID NOTHING. 60,000 Dead and this bastard never said a word while nearly 18,000 teenager lives were destroyed and 34,000 killed were in there 20’s. Don’t feel sorry for anyone named McCain. Those kids died because of this Traitorous family. How dare these stinking politicians name a ship after McCain’s father. How infuriating.


After all, ALL RINO REPBUBLICANS have to show how liberal they are by doubling the illegitimate kid Bonus.

After all, 54% of all US babies are now born out of wedlock. Yes, they are Bastards… but but but that’s now a good thing. By doubling the Bastard Child Care Welfare allotment, this might encourage more women to have randomized money makers. Imagine how great it will be when Whitey catches up to Blackie and 97% of all birth can achieve Bastard Status. In fact, there should be an organization for Bastard Pride. John McCain could join, then again he is a self-made man.


Meanwhile, hows the orange goldfish attention span dealing with US Borders? Glad you asked.

Illegals storming the border is now at peak levels of the Obama era. Trump has 4% fewer deportations than Obama. With 35 Million Mexicans squatting in the USA, Trump is getting 1500 new Anchor a day!  Oh but but but Trump has his best man Sessions on the job of rounding up Mexican gangs. In fact, the gangs are the only group that Trump has threatened more than Kim Jong Un. Amazingly no gang members have been deported. Another phony Trump line in the sand.

Trump has been so lax on borders that the Border Patrol now says Trump has betrayed them. What else is new. The Grifter has done this 180 Degree flip-flop since the campaign.

The good news is that all the Illegals will be getting the Ivanka Bastard Baby Bonus too! The beauty of this is that it is one welfare program the Democrats will never kill.

Hey IVONKA… how’re those global Trademarks of yours coming along? Do you like the Blue 747?


President Donald Trump shows samples of the proposed new tax form at the White House in Washington, DC, on November 2, 2017.

And you will be able to buy health insurance across State Lines….  And you will be able to fill out your tax on a postcard….  Of course, there will be a wall and swamp draining too. No amnesty too except for the 35 million squatters dumping 1500 anchor babies a day. But at least they get IVANKA BASTARD BABY WELFARE CHECKS!

Rubio got his extra grab bag of welfare for his Hispanic Illegals.


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