TAX CUT RINO DEFINITION: Borrow $1.5 Trillion give it to Billionaires and the rich and hand the taxpayer the debt. That’s the RINOTAX plan and it stinks with cronyism. It was carelessly slapped together in weeks. This bill expands the 10,000 pages of IRS Code by at least 3000 pages. It is all based on the phony RINO notion called Trickle Down. The RINOs idea is that you give the rich tax breaks and they generously spend more money which trickles down as an additional quarter tip to the bartender. Suddenly everyone is prospering. TRUMP RINOTAX CRONY BILLIONAIRE WINDFALL GRAB BAG SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTING HUGE DEFICITS AUTOMATIC MEDICARE CUTS.


Automatic Medicare CUTS… $1/4 Trillion in Medicare CUTS! How’s that grab ya oldsters?

Don’t spend that Trump Quarter all in one place chump!

Unlike Reagan, the Trump Cuts don’t include all Americans. They really only include the Trump Kids and the rich. Small businesses lose all their deductions. That will assure 99% business failures helping big corporations to stave off small internet firms such as Amazon was years ago. It took most of the years of Amazon before it made any profits. RINOs make sure there will be less competition in the future. Their big corporation donors wanted less competition in the future.


Marco Rubio is twisting in the wind: AUTOMATIC MEDICARE CUTS!

Once thought to be the next Reagan, he turned out to be just another self-serving RINO punk. Now he faces Florida’s elderly voters with a TAX BILL that includes AUTOMATIC MEDICARE CUTS!  Additionally, most retirees will pay more in taxes and will lose property tax deductions. For the elders in American, this is a LOSE-LOSE proposition. For Marco Rubio it’s political suicide.


This is worse for RUBIO than being called “Little Marco.” by Trump during the Presidential Campaign.

Rubio decided to go to ground with TRUMP and turned rude and petty. Rubio simply had no experience dealing with a rude bully on stage. The last thing you want to do is go down to the bully’s level. That is a sure fire way to lose your dignity. That is what happened with Marco. He lost his dignity along the way. Rubio has never recovered it. He still fears Trump but he shouldn’t.

Rubio should vote against this Trump Tax garbage. He should simply evoke Reagan saying everyone should benefit from tax cuts not just the wealthy. Then he should explain why TRUMP is not REAGAN. He should also point out that single party legislation like Obamacare and this RINOTAX scheme only leads to endless polarization and ill-will and that one party legislation is bad for America.


Obamacare was a disaster and Democrats lost a lot of ground politically with it. It was the largest tax on businesses and individuals in US History. It stifled the economy.

Republicans could not capitalize on a repeal because RINOs had wanted ROMNEYCARE which is essentially identical. Thus Obamacare remains in spite of Trump’s endless blather of something better. Trump is worthless. He has no political or moral compass. He’s lost. But so is Rubio now. When you lose your character, you lose everything.

Rubio needs to turn over a new leaf and a new maturity. This Trump RINOTAX is highly unpopular as was and remains Obamacare. Such one-sided legislation leaves scars and a wake of angry voters.

Trump has the lowest approval rating of any US President in US History. The public finds Trump repulsive. Yet these Republicans are hitching their fates to this dead weight anchor. It makes no sense.


Midterms are coming and it is likely the Senate will be lost to Democratic control.

At that point, judicial nominations will fail and Trump will be weakened by 2020. We don’t think Trump has any possibility of winning a second term unless the Democratic party insists on running another novelty candidate or someone tied to Clinton.


If Rubio or Susan Collins needs cover consider this fact:

Not one model or analysis of this RINOTAX grab bag says it is anything but a windfall for the rich. It will not stimulate the economy. It harms small businesses which dive the economy. This Tax cut is nothing but $1.5 trillion in borrowed money going to pay Crony lobbyists and RINO donors. The debt is then thrown to the taxpayers by kicking it down the road. NOT ONE study shows that the growth will be greater than the debt created. It is a total bust just like Obamacare.


Finally, why are the Democrats so mum?

That’s because the Incumbent Party benefits. Both RINOs and Dems are charter members of the incumbent party. As elites, they all enjoy stuffing their own pockets at the taxpayer’s expense. Plus this Trump Tax grab gag bails out Obamacare and plenty of liberal lobbyists causes. Pelosi and Schumer will pay less in taxes. So they don’t care if they stiff the Taxpayers.

That is why the Democrats have produced nothing but a wall of deafening silence. They won’t vote for it but they most certainly don’t oppose it.

Only small business owners oppose this. Only the productive oppose this. The Rich Walton Family that sits on their asses all day long just loves it.


We no longer have a two-party system in America. We have just one party, the Incumbent Party conartists and they are serving themselves in splendor. 

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