TRUMP and McConnell are trying to hatch another RINO to push through their RINO AGENDA. So far the people of Alabama are still Backing Roy Moore. Roy Moore is an incorruptible social conservative who simply believes the Ten Commandments are the anchors upon which law is based. He was removed as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court for opposing removal of the Ten Commandments statute from the Courthouse.  TRUMP REVOLT CONSERVATIVE ROY MOORE LEADING MITCH RYAN TRUMP RINO LUTHER STRANGE.


Moore has a slight lead going into the Run Off against RINO Strange. If you are sick of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and John McCain then VOTE FOR MOORE! If you want Amnesty for the 35 Million Mexican Squatters dumping 1500 Anchors a day then vote for Strange.


RINOs paint Moore as a Homophobe!  That is their big selling point for their candidate Luther Strange. Roy Moore is opposed to Gay Marriage. So are a majority of Americans. We are sick of this Foie Grass RINOISM.

Each and every time same sex marriage has been presented to the voters, they have rejected it. This includes California and in a big way. RINOs want to blend in with Democrats. They want to be incumbents of a liberal one party system. Moore in this instance stands up for a majority of Americans on issues of morality and justice.

Homosexual rights is not the issue for most Americans. But most Americans do not like altering the legal definition of Marriage established over the last several thousand years.  Marriage to most in America means one man and one woman forming a spiritual and legal partnership.

When Justice Kennedy ruled that Gay Marriage was marriage, he upended 500 years of stayed law. He had no citation or legal basis to proclaim this right. Now Americans appear stuck with this. There is no such thing as a right to be a sexual deviant.


But Gayblade marriage didn’t stop there… oh no… not by a long shot.

It got to the point that wedding cake bakers had to serve Gay Marriages even if they were morally opposed. The Government forced these private businesses to comply.

Now we have gay women running off to sperm banks to pretend to be having a family in the traditional sense. It is simply one bizarre escalation after another. Understand it is not my view alone, it is the vast majority of American people that oppose this conduct. Yet anyone who expresses an opposing thought is ramjacked by the homosexual community and liberals. I am sick of these losers. There is nothing on earth that will every force me to condone this mentally ill conduct.


Vlad Putin said no to it and to a great extent that is the singular reason why liberals and RINOs are so intent on punishing Russia.

Face it Paul Ryan looks, acts and talks gay. Trump proclaimed his love of the LGBTQ community after Orlando. That “OK Sign” Trump makes look gay as it gets. Mitch McConnell looks like an old queer.


NYC gay liberalism on full display… Q signals. The only thing missing with that queer pinky finger is a Liberal Glass of Champagne celebrating Obama’s Same Sex Marriage legacy.


Image result for paul ryan gay look

Inviting a bathhouse buddy? Honestly don’t want to know… Ryan signaling?


Image result for mitch mcconnell gay

Light in the Loafers… Keep this creep far from the Elementary School Playground…


Who turned this Alabama Senate Runoff into a Homosexual Marriage referendum? Liberals and RINOs of course along with their RINO SUPERPAC.

Are Alabama Voters smart enough to reject this Trump RINO push? Alabama voters watched months ago as Trump humiliated Jeff Sessions in public. Since then Jeff Sessions has decided not to drain any swamps. Sessions is not going after Lois Lerner. He is not going after Hillary Clinton. He is not going after Loretta Lynch or Susan Rice. What’s he doing?

He’s starting up the war on drugs again over opiods.  This has caused the governments and states to clamp down on doctor prescribed legal opiods. It is another witch hunt. The result simply will deprive patients of pain medicines they require. It won’t stop opiods from being sold on the streets. In fact it will enhance the black market. Sorry to say it but Sessions has been RINOIZED!

There is no point in a war on opioids. Why are they doing it? Some celebs and Congressman have had wayward children who have overdosed. So what! The whole country of Doctors should not be punished because some punk offed themselves with opiods, booze, and Xanax. Why deprive people who need these medicines because of a bunch of stupid punk addicts? That is the RINO and Liberal way always looking for someone else to blame for purely irresponsible conduct.

In simple terms SESSIONS is no longer functioning. He is simply a Trump Rubber Stamp. Alabama residents are smart to put an end to this Trump RINOISM and outsiders meddling in Alabama elections.



Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin appeared at a pro-Moore rally with Breitbart News Sebastian Gorka on Thursday. Steve Bannon also supports Moore. Most recently Ben Carson has endorsed Moore. At present Moore shows an eight point lead over Strange just days away from the Primary Runoff. RINOs are trying to tips the election. Outsides through that RINO superpac have contributed over 9 million dollar of out of State money to push the RINO Luther STRANGE over Roy Moore. That ought to be enough provocation for Alabama to get to the polls and vote for Moore.


Trump’s RINO brigade and outside money into Alabama has pitted traditional Conservatives against RINO Faux Conservatives.

Alabama looks poised to send the first strong message to Trump that the BASE is done with Trump’s RINOISM and Lefty Amnesty Shift-o-Rama. Trump is appearing to Alabama voters as a Slick New York City Carpetbagging liberal who can no longer be trusted.

Trump has flipflopped on every campaign promise. Palin and Anne Coulter have been beating the Trump deception drums for a long time. It is just now taking hold with the Base that elected Trump over Hillary Clinton. Yes the base is disappointed but it won’t be the first time. It has been virtually every election following the great Ronald Reagan.


Rural America is suffering and it is apparent that Trump knows far less about economics than he claimed. Rural America needs a voice not more Crony RINO Incumbents.

In fact it was the famous 3Am call to General Flynn that started the head scratching when Trump asked Flynn which was better for the US Economy a lower dollar or a high dollar. I bet Wharton was proud of that moment. But it demonstrated that Trump was an economic illiterate.

Meanwhile Trump has increased the size of Government by increasing spending to a mammoth 4.5 Trillion. But Trump can’t seem to find a lousy 8 billion to build the Wall. And Trump doesn’t need any Congressional approval to build the wall.


Now Trump is talking about an Invisible wall which is RINO code for NO WALL!

He stupidly claims this is because Mexicans are catapulting drugs across the border that are landing on people’s heads. So Trump concludes with this bald faced lie that the wall must be transparent. Trump is a scammer and Alabama voters are on to him.


Trump was not elected for Tax Reform. He was elected to secure the borders and restore American Courts. To dates he has done nothing.

He is behind in all his essential appointments. EPA is still under control of Obama appointees. Department of Energy is now under the control of the idiot’s idiot, Rich Perry. The Treasury has been turned over to Goldman Sachs. That looks like a Bush Third Term which ushered in Obama.


Mark my words Gorsuch is not a Conservative Justice. He’s a Justice Kennedy Liberal. 


These big Government RINOs won’t stop until they have converted the Republican Party into Liberal lites. It should be obvious to one an all by now that Trump is in fact a RINO or simply a Democrat in RINO clothing. Look no further than IVANKA for that proof. Her big push is for another entitlement; mandatory paid leave for “families.” Ivanka’s definition includes gayblade “families” and both same sex parents. Why should the government be paying for this? It shouldn’t.


Trump’s family is simply Toxic to Conservative values:

Face it… they are all NYC Democrats. They are all grifters selling Trump University Degrees, Trump water, Trump Steaks and IVONKA Chinese made fashions. Alabama needs to send the Grifter Family a loud and clear message. NO RINOS!


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