Of course Trump denies this because it makes him sound like a… well you know… Moron. Certainly Rex Tillerson Secretary of State would agree with that. In fact it was REX that called Trump a Moron following Trump’s insane more Nukes request. The Truth can Sting and sting back. Shortly thereafter Trump threatened to NUKE the Broadcasting License of NBC. COMCAST stock was down on the news. Hope some of Trump’s trading friends benefited. Hate to see a stock manipulation go to waste. TRUMP REQUESTS 10X MORE NUKES HR McNUKENAM AGREED REX CALLED TRUMP MORON.


Trump Caught Mugging Kim Jong Un Face? “Pass the Flied Lice Pweese.” Many think Kim Jong Un has caused Trump to lose his marbles.


Meanwhile Trump is destroying Navy morale too:

In a Navy Times report of an anonymous Navy Survey, the SS Shiloh sailors said their ship was a “floating prison.” The Shiloh is a Navy Missile Cruiser assigned by TRUMP personally to watch Kim Jong Un. The ship along with Three Carrier groups is sitting around essentially doing nothing emulating the Trump style of doing the “most nothing as possible.” Meanwhile moral dives.

Trump attended Military Prep School and was being groomed for a top slot in command. Unfortunately a nearly terminal case of now vanishing heel spurs very very rare, kept him on the sidelines. The young Lion could barely walk. That is more than likely why the Vietnam War was lost. Not sure if HR McNukeNam dedicated a chapter about this in his graduate thesis at UNC Chapel Hill, the home of FAKE BLACK ATHLETE CLASSES. Click here for more on UNC Affirmative Action Invisible Classroom degrees.


In a show of more FARCE Trump ordered a Ship with 7500 Marines within 70 miles of North Korea. It has been reported that many are actually suffering from Sea Sickness. Then Blowhard ordered US Generals into the WAR ROOM! Whooooohhhh. LOL.

Aside from the Bush Neocons that love the US Bullyism, the Chinese and the Russians are laughing like crap at Trump. Trump has no credibility whatsoever. What are these Marines going to do? Land in North Korea in the middle of a 5 million man army? This has gone from stupid to the sublime. Does Trump even know the difference between 7500 marines and 5,000,000? Trump claims the warship is carrying nuclear weapons. That in and of itself is an act of serious aggression. Trump’s a liar so its a dubious claim.


Kim Jong Un ain’t going away. He will be in North Korea long after Trump is back standing Trial for Trump University.

Further, Trump’s mocking Asians by Mugging his Kim Jong Un face is incredibly disrespectful to all of the Asians on the earth especially Asian Americans. Trump is vulgar.


There is NO MILITARY OPTION with North Korea:

There will be no regime change. The CIA has failed at each and every attempt from Vietnam right through to Libya. But unlike the foolish Qaddafi and Saddam, Kim Jong Un has nukes. That gives him enough punch to fend off the US Conventional forces.


Nobody thinks for a minute that Kim Jong Un has any intention of attacking anyone with Nukes.

Though Trump keeps playing this revolting fiction as if anyone sane would buy any of Trumps BS. Trump’s methodology is to play the Crazy man. He should be very careful with that idea. Most don’t think Trump is intelligent enough to bluff. 67% of Independents and 22% of Republicans oppose Trump’s activities toward North Korea.  That was the base that elected him.


War Games Strategy and the Generals Know it:

I have said it before that if Kim Jong Un gets attacked by the US, he should lob a few small nukes at the US Carrier Groups. Remember Nukes are exploded above ground. This would cause the US Military an enormous about of damage but it would not turn world opinion against Kim Jong Un who would appear justified to hit his more powerful attacker. Since Kim Jong Un would not hit a South Korean City, his larger threat would remain intact. The US could not retaliate and would have to withdraw.

Don’t think for a minute that the Joint Chief’s would allow a US Nuclear Retaliation. It would never happen. Read Herman Kahn’s “On Thermonuclear War.” He more or less lays out the mathematics of it. It will never happen. Commander in Chump doesn’t control the Nuclear Arsenal. This is set up this way to avoid some guy like Hitler reaching the Presidency. Trump is not Hitler but he’s not very intelligent.


If Kim Jong Un took out two Carrier Groups, the third would be forced to retreat. 

Remember this too. Of all the nations of the world only one has used Nuclear weapons against civilians: The Untied States dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That is two Atomic bombs on Asian Civilians. These were entirely civilian targets. That is something that many Americans find unsettling.

Sherman’s burning of the South and The incendiary bombing of Dresden that ended the allied practice of incendiary bombing of civilians were regarded as barbaric attacks on innocent civilians. It was simply viewed as unacceptable to burn civilian populations in cyclonic 3000 degree fires. Trump has never read a single book so he says. His brain is as smooth as cue ball.


Remember the attack on Pearl Harbor was strictly on military targets. Yes it is believed to have been a surprise attack. It was an act of war but the attack was exclusively military targets.


Trump would be powerless to retaliate. In fact, Trump would be impeached for recklessness. The Country is not behind Trump on this. A majority of Americans are opposed to this conduct and rhetoric toward North Korea.

I don’t care how many Tin Soldiers you put in a room, they are useless Yes Men and star spangled slurpers. Try to remember that soldiers who die are America’s Youth not these Tin Soldier frauds.


You gotta see this… This is Eminem doing an ad hoc Donald Trump Rap.



While you are contemplating all this war mongering Trump garbage be aware that TRUMP promised 5 Billion Dollars to bail out Puerto Rico. No wall by the way. Then we have Trump pushing War in Afghanistan, War in North Korea, War in the Middle East. Nothing is working.

The latest is Trump Tax Cuts which are just borrowed money distributed to billionaires. This is Billionaire WELFARE at the expense of the Middle Class and Elderly who pay for the Billionaire Welfare.

Trump ain’t working out.

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