Israel your days are numbered. When Trump flip flopped into a Bush Third Term it was an unmitigated disaster. Now it looks like he is moving fast toward a John McCain first term or a Hitler Reich.  Mother of God has TRUMP lost his mind? SUNNI ARAB NATO! The last thing the Middle East needs is more weapons systems. Of course the USA continues on its BUSH OBAMA TRUMP path of picking winners. In this case the USA is backing the Saudi Dictatorship and the SUNNI radicals against the Shia. TRUMP PROPOSES SUNNI ARAB NATO WEAPONIZED SUPERSTATE KUSHNER NEGOTIATING TERMS.


In the name of Sweet MaryJane! This idea is INSANE!

In care you forgot, 3000 Americans were killed when 15 Saudi Citizens all SUNNI, decided to fly Airliners full of American citizens into the Twin Towers.  Yes those nice people were vaporized on contact. This will exceed John McCain’s hopes of 100 years in Iraq. Now we can expect maybe 2000 years of US sponsored war in the Middle East and Persia.


Murica’s largest export is weapons systems. We don’t make Consumer Goods. We make products that kill people. Murica makes more weapons than all other countries COMBINED.

That is something all Americans should take pride in. Our weapons system have killed more human and animal life than Hitler. Our weapons system are made in our great nationalized weapons businesses. Without the massive government funding and endless bailouts for cost overrides these “state businesses” would go broke. Taxpayers pay for all the costs and then the weapons’s companies sell the finished made goods for a fraction of the cost and the Taxpayer get nothing but more cost overrides and bailouts. But but but the CEO’s of these State Run Firms and the countless Tin Soldiers that find employment as lobbyists are doing great!


Kushna Kushna Kushna… is handling it all.

Kushner the son-of-a-crook is the smart Jewish son that Trump never had. Kushna can smell the money like a redneck can smell bacon cooking…  So nepotism aside, here is this nobody named Kushner negotiating the largest Arms deal in global history [for which he has zero credentials]  and the formation of a SUNNI ARAB NATO! Christ! Trump made it pretty obvious during his campaign that he didn’t know a bloody thing about the Middle East or Persian. Remember His fake recovery over Quds? “Oh, I thought you said Kurds, Kurds.” Yeah the Kurds are great.


Kushna, I just want to say one word to you, are you listening?WEAPONS….  You can make a good living with it. More money in weapons than All the REAL Estate in the World! Think about it…


Then again Trump also claimed to be running on an America First platform and keeping out of the Middle East and ending Murica’s role as Policemen of the World. That all ended when IVONKA, Kushna’s wife, felt so bad about Syrian Kids on TV that she wanted Trump to Bomb Assad. What’s next in the IVONKA line, designer gas masks for young girls? IVONKA is such a Role model for little girls and as yet gender non-specific children too. Ah the celebration of sexual identity! How wonderful.


Who is the actual architect of this insane ARAB SUNNI NATO super militarization of the Middle East?

Actually a better question is what is the purpose of NATO? NATO is a cold war extension of the the USA post WWII Buyout of Europe with the Marshall Plan. It was globalization under US Control. The common enemy was Stalin and later Communist Russia and Communist East German and the Russian expansion into the Poland, Yugoslavia and Baltic States.

NATO was a method of keeping US Military presence in Europe. The US has bases in every NATO member state. It was also a monopoly outlet for the merchandising of US Weapons. Ultimately it was a bottomless pit for the American Taxpayers. It yielded no benefit at all to the Citizens of America.

When The Soviet Union disbanded and became a Democratic Republic and East Germany was absorbed into West Germany again, NATO had no real purpose. But like most stink’in government bureaucracies it didn’t just self-dissolve. It wasn’t until former CIA George Walker Bush became President that Russia started feeling paranoia. Instead of reducing global influence as America had done under Reagan, Walker Bush ignited the Middle East into War. This resulted in Russia electing Vladimir Putin a former KGB Director to the Presidency of Russia.

Russian Relations declined markedly under Bill Clinton with his unilateral activity in Kosovo.  George Bush blew up Iraq and Afghanistan into an endless war destabilizing the entire region.  Obama and his vile Secretary of State Hillary Clinton followed by reigniting the cold war and sending the Middle East into a massive conflagration. NATO was then re-Hawked or re-purposed like rustic farm wood. Then comes Trump the golden spooned betrayer.


Trump ran on a platform calling NATO Obsolete.

He appeared to want better relationships with Russia and a reduced US global Military presence. Instead the opposite happened. Trump almost immediately reneged on all his campaign promises. Trump now suddenly loves NATO. He views it as a platform for merchandising US Weapons. Relations with Russia are now strained for no apparent reason other than Democrats want a false scandal to drum up some midterm election discontentment. There is no Russian story. After five months there is zero actual evidence other than NSA and CIA claims through anonymous channels that Russians hacked the election.

The Russian hoax went full Benghazi youtube video when John Songbird McCain presented FBI Director COMEY with the now famous RUSSIAN HOTEL Dossier that alleges that Trump and two Russian Prostitutes went to a Russian Hotel where Obama had stayed overnight and urinated on the sheets.

The worst part about it is that as implausible as it sounded, many thought Trump was lowlife enough to actually do it. That’s the incredible part. Just like the Obama, Clinton, Rice Benghazi youtube video hoax, many actually bought into it. Benghazi was attacked because Obama and Clinton had ordered the assassination of Qaddafi and Benghazi was Qaddafi’s home town. So on 9/11 they took a life for a life.

Think about it… On 9/11 the anniversary of the Twin Towers take down and Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama were nowhere to be found. Emergency phone calls from Tripoli and Benghazi were unanswered.


Did it surprise anyone that Benghazi was never really investigated?

The Congressional Hearings were a joke. They were fake. Republicans in Congress expected Clinton would run for President and win so they wanted to do the most nothing as possible to make a public splash but not cross Clinton. Both parties are corrupt beyond the pale.


Michael Savage the book an hour pulp mill Screaming Radio Host wants to know, “Who got to Trump?”

I find this fascinating. Apparently Savage regards Trump as so rudderless that somebody else must be in control of Trump’s fifth grader mind. Think how insulting Savage is being. He is basically admitting that Trump is mindless and easily manipulated. If that is correct, Trump never should have been elected.

Meanwhile lean hungry son-of-a crook son-in-law Kushner, the smart Jewish son Trump never had,  is making a beeline for the money. If Kushna can pull off a $100 Billion dollar arms deal, he will be the Toast of the Global Arms industry for his entire life. He and IVONKA will grab more prize money than Jeff Bezos, Buffett and Gates combined.

The ARAB NATO is nothing more than a Weapons Merchandising Gimmick. Think about the market. These countries all have oil. They have to defend that oil. Saudi needs to defend its Dictatorship.


Plus its good for the US Socialist Economy as well as IVONKA and KUSHNA. Tesla, Solar Cells, Weapons are all in the Taxpayer’s pockets.

Our largest export products are WEAPONS.  US Weapons have killed more people and animals than any other nation’s weapon systems combined. American should be very proud of that fact. Our products are in high demand by Dictatorships and despots alike. Warlords in Africa love our Weapons. A creative person could make some great Superbowl commercials about this. But but but isn’t that what it’s all about? We make weapons that keep the world a boiling pot of murder and bloodshed. Those SAS bullets that killed Qaddafi; those rounds were made right here in the good ole USA. Made in Kansas. See Dorothy there is a Santa Claus.


Net Net Net RESULT:

The net result here is that you can buy into Michael Savage’s view that “somebody got to Trump!” [Scream it please!] Or you can simply realized that Trump is rudderless personality defective grifter. He will say anything and do anything to draw attention away from his shiftless pocket stuffing. His word is crap. Look at his business dealings in Atlantic City. Look at Trump University. He’s a moral misfit.


Do you think for a minute that Trump did not try to influence Comey to drop the Flynn Investigation?

Of course he did. Trump did it in private. Trump is a thug. Will this result in impeachment? At present no. But if a Special Counsel which has now been appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Why isn’t Sessions involved since he is the Attorney General? He Recused himself that’s why. Sessions has had contact with the Russians so he has neutered himself.


Trump initially claimed his Administration had nothing to hide. But the following morning he hit twitter with this little Apples to Oranges jewel:


With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never a special counsel appointed!

Then the Big Exaggeration came…

This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!


Trump then stated, “A thorough investigation will confirm what we already know there was no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity.”  This statement is not necessarily true.

Here are charts that Politico used to explain Trump Ties. These are pretty soft indeed. It is similar to the parlor game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. 


Trump Administration Ties to Russia

Trump ties to Putin Michael Flynn

Mag Trump campaign ties to Putin

Mag Putin Trump ties Manafort

Mag Trump russia Putin business ties

Mag Trump Putin Felix Sater


Here is a link to the Politico article.


As I have said, these Trump contacts look pretty bland and innocuous.

The Clintons know most all of the Russian names and have accepted actual cash payment from most of them. None of these people with so-called ties to Putin have any influence at all over Putin. Most are Russians just trying to make a buck.

The Miss Universe Pageant held in Moscow is on one of these charts. That is pretty lightweight if that is suppose to link Trump to Putin.

Democrats wanted Special Counselor this but my guess is that it will lead no place at all. But it will consume time and taint Trump and bring out more Trump Tantrums.

But to me what is impressive is the SNAFU quality of it all. Trump is entangled and can’t offload this claim of Russian Interference with the Election. America has a long history of political influence over other nation’s elections and has even assassinated candidates it didn’t like. The reason Democrats pursue this story is because it infuriates Trump. It causes Trump to stupidly explode on Twitter. But it doesn’t cause Trump to do anything useful.


Take Jeff Sessions:

This is supposed to be the Attorney General. He has recused himself over this Russian investigation. Is Jeff Sessions such a great Attorney General that he can’t simply be replaced? He’s not actually Attorney General material. He should have been replaced immediately when he recused himself only because he is ineffective.

Remember that the Acid Test for the Democrats is that everyone should be Anti-Russian simply because Putin thought Hillary Clinton was a schmuck. She is a schmuck. Of course Democrats don’t like Putin. They can’t play Putin like they can Angela Merkel or Japan’s Abe.

Turns out that Trump is a weakling if not a big bag of hot air.

He folded in regard to the Clintons and Clinton Foundation. He should have fired Comey on his first day and put in a straight shoot’in cop. Or better he would have had waited for an Attorney General and ordered a special prosecutor for the Clintons. Sessions could do that BUT TRUMP IS A WEAKLING AND A BAG OF HOT AIR! Besides Trump is now the Bush Third Term so he has to kiss Pelosi’s backside.


THE ARAB NATO is just another TRUMP distraction.

It is such a bad dangerous idea that it makes everyone cringe. It is everything America doesn’t want. Imagine a lifetime in the Middle East directing combat. John Songbird Traitor McCain would salivate at a 1000 year war.  It is picking sides in a war that has been going on for 5000 years between Sunni and Shia. Our allies are DICTATORSHIPS!  IRAN is a Democracy albeit a Theocratic Democracy. But Iranians vote and are quit modernized compared to Saudi. We are on the wrong side again!


We know Trump is stupid and knows nothing about history. Trump did not concoct this insanity but adopted it for his own. Why?

It smells like money. Weapons sales are bigger than the sales of the fortune 500 combined. There is Kushna and Ivonka with their tails in butter heading directly for the cash. What a proud day for a grifter father than to set up his kids in the Weapon’s industry for life.


Nobody got to Trump Mr. Savage.

Trump is a grifter. His own interests trumps all others. The shambles he is making of the political landscape pales to the amount of money that weapons bring. That is why neocon’s exist. They are in both parties. Weapons are a filthy and enormously wealthy operation that is an absolute government monopoly.

Look who that industry employs!

It employs the tin soldiers… all the yes men of the US Military. Look at that dumb ass H R McMaster. What other job could he do? We call him Mr. Murica because he can’t pronounce the word AMERICA. In a few years he will be atop a weapon’s builder enjoying stock options and the good life. That’s how the truly dumb survive. Nothing is more parasitic than the Tin Soldiers.

Look at the Trump appointees. Look at the number of former Bush Commanders in the Trump or Bush Third Term. These are the neocon’s necocons. The US must provoke war or they will not sell weapons. That means the Tin Soldiers would not be riding the long gravy train.

It all becomes the perfect Trump scam; the perfect Trump audience.

One you tie in blind patriotism of nitwit Americans that love war, you got em. Nobody is watching the back door when Americans cry over flag draped caskets. But you better watch out. The vast majority of the dead in those flag draped caskets died from US bullets and US Weapons. That just keeps the cycle going doesn’t it.

Democrats are war mongers too for the same reasons.

I have always found it fascinating that Republicans are tagged as war mongers when the only Republican War mongers in history were Bush Family members. WWI was started by Wilson a liberal Democrat. WWII was started by FDR a near socialist. Korea was started by Truman. Vietnam Started by JFK and LBJ. Nixon inherited that war and retained the LBJ status until the US defeat. Nixon by the way ran on the ticket of ending the war in Vietnam. But when he got in office as with Trump, he became the betrayer and the war lingered on for six more years.

It’s the smell of all that weapons money that corrupts all of these politicians.  Nixon found a new angle. Seems Americans didn’t like seeing their sons come back in boxes. But they still wanted that fabulous 1970’s retirements for themselves.  So Nixon created the all volunteer army. This suited everyone’s pallet. After all anyone that dies volunteered for it. The Trump boys and Kushna never volunteered did they?


Here is a history lesson for you Trump…

Every country that lives by the sword eventually dies by the sword. The US will die hard but eventually they will die at the hands of their own weapons. The worst tyrants are always the most well meaning and pious.



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