Of course during the campaign Trump promised cheaper and better healthcare.  Policies would be available across state lines. It was going to be utopia. After four phony attempts to claim an Obamacare repeal while retaining 99% of Obamacare, it’s over. But the good news is that Congress keeps its lavish PPO for life while the public gets stuck with Obamacare. Once again Trump promised the world and instead delivered coleslaw.TRUMP PRESIDENCY TORPEDOED LATEST FAKE OBAMACARE REPEAL DIES ALABAMA CRUSHES TRUMP RINO SENATE RUNOFF CANDIDATE.


The second bit of FAIL NEWS for Trump was that the Conservative BASE in super red state Alabama turned against him. Trump’s Karl Rove style candidate got blown out by a Conservative idealist. Mr. ColeSlaw delivers again!

Trump went to Alabama to push RINO Luther Strange and Conservative Roy Moore won handily over Strange. Trump Tweeted that if Moore won the runoff he would lose to Democrats in the election. Vintage Karl Rove who believes that Republicans must be RINOs or Dem lites to win elections.

Of course Trump is no Reagan. Sound the symbols to that statement. As for Trump’s RINO PROGNOSTICATIONS, so far TRUMP has been wrong with 100% of his predictions. Moore won by healthy margins and Alabama is not about to suddenly become a blue state because the state has a secret desire to become RINOTIZED. What it means is that TRUMP’s out-of-state attempted Electron Manipulation with a RINOPAC was unwelcome in Alabama. Trump quickly REPEALED AND REPLACED his ANTI-MOORE TWEETS!


This year alone RINO Trump will spend $4.5 Trillion making Republicans the biggest spender and debtors in US political history. Republicans are now the BIGGEST TAX AND SPENDERS! BIGGER THAN PELOSI AND THE DEMS! Thank Paul Ryan and Mitch McCain [Our composite RINO politician!]

Trump debt has eclipsed $20 Trillion the fastest rate of debt accumulation in history. Trump is making Obama look frugal. Worse Trump has nothing to show for it. No wins just a whole lot of losing.

Meanwhile the Fed has warned on the economy. This has kept the Goldman Morgan markets hoping for some more loose free money. But housing is down and inflation is rising especially in durable goods. Consumer confidence is waning.


Suddenly Hedge funds are concerned that their could be a big fat TRUMP DUMP Coming.

High flying sectors such as transportation and industrials are at risk. We have warned that Biotechnolgy is in some peril. For one thing, they don’t benefit from Tax reform because they don’t make any money. They certainly don’t benefit from Obamacare where more is spent on sex changes surgery than fighting cancer with new drugs. But Obamacare does provide euthanasia services. That is a far cry from John McCain’s luxury PPO which congress has given to themselves.


Notice that Trump was asleep at the wheel again and cannot now use an executive order to demand Congress use Obamacare. I guess IVONKA and KUSHNA didn’t tell Trump.

The RINO congress was very cleaver to pass their DO NOT TOUCH OUR LAVISH FREE PPO FOR LIFE Legislation. That passed easily with both Democrats and Republicans supporting it in big numbers. TRUMP allowed the congress to pick the Taxpayer’s pockets once again. In fact that appears to be what Trump does best. Meanwhile the Trump Organization is stuffing it’s pockets with every Trump, IVANKA, KUSHNA, TRUMP KIDS vacation at TRUMP RESORTS.

It is like a pack of Gypsies shaking down a crowd. Trump Organization is filling their vacation rooms with secret service room service and charging full fare for everything. None of this goes out to bid. It just pours into the Trump Organization coffers. It’s the best scam going. Taxpayers are getting scalped. Cleaver enough to pick your pockets but not smart enough to pass any useful legislation with both houses of congress. And to what do we owe this Gridlock? Trump’s screwy RUDE personality.

Trump’s idea of tax reform is to help himself and Goldman rich:

Let’s make this very very clear. Trump was not elected to engage in Tax reform. He was elected to close the borders of this country. Now that he has betrayed the base with every violated campaign promise, he is trying to shift the subject to tax reform. In this instance the Public will lose especially the middle and upper middle class.


Once again if you review Trump’s proposals, the great beneficiaries are the rich and the rich who have businesses.

After all it would not be like Trump to pick the taxpayer’s pockets without reducing his own tax and that of Trump Organization. Here is the Trump Tax proposal. Click Here. This story has all the charts to explain the Trump RINO Tax deception. Bottom line. Middle class gets skunked and Trump and Trump Organization get windfall! What else is new?


One point worth noting: Reducing corporate Tax has NEVER resulted in more jobs or better higher paying jobs except for CEOs.

A large multinational does not come into the USA to build a plant that may take five years on a “hand on the tiller” tax plan. Democrats or even RINOs will raise taxes in the future as they continue to spend spend spend. A large company is much better off moving to Asia or Mexico and that is exactly what they are doing.


What does the USA offer a big Multinational Corporation?

They offer them more taxes, a disgruntled millennial work force of lazy unskilled losers. The USA is the most litigious country on earth so they offer lots of lawsuits against the company. You get unions, feminist hatchets, genderism charges, and high cost raw materials. These corporation also get to pay for Obamacare with no tax deductions. Republicans are now going to reinstate Obamacare taxes and close popular middle class tax loopholes. A Multinational would be crazy to build a lemonade stand in the USA.


Be aware that Paul Ryan, Mitch McCain will continue to push their RINO AGENDA down Republican throats like foie grass.

Get ready for the NEXT BIG TRUMP RINO FAIL! Meanwhile Alabama just sent a message to the RINOs. The Tea Party and Conservatives are done with the Establishment GOP RINOs.

After McCain croaks, watch out for Trump trying to push another RINO. Ward appears to be nothing but a RINO in the wings to push through the TRUMP RINO agenda. Arizona needs a Real Conservative candidate to fill the Barry Goldwater senate seat not another McCain Democrat or RINO rubber stamp for Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Sorry Kelly Ward… NO MORE RINOs!









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