ASSANGE should be given the Pulitzer. The Mother of all TRUMP BACKFIRES COMING! But it is typical Bush Third Term behavior so that is to be expected. More NSA, more CIA, more wars, more bullcrap government control and spying on American citizens.  This could be the dumbest idea in First Amendment History. TRUMP wants to eliminate Free Speech and Journalistic privacy when it comes to the vague soup of State Secrets; whatever that means. Does that mean the Trump Golden Shower Dossier was a secret?  Under what category is that disallowed political free speech? The right to urinate trumps political free speech?  Rabid CIA director MIKE POMPEO, an utter nobody, stated that WikiLeaks exceeded the First Amendment right of freedom of the press. He claimed that WikiLeaks directed Transgender “Chelsea” Manning to intercept secret information about the USA. TRUMP POMPEO SESSIONS BRAIN DEAD FIRST AMENDMENT ATTACK CHARGING WIKILEAKS ASSANGE.




So how did WikiLeaks “direct” Manning?

Oh as an aside… Manning has a Y Chromosome and I for one refuse to placate the inanity that this guy is now a female.  Manning,  a male is a surgical defective mess and the doctors that preform this insane surgery should be removed from the practice of medicine. This is not medicine or surgery; it is Frankenstein malpractice. TRUMP POMPEO SESSIONS BRAIN DEAD FIRST AMENDMENT ATTACK CHARGING WIKILEAKS ASSANGE.


So how did WikiLeaks direct Manning?

Encouragement? Nope that is not enough. Did WikiLeaks take remote control of Manning’s computer from Europe? Nope. Was anybody from WikiLeaks in the United States? Nope. Nobody from Wikileaks ever stepped foot in the jurisdiction. Understand we are not even talking about Assange. We are talking about Wikileaks. And be assured that Wikileaks is an entity quite apart from the entity known as Assange. The Government would have to prove that it was ASSANGE himself that instructed Manning on the procurement of secret document OF WHICH THEY HAD NO FREAKING ACCESS!

Pompeo may have worked for Williams & Connolly but clearly he’s no Brendan V. Sullivan, Jr. Rest assured Assange will be represented by the very best. It will be somebody like Alan Dershowitz.

Dershowitz is a very good First Amendment lawyer. This is interesting. Dershowitz was interviewed last September. As he said he has no idea whether the Federal Government was going to assert some kind of charges. Now it looks like TRUMP is going to be the big shot to take the plunge. This is interesting because there are NO Attorneys at present in the Department of Justice. Obama’s Justice Department didn’t want to touch this. Thus, THIS TRUMP MOVE IS ALL POLITICALLY MOTIVATED.  It is a truly stupid move by Trump.


One thing about the Obama DOJ that made everyone sick was how politically directed it had become.

Trump ran on the opposite platform and within his first 100 days have vacated all his campaign positions. Trump now intends to use the DOJ for his own punitive political agenda. The Bush Term Crowd loves the idea of prosecuting free speech. This is sublimely stupid. One of the reasons Bush is so despised by both Reagan and Jeffersonian Republicans was the Bush Administration’s constant attacks on the Bill of Rights. They are just as bad as liberals in this regard. Liberals think you have no rights at all and should be fully subordinate to the government. They want all kinds of Snowflake offensive Free Speech eliminated.


The Bush RINOs just want to treat all American Citizens like terrorists.

They love the police state and militarizing law enforcement at every level. At some point the Kiddie Catcher at the crosswalks in front of the Elementary school will be carrying a weapon and licensed to shoot children that don’t abide his street crossing directives. Of course he will at all times shoot to kill. That is another thing about Cops these days that served in the middle east. They have five cops and an unarmed black man and somehow they end up killing the black guy with one shot.


 “It’s time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is: A non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia,” CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Actually it is time once again as in the 1975 Church Senate Hearings to call out the CIA for what it really is: An anti-American, global destructive menace and war criminal organization. Vietnam is a great example of the CIA in action. They created a false flag claiming that the USS Maddox was fired upon by the Navy of North Vietnam. This event never happened and was declassified in 2010. They waited until most of the parents of dead sons were themselves dead.

It was the false flag upon which Lyndon Johnson knowingly escalated Vietnam into the Vietnam War and murdered over 60,000 young American male citizen soldiers.  This was yet another one of those CIA wars where the US was saving the world from Communism in the rice paddies. This was part of the CIA domino scare.  There hasn’t been a single one of these CIA wars that wasn’t botched.


Suddenly under TRUMP the CIA has gone gale force blowhard with MIKE POMPEO another Bush styled warmongering retread.

“We can no longer allow Assange and his colleagues the latitude to use free speech values against us. To give them the space to crush us with misappropriated secrets is a perversion of what our great Constitution stands for. It ends now. [Which ends now The Constitution or Free Speech?]
Assange and his ilk make common cause with dictators today. [And the US Gov. Supports the Saudi Dictators.] Yes, they try unsuccessfully to cloak themselves and their actions in the language of liberty and privacy; in reality, however, they champion nothing but their own celebrity. Their currency is clickbait their moral compass, nonexistent. Their mission: personal self-aggrandizement through the destruction of Western values.” [Oh I thought you were talking about Trump University.]


This push against Assange is just the way the BUSH THIRD TERM would like to water down the First Amendment and Constitution.

It is incomprehensible that Bush tried to make GITMO a “writ of habeas corpus Free Zone.” The US Supreme Court rejected this wholeheartedly in Boumediene v. Bush, 553 U.S. 723. This was a function over form situation. It was clearly a jail controlled by the United States even if it exists in a foreign country. Moving prisoners to this facility was intending to deprive them of rights to US Courts. Bush used the term “enemy combatants” but there was NO Declaration of War. They were just people that opposed Bush and his False Flag Weapons of Mass Destruction fake war with Tony Blair.


Justice Kennedy stated clearly the issue, “To hold that the political branches may switch the constitution on or off at will would lead to a regime in which they, not this court, ‘say what the law is’.”


Any erosion of First Amendment protections by TRUMP or the CIA will be met with an avalanche of angry Journalist and media.

It is vintage Trump. It is dumb as dirt. Look at Trump’s uses of Tweeting. Trump called Rosy O’Donnell a pig.  Who would call any woman a pig?  He accused Obama himself of wiretapping Trump Towers. Trump  gets away with this defamation because he uses it against public personalities. A Plaintiff suing for defamation as a public person would have to prove MALICE against Trump in order to win. Rosy might actually have a case. A jury of women would likely find Trump’s pig remark, pure malice and little else. But the point is that here is Trump a serial abuser of the First Amendment trying to cut off serious Journalist and media outlets Constitutional Rights.

The good news is that the Trump Administration doesn’t have spit for lawyers. Sessions is even less competent than Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.  Look at how well Trump is doing over in the 9th Circuit with his botch first executive orders.


I really think Rosy O’Donnell should get herself a lawyer and sue Trump for defamation with malice for millions. Trump could not get out of it either since he did this before being elected. Bill Clinton’s girly problem lawsuits occurred before he was president so he had to stand trial. She should take Trump on.


Finally the thought that the CIA is leading this attack against the First Amendment is repulsive.

No other agency in the United States has been more responsible for citizen murders than the CIA. It may even have been responsible for the assassination of a president. A dozen roads from Jack Ruby to Oswald lead directly to the mouth of the beast. This is an organization that thinks it is above the law.

They have engineered at least two false flag wars since WWII. Vietnam and Iraq collectively took more than 65,000 young male lives. Oh… did I forget the female life’s lost? Add five female lives to Vietnam if you want to make sure to be liberal feminist inclusive. The vast majority of those killed in these CIA wars were young males.

If you like an agency that kills your sons and occasional daughter as a game, then the CIA is the outfit you ought to back.


Trump’s new found jingoism is nauseating. His love of the tin soldier warmonger is dangerous. It is almost as repugnant as his Bible toting pre-election days.

Trump’s actions drip with insincerity. The new rise of the CIA as a belligerent loudmouth in the form of MIKE POMPEO is unacceptable. The CIA operates outside the Constitution. It is unlawful in its very existence. But now it is free running without any real control in an Administration that has no policies. So up rises the CIA to fill the void. Here we have the CIA leading the charge against the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Of course the CIA wants to stop Assange and Wikileaks. The complacent drive-by-media no longer serves as the Free Press. They think Assange is the enemy because Wikileaks scooped the lame stream and then attacked Hillary Clinton their “inevitable” candidate along with the filthy DNC.

Meanwhile the DNC is still out in the woods hunting for Russians. That little brain dead notion was planted by the CIA. To date not one scrap of real evidence has shown any Russian collusion whatsoever. But the DNC is still yammering about Putin.

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