“It’s on man!”, said my Fat Trump Loving Neighbor in glee this morning. “We’re gonna nuke em,” he continued. Who, what, when, where, why? Never mind, it was just another shovel load of Trump feeding his inner Mussolini. That goes double for his Mussolini look alike GENERAL TOUGH GUY H. R. McMaster. Hes the guy so bad he doesn’t even have a first name just and “H” and in H-Bomb! For 5’8″ tall he’s a real bad ass. This is the guy that said “Merica” should have won in Vietnam if only the General had what… taken over over the country? Yikes. He’s our 7 Days in May man!   TRUMP NUCLEAR HOTHEAD NO JOKE CHINA CALMLY TELLS TRUMP STFU KIM JONG UN MOCKS TRUMP.


Kim Jong Un continues to publicly disrespect Trump but the old finger gift package has irked Trump to the brink of Nuclear War!


Trump with LITTLE FAT MAN GENERAL H. R. McMastermind [wearing elevator boots and Rick Perry Hipster Glasses] and carrying Traveling Nuclear Football! Never know when you will need those Nuclear Codes under Trump’s fingers. Little Fat Man is the guy that feed Susan Rice from Trump’s enslavement. Remember: “She didn’t do anything wrong!” Which is just code for saying McMastermind is probably doing worse.


“We’re not Joking!”

Sure they are, as they climb out of the Black Suburban Trump Administration Clown Car. Trump has threatened Assassination, threatened bombing, has three Carrier groups surrounding NK and  has gone to the UN to impose sanctions. What does it all say? It says that Trump is a day late and a dollar short. Kim Jong Un, has a small nuclear arsenal so unlike Qaddafi his isn’t about to let the SAS and Trump off him. Trump can shout to the moon about the attacking North Korea and it isn’t going to happen. Especially now. Think about it the UN imposed sanctions which as usual are unenforceable. It is not in China’s interest to enforce it. Who is going to enforce it? The blue helmets of the UN. Laughable.


Trump and his blowhards can’t play a good game of checkers, let alone chess or Go. Shakespeare had Trump pegged long ago.

“…It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”


Blowhard and Little FAT MAN McMastermind are NOW CORNERED!

Mattis is in on the threats too. May as well blow off at the mouth in every direction. That is what is meant by Trump’s oath of loyalty. It is a call to the wild.  it is not going to change one irrefutable fact. The fat kid with the bad haircut has Nukes and can defend himself by lobbing them South. That is the whole point of nuclear deterrence. He is just spelling out the math so Trump’s middle school mind can grasp it. Trump is Trapped.

As we have said before Qaddafi should have been this smart. He would still be alive. Click here for more on that topic.

On December 21, 1988, 270 people were killed when Panam flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Libyan terrorist were responsible. Qaddafi hunted down and turned over the terrorist to British Authorities. He also…  while admitting no guilt voluntarily paid all reparation and damages for the incident.


23 years later in October of 2011, Obama and the SAS Assassinated Qaddafi.

Libya by this time was a stable country and by Middle Eastern Standards Western friendly. That all changed with American’s nitwit Obama and the CIA. They want to see the Middle East erupt into a religious civil war. This was the Obama Clinton policy. Libya was entirely too stable. So they made up the excuse that they believed Qaddafi funded the Lockerbie Terrorist in 1988. Of course it as fiction. Obama wanted Qaddafi offed. The Benghazi murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens was a revenge killing for Assassinating Qaddafi. Qaddafi’s home town was Benghazi.

Qaddafi had eliminated Socialism and had privatized the Libyan oil industry. That is where he made his mistake because Swiss and British investment poured into Libya. Even with Qaddafi and his son installing new human rights reforms, much of Libya was overrun by Islamic Fundamentalist following the collapse of Iraq and the Obama blowup of the Middle East.

But of course you can believe Obama and Clinton who were no where to be found when Steven’s was killed. Nobody could find them. The day was September 11, 2012.


This is about the most sickening video footage you can ever see. It shows Clinton and Obama desecrating the bodies of the dead in front of their families.

Liars club. Please dismiss the delusion that America Government has any moral compass whatsoever. This footage simply set a new low and is a disgrace.

Trump has threatened North Korea with “Power, the likes of which this world has never seen before!” With 3 Carrier Fleets in place ready to pounce Trump has been running his big mouth for a long time. Hit em already big mouth. Only one little problem… Trump was 4F for the Draft for Vietnam due to those VERY PAINFUL BONE SPURS found by his Dad’s hand-picked doctors in NY who supplied their own X-rays of an 80 year old man’s feet to the Draft Board.  Trump was UNFIT FOR SERVICE and remains so.

As Fred Trump told Donald on a daily basis…

“You’re a King; you’re a Killa, or you’re a Losa…”

…  and those great words of wisdom have stuck to Trump like stink on a can of NYC garbage. What a nut job.


Image result for north korean girls baseball

Trump Threatens Korean Girl’s Baseball Team with Nuclear annihilation. Trump’s a real lady Killa…  or is he just a Losa?



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