Trump doesn’t read books. Worse, he’s proud of that fact!  So yes the Air Force MOAB Bomb is BRAND new to him. Reality however is the British built the Grand Slam known as the “Ten Ton Tess” in 1943. It was a 22,000 pound bomb delivered on the underbelly of a heavy bomber in 1945. Its purpose was to knock out bridges and penetrate concrete roofs of German Sub hatcheries. 42 Bombs were built. 5 remain in museums. Most missed their targets. Delivery systems are highly inaccurate. Grand Slam operated differently from the MOAB which is parachute dragged out the back of a cargo plane. It is a concussion bomb. Ten Ton Tess was launched from a bomber where it picked up near supersonic speed before penetrating the target. TRUMP MOTHER OF ALL REBRANDINGS COPS WW2 BRITISH TEN TON TESS BOMB.


Uh Oh… Trump’s Bomb is smaller! Smaller hands smaller bomb!



Each time Trump drops a bomb on somebody, his Bush RINO ratings bump upward. Liberals seem to like it too.  Pelosi and Clinton are both on-board. What Bush Supporter doesn’t love a good war? Mission Accomplished! Meanwhile the non-RINO Republican Base of Reagan and Jeffersonian Republicans has washed their larger hands of Trump’s flailing administration and are already looking toward the future.

Many have suggested that Trump will quit the presidency before his term is up. He’s doing that well. This would put Pence in office and attempt to force feed the party another RINO candidate in 2020. If Trump doesn’t run for a second term which is highly likely, the Reagans and Jeffersonians can attempt a purge. The Republican base however has not been successful in removing RINO incumbents.


Why does the MOAB use a Cargo Plane for delivery?

It does it to conceal the weapon. Pretty smart? Not really. Get ready for every cargo plane that flies in the Middle East to become targets for ground missiles. In Bill Clinton’s illegal bombing of Kosovo, Clinton painted UN insignias on the bombers. If a legitimate UN Cargo plane flies over Afghanistan it might now be a target. In fact, any cargo plane could not be regarded as suspect and taken down.


Obviously this story was a propaganda ploy:

It was pushed out by the Trump administration bomb squad to show that Trump was going after ISIS.  We have maintained countless times that ISIS will be impossible to destroy. It is essentially the Middle East’s version of the IRA in Britain. Trump Administration tries to paint the impression that ISIS is an organized rebel army. It’s not. It is an organized and completely infiltrated terrorist organization just like the IRA. IRA infiltrated every walk of British life. They were impossible to eliminate.

The fact that Trump believes Obama created ISIS shows his middle eastern illiteracy. ISIS or a similar entity has been around the Middle East for the last 5000 years.



So this was just a PR stunt! The US Claiming it has the BIGGEST Conventional BOMB is a little like more TRUMP scale bragging rights. In the process of the USA constantly warning the world how tough they are, it only fortifies Terrorism as war techniques of choice when dealing with the Untied States.

It is worth noting that the US Defeat in Vietnam came at the hands of the US Citizens who finally had enough war. The message by voters post Bush was pretty clear too. The voters were sick of war and rejected John McCain’s continued call to battle over an unknown Barack Obama. Those who thought the aggressive RINO Republicans were finished after this last election are learning a bitter lesson. Trump’s policies are identical to a Bush Third Term and applauded by Hawkish Liberals that buy into regime change ala Hillary Clinton.

It would appear that both parties are now vigorously promoting War and US Military bullyism. It seems surreal that we are now living this Bush Agenda all over again. I warn one and all as a lesson from the IRA.  It took just 19 young middle eastern men to take down the Twin Towers and hit the Pentagon.


What would it take to turn you into a Radical?


Two Female IRA members…


What kind of men founded America?

They were men that wanted the yoke of English Rule lifted off their lives. They got to the point they would kill for their freedom and self-rule.


What about the IRA?

The story was the same. Treated like second class citizens, the Irish wanted their freedom from the British. That desire became strong enough many were willing to die for their freedom.


What about ISIS?

You have a group that has risen out of Oil Dictatorships and Kingdom of the Middle East who have no political power and no voice or control over their own lives. How radical would you be if you were living under similar conditions?

But it is even more difficult for them living in a world where the United States props up these Dictatorships and arms them to the teeth just to preserve Goldman Sach’s economic interest in oil. Think I jest? Goldman Sach and JP Morgan buy more oil futures than all global oil multinationals and OPEC countries COMBINED! Don’t be deluded, this is all about oil and the movement of Oil to Europe.

Under Obama, Saudi Arabia received over $60 Billion in the largest Arms deal in US History. It is true that the United States no longer makes consumer products. We are however the largest producer and exporter of weapons to destroy human life of any country on earth. How proud we should be of that!

Think that might make you a bit radical if you were the underclass in Arabia?


I cannot tell you how to think or lead you to morality:

You can only lead yourself there. I am certainly losing the battle. We have a bully President and I helped elect him. Hillary was a bully too; worse because she is more cunning, more evil.  It was similar in a way to the awful choices for President in 2008: Obama and McCain.

Trump is just a stupid pawn. He has at most two working neurons in his brain and he is as sallow as they come. He has no substance and no moral character at all. He’s a grifter.

Liberals are all on-board with the NY Bomber from Flushing. They believe in Assassination. Liberals believe in bombing atrocities like Kosovo. They believe in totalitarian control. There is no bigger menace to freedom than a Socialist that turns militant. That was Hitler to the core. They will gladly stuff 6 million Jews into their pumpernickel ovens and praise themselves for keeping the trains run on time.


51 million souls perished because of that maniac socialist.

We are in the midst of a nightmare.  The United State is militarizing the world. They are militarizing your local police and clamping down on you and you don’t even know it.

Expect that while most will walk complacently through their lives as slaves that a few canary in the mine shaft will become radicalized. And they will fight for their lives and their freedom just as the Founding Fathers of this once great and good country.




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