Apparently, Michael Wolfe’s overnight hit Trump Expose, “Fire and Fury” has struck a Trump nerve or maybe a mouthful of root canal.  TRUMP is having a MELTDOWN. Michael Wolff’s electrifying book, “Fire and Fury” will be a roundhouse best seller. It is an incredible look into the Trump Administration and the quirky fumbling Trump. Even more fascinating is the fact that Trump authorized Wolff to gather this information. Somehow Wolff must have appeared obsequious enough to be nearly invisible as the ragtag Trump Administration fell into near comical disarray.

The picture of Trump that emerges is that of a hapless mentally disturbed Hamlet. When Trump says he has the nuclear button under his fingers, the picture is even more disturbing, though rest assured Trump has no such power to launch nuclear weapons. Trump has Tweet power so just like Hamlet delivers his soliloquies from the solitude of his own Twitter account.


I don’t recall Einstein calling himself a Genius or saying he was VERY SMART and in the same breath attacking Hillary Clinton.

Trump is a genius when it comes to being RUDE. His propensity to insult is simply superlative. He makes Obama’s thin skin look like Kevlar Body armor.

Remember back to the first days of the Trump Administration? It was a reality TV Moment. Who would Trump pick and who would kiss his ring? It soon became apparent that Carl Icahn was not going to head up the Treasury and other “Friends” of Trump turned him down flatly.


Perhaps the biggest failure of the TRUMP SHOW was the awkward incorporation of Daughter / First Lady Ivanka and her husband whipping boy son-of-a-crook.

Trump simply overlooked the Federal Nepotism law by not officially paying these two worthless slurper incompetents. Remember it was Kushner that told Trump to Fire COMEY. It was also this dynamic duo who hired Scaramouche.

Soon it became obvious that not only was Son-of-a-crook incompetent along with sister Trump Mommy Ivanka but they couldn’t get along with anybody. Stands to reason; they were liberals.


No Clinton supporters here:

We want to make this very clear we at CashMcCall are the nearly extinct Jeffersonian and Reagan Republicans. The GOP now is 100% Bush RINO strain. They are reckless big spending neocons that think regime change is the way to a perfect world. Trump is their laughing stock. Trump will sign anything to the glee of Paul Ryan. Best of all the TRUMP signature is 10 x larger than any other former President. It is a study in Trump’s delusions of grandeur.

Trump treats people like crap. It astonishes me that Sessions remains as the Attorney General. What is his chief objective? To Criminalize recreational Pot. He must have just stepped out of the 1970s and seen some subversive Woodstock footage. But we know this is actually Trump. Just as we know the DOJ blocking the ATT Time Warner merger is vintage Trump. Why? Trump is angry over CNN. Today Trump is angry at the global press who are just rolling in the batter of Wolff’s book and amplifying what they already know about Trump. Trump is incompetent.


But but but says TRUMP… Look at the Stock markets!

To which I would tell Trump: Look at the global market, they are all up and many by larger numbers than the US Market. Yet Trump takes credit. But he has no changes in economic policies from Obama. Apparently, the Wharton scholar never learned that markets don’t have much to do with political policy.


Trump has no moral or political compass whatsoever.

Can you in any way compare Reagan to the rude noise that is Trump? The answer is never. The entire Republican Party is being destroyed by TRUMP and the RINOs.

Trump is merely a vacuum, a void, a laughed at clown. As Mitch McConnel said of Trump, “He’ll sign anything we put in front of him.” Thus with Trump vacillating down the political highway, the RINO company he is keeping is in control. Remember this is the swamp and the swamp is writing all of the Trump legislation. He rubber stamps it.


Election after election including the last, RINOs were rejected but in favor of what?

In favor of a grifter and colossal void who lied to your face as a game. The net result is that RINOs are in charge just as they were with Bush I and II. They have destroyed America turning it into a one-party system of street-wise incumbents who get re-elected 97% of the time.

You can’t board a commercial aircraft without being groped.

George Bush gave you TSA. IRS can now prevent Americans from leaving the country. Mere money which would normally be a civil matter is endless Federal Criminal code.

Police are now militarized and gunning down citizens with little or no provocation. More pet dogs have been shot and killed in the last five years than the previous 200 years in America. The cops will give you a $25 voucher after they kill your pet for barking. They use the claim interference of the duty of an officer. I suppose if a baby was crying, the cop would be free to gun down the child on that same nonexistent law.


We were one of the first online pundits along with Anne Coulter to notice that something was seriously wrong with Trump.

But don’t get angry with the truth. Look at what friends of Trump have been saying:

Nunberg said “He’s just a fucking fool.

“Murdoch called Trump “a fucking moron.”

Rex Tillerson called Trump a moron. Gary Cohn said Trump was dumb as shit. H.R. McMaster called TRUMP hopeless idiot. For Steve Bannon, simply stated Trump has lost his mind.

Steve Mnuchin and Reince Priebus, said Trump was an idiot.

Now that’s his good friends and members of his Administration.

It’s truly lonely at the TOP… the tops of your scalp.

One thing new that Ivanka disclosed. Trump had scalp reduction surgery to cut out his bald spot. So he really is losing his hair. That is the reason says IVANKA for the bizarre Trump comb up and over.

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