Once again the base is subjected to another round of the micro-cephalic Ivanka and son-of-a-crook Kushner’s liberal NYC Goldman politics. That’s why Trump is increasingly looking like a Hillary Clinton first term instead of another awful Bush Third Term. Don’t keep calling RINOs like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell conservatives. This Lefty Trump agenda is right up their alley. They were pushing for Amnesty back when Trump was pretending to the base there would be a Wall. No wall. And your healthcare is OBAMACARE! LOL. Deportations are down 2.5% from Obama meaning there have been essentially no deportations. Swamp is not getting drained. Neutered Jeff Sessions won’t pursue Lois Lerner, the Clintons, or anyone. Instead Sessions has rekindled the Nixon War on Drugs. TRUMP LEFTY FLIPFLOP FLOPS CLAIMS NEVER REJECTED PARIS GLOBAL WARMING ACCORDS HE REJECTED.


IVONKA SON-OF-A-CROOK KUSHNA ADMISTRATION… NYC LEFTESTS. They believe in Global Warming so naturally they fly their own Private Presidential Jet wherever they go. Grifters stick Taxpayers with the bills!


Why must the voting public continue to be subjected to the inane moronic liberalism of Ivanka Trump? She’s a HILLARY CLINTON understudy.

I don’t know any one that isn’t sick of her yet. She claims she just has to ignore the “noise.” The Noise, IVONKA is the voice of the people telling you to get your nepotistic worthless liberalism out of government. You and daddy Grifter are bilking the taxpayers. Your existence is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST!  Do you understand the meaning of that?

All these deals IVONKA and KUSHNA are pushing for themselves are conflicts of interest. The Chinese Trademarks are a conflict of interest. Kushna asking Saudi to fund his crooked Daddy’s real estate business in NYC is a conflict of interest. This is brazen self-service! Self=promotion Grifter style.


Ivanka hasn’t separated herself from the Trump Organization. Neither has Trump. They are bilking the Taxpayer!

Instead she is leading the parade to all of the marginal Trump resorts. The rooms get filled by government security agents and billed full fare by the Trump Organization. None of this goes out to bid. The Trump family has bilked the Taxpayer like no other for millions a month with these excursion. Ivonka and Kushner are using the Presidential 747 like its their personal aircraft. Ivanka is going to lead a government excursion to India and engage in private business.


Hillary Clinton first term:

This dreamer Amnesty should make Republicans sick. It involves 1 million illegals. How did they get here? The Mexican Government packed up children and sent them across the border to Welfare America. They were offloading sons and daughters of out of wedlock Mexican orphans. Mexico’s priests didn’t want anything to do with them.  What country would do such a thing? Dirtbag Mexico would! Mexico now has 35 million of their riffraff squatting in America. Think about that Blackie.. that is more numbers than all the Black Democratic voters, promoting your demise. What a stupid bunch. Blackie is being offloaded and doesn’t even know it.


Look at Afghanistan. Trump is doing exactly what Clinton said she would do in the debates.

Trump blew off about being a bit more isolationist. He suggested NATO was unnecessary. Instead Trump has become the idiot Bush Policeman of the world. In the case of North Korea Trump has become the blowhard paper tiger.

Mattis makes a Trump sized fool out of himself every time he opens his mouth threatening Kim Jong Un. Might want to review some military history Mattis when dealing with Korea. As in Vietnam, US forces history shows the US got whacked by these giant Asian armies. All of a sudden we have this peanut brained president that thinks he has a military strategy to “win” in Afghanistan. Prior to this Trump was suggesting that the Russians were smart to have gotten out. But Trump is a guy that will say anything. He has no moral or ethical or political compass. He’s useless.


Trump has violated each and every campaign promise.

The secret NAFTA negotiations will only strengthen NAFTA Goldman style. Look at TrumpCrapCare. That tells the story. All the cheap campaign talk about insurance across State Lines and competing major medical were lies. TrumpCrapCare is obamacare on steroids with Taxpayer bailouts. That is how Trump fixed Obamacare by stuffing it foie gras style down American citizen throats. Trump said it was great legislation. What a moral misfit and bald faced liar. So now you are stuck with Obamacare for life and the Republicans and Democrats want to reinstate the Obamacare taxes. Imagine this! Republicans and Democrats also want Obamacare bailouts. Yet Congress is keeping it’s lavish PPO For life. Americans you are being had by this guy and his stinking family. The base was used by this Grifter.


Look at government regulation. Nothing has been reduced.

In fact, Trump has not made any key appointments so it is business as usual a the EPA. RINO republicans led by John McCain and Susan Collins defeated legislation to reduce methane rules beneficial to refiners.

Other things Trump has done have only been stopped in the courts. It is obvious Trump doesn’t understand how anything works. He’s inept. Trump has the attention span of a goldfish. All he cares about it grabbing headlines. Mr. Tabloid.

Meanwhile baseball head IVONKA and Son-of-a-Crook Kushna are devout global warmists. They think Hurricanes are caused by the Pharting Golden Calf Al Gore.

As hurricane Maria follows in the path of Irma, it is getting very obvious to IVONKA and KUSHNA that if only people had paid tribute, I mean carbon taxes to Obama, the weather would always be fair and hurricanes and cyclones would cease to exist. Yes if only we had Marshal Law as well and IVONKA’s paid family leave entitlement!


Son-of-a-Crook Kushna and IVONKA Worship at the Temple of the pharting Al Gore Golden Calf of Bad Weather. In many ways this is the Ugliest Couple in Merika! Self-serving USERS bilking the Taxpayers for tall they can get.

Please go away! America is sick of you two.






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