Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom summed the Trump UN Rant: “It was the wrong speech, at the wrong time, to the wrong audience.” We just found Trump arrogant and disrespectful. More simply he was himself, a boor. While some may not recognize the evolution of the Untied States into an evil empire, Trump’s new Klingon makeover is sure to drive the point home. “What has he done to his eyebrows?” said the delegation from TOGO as the laughter spread across the giant auditorium. “US may ‘have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea!” Oh Totally! Another surreal Trump moment for the books. The speech was basically ridiculous. NEOCONS LOVED IT. It is just one more reason that shows Kim Jong Un has the upper hand. TRUMP KLINGON TERRORIZES UN FOIE GRAS DIPLOMACY VOWS NORTH KOREAN TOTAL DESTRUCTION.


No he’s not Vulcan. Vulcan’s are intelligent. This may well be the most embarrassing moment in US Presidential History. Who is doing his eyebrows and who is writing these nutty speeches?

By the time the rant was done, KIM JONG UN was “Rocketboy” and the US was thoughtfully considering the Total Annihilation of North Korea. 


The last time Obama addressed the UN General Assembly, he went power mad too.

Obama proclaimed that he controlled the “most power military ever known to mankind.” That is the kind of statement that would make any small country want plenty of nukes.

Trump tried to outdo Obama in his vitriol and threats. In doing so took a swipe at socialism yet TrumpCrapCare which he called wonderful legislation was more socialist than Obamacare. Trump keeps pushing his idiot daughter’s FAMILY LEAVE which is also as socialist as it gets.

Is Elon Musk’s business capitalism? Are the defense companies Capitalism? NO. They are socialist. Even the Trump Organization has become a parasite to the Taxpayer. Office space rented to the Government. $1000 chocolate cake billed by Mar-a-Lago at state dinners. None of this stuff goes out to bid. It’s all socialism and cronyism.


For Iran Trump got in touch with his inner Klingon propaganda. Of course he didn’t write this speech it included too many historical analogies.

“The Iranian government masks a corrupt dictatorship behind the false guise of a democracy,” The Klingon screamed. “It has turned a wealthy country with a rich history and culture into an economically depleted rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed, and chaos.” Last I checked they were also exporting oil. What is the Dictatorship of Saudi masquerading as… our Friends?

Gee for a minute there I though he was talking about the United States with its incumbent Dictatorship and foie gras diplomacy.  The chief export of the United States is weapons and weapon systems.


John Bolton said it was Trump’s best speech. John Bolton was Bush’s NEOCON at the UN.

Young Republicans at the card table in the Student Union might agree. Seem the more jingoism and talk of war and blowing up countries the more the neocons love it. It is always good to see the little pencil necks screaming for war but never having had the pleasure of combat. I know of no true warrior that every came back from war and said it was anything but horrible. NEOCONS love it.

That doesn’t include John McCain who sat out the war after just a few weeks in Vietnam. He never hit a single bombing target BTW. He got shot down by triple A because he wasn’t following protocols. Oh but he says he was taken out by a SAM. The Pentagon begs to differ. The official record missing from McCain’s autobiography is that he was downed by AAA for not following protocols. But he sure love warmongering.


There is something really annoying with somebody that threatens military force in all directions.

The Trump speech was aiming at lots of targets. To anybody but a jingoist cheerleader, it was the kind of speech that would make a lot of other countries concerned over the United State’s effort to build out and deploy its forces globally. The Trumptalk is loud and cheap especially over North Korea.

Trump seems to have no sense of history. Apparently he doesn’t know much about the Korean War or Vietnam. Oh that’s right he missed out of Vietnam because of those awful heel spurs.  But it is the endless threats from Trump that the smaller nations of the world hear. It is making them concerned. It appears the CIA has a master plan for regime change which includes China as well as Russia. The Neocons just can’t leave other nations alone even after being beaten in Korea and Vietnam.

It might be worth noting that Russia possesses more nuclear weapons than the Untied States. It also has superior launch and space capability. Russia makes very able aircraft, subs, and rockets. Yet Putin never runs his mouth like Trump about the power and destructive capability of the Russian military. China never talks about crushing somebody or annihilating a nation. That distinction is exclusively from the American blowhard and a few historical figures like Hitler and Mussolini.

All in all Trump has been an enormous disappointment. He may well be one of the rudest persons in history. He sucks the air out of every room he enters. He’s peculiar, weird and unlikable. He’s a grotesque embarrassment to the United States. His rudeness is without comparison.

The more Trump howls about Kim Jong Un, the more obvious it has become that Kim Jong Un has beaten Trump. Kim Jong Un is here to stay. I doubt Trump will win a second term.



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