Walking softly is common to persons with heel spurs. Trump’s heel spurs were so very very bad they kept him out of the Draft and winning Vietnam. Small hands small toothpick. One more reason there is no military solution. Think about it here is Maddog and Trump with three carrier groups wasting time and money surrounding North Korea. Then you had the chest thumping bravado of multiple US South Korean Military Exercises. What does Kim Un do? He fires an ICBM over the Japaneses Airspace. What does this mean? It means that if Trump is stupid enough to attack North Korea, that Un can launch nukes and hit Japan and South Korea. Do the math. There is no military option as Bannon said just before he was ushered out the door by IVONKA and KUSHNA! TRUMP HEEL SPURS WALK SOFTLY CARRY TOOTHPICK KIM JONG UN JAPANESE ICBM NEAR MISS.


North Korea woman on Trump… “Small hands small toothpick.”

Why does Trump like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell so much?

They say one thing to the public and do the opposite in private. Trump respects that. Trump fits in perfectly with them. Here is Trump frantically trying to deal with the endless shovel loads of humiliation delivered to Trump by Kim Jong Un. Trump’s brain is in total fry mode. He just can’t bully this fat kid from North Korea. But the beauty of it is that Trump has no other strategies for dealing with people.

Look at how he took after Jeff Sessions. John McCain on the other hand is way too tough for Trump. Trump is scared of McCain. When McCain killed the Obamacare repeal and TrumpCrapCare replacement, Trump didn’t make a peep or tweet at McCain. McCain basically wasted Trump. Next thing you know Trump was adopting the McCain “Forever war” policy in Afghanistan.


Trump Cheap Talk examples:

Remember the TRANS BAN? That is already in Court two weeks later and Maddog Mattis just put a hold on the TRUMP TRANS BAN.

Then there was the WALL. Sure Trump Talks about the Wall in Phoenix but there is no budget appropriation for the wall. The Wall is Dead!

Remember Trump Deportations? Trump has deported 1.2% less than Obama! Meanwhile 35 million Mexicans are dropping 1500 Anchor citizens a day. Women are naming their daughters IVANKA!

Trump Tough Talk on [Fill in the Blank]… North Korea. Trump said “All options are opened.” The great negotiator has no options other than flaccid sanctions. US doesn’t do any trade with North Korea so even if you slap on the sanctions it means NOTHING! This is Trump following the Community Organizer tactics. The most nothing as possible.

His treatment of Xi Jimping as a Chinese Laundry houseboy ain’t work’in. China continues to blame the US and South Korea for their insane military exercises and chest thumping for pushing Kim Jong Un. There is absolutely no way the USA blabbermouths at the CIA or H. R. “HARD-ON” McMaster’s banal yapping for Regime Change will ever occur. More Cheap Trump Talk.


The war on drugs is back: MORE TRUMP CHEAP TALK

So this time it is the humiliated emasculated Jeff Sessions and Trump leading the charge against opoids. This is the new pharmaceutical bogyman. So there is now a nationwide clampdown on doctors. It is getting to the point that doctors can’t prescribe pain medication for their patients. Though the overdoses have nothing to do with doctors. This is stuff sold on the street entering from Mexico and Canada.

So if you clamp down on doctors prescribing pain medications then up comes the Black Market. Trump wants to start jailing cancer patients that are resorting to street purchases to relieve their pain. Trump’s an idiot.


North Korea Trump Cheap Talk…

Trump Criticized Obama for drawing false lines in the sand. Trump has turned that practice into standard policy. After the famous “FIRE AND FURY” Speech Trump is now saying “TALKING IS NOT THE ANSWER.” Yet Trump won’t stop talking. Trump claimed the USA was paying “Extortion” money to North Korea and had been doing so for the last 25 years. So who started this extortion? According to Trump it was George H. W. Bush who was president 25 years ago.



The U.S. has been talking to North Korea, and paying them extortion money, for 25 years. Talking is not the answer!

… then why not stop talking TRUMP?
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