Was it powdered Rhino horn sent to Donald Trump Jr. the Elephant hunter? Whatever it was, it was harmless white powder of some kind but fearing anthrax, the Trump New York Luxury apartment was emptied and 3 persons including Donald Trump Jr.’s wife Vanessa were rushed with lights and sirens to New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center.


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Meanwhile, everyone else at the ER had to step aside for this REALITY TV styled hyperconcern.

Man the Boxcars! The firefighters on the scene are supposed to be equipped with a tox kit to run a basic profile to eliminate those agents regarded as biological weapons. From all appearances, they knew the substance was harmless yet put on the dog with lights sirens to justify their own existence if not their own lack of judgment. Oh and be sure the Trump family did not have to wait for service.


Where was the Secret Service?

When Ivonka and Kushna went to Aspen with a contingent of 100 Secret Service, we knew where they were. They were skiing at the Taxpayer’s expense. The Trump Klueless Kucks Klan doesn’t care who they inconvenience.

Why wasn’t the Secret Service opening the mail? No problem. They said no comment following the event but promise they will be looking into it. Is it possible that the Secret Service can’t stand having to watch Donald Trump Jr? Isn’t Trump Jr. an ADULT? Can’t he afford security for himself?


The bone of contention is that the Black Swan Trump insists that his entire extended family gets Secret Service Protection.

As with anything set up by the government Trump finds a way to abuse. Originally Secret Service protection applied to the First Lady and young children. It was set up more or less for Jackie Kennedy following the assassination of JFK.

In that same breath, a nepotism law was set up to avoid having a President JFK and a brother RFK, attorney general. Trump skirts that law too by not paying Ivanka and Kushner. But that is not why the law was passed. It was passed so the First Lady could perform some government-related tasks without being paid.

Trump perverts everything. And his relationship to Ivanka is borderline sickening. She acts the role of nursemaid /wife to the loony Trump. Trump’s real wife Trophy can hardly speak any English and for the most part, she has been invisible. In fact, she serves no other function than playing dress-up Trophy wife. She has no other purpose other than taking Military Aircraft to visit the Spa in Florida at the taxpayer’s expense of course.  The whole Trump Klueless Kucks Klan has their hands in the Taxpayer’s pockets.


Donald Trump Jr’s neighbors agreed… “Ain’t it awful…”

Hmmm no more awful I suppose than killing a Zoo before lunchtime.


The Reality TV rating should see a boost after this? BTW the TRUMP family never apologized for taking over the Emergency Room and delaying care for other patients that needed it.

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