SUCKERED AGAIN!  With GRIFTER TRUMP there is always a gimmick. While he claims an end to the Obama Dreamer Program publicly, he is shoving amnesty down American throats privately. Each of the nearly 1 Million illegal Obama Trump Dreamers will be invited to become citizens. He is doing this in a fake deal to get congress to approve a phony “starter wall” which is a fictional border wall that fixes a few holes in slats in the existing fences. McCain offered this idea to Paul Ryan and the RINOs jumped at it. It is more TRUMP RINO FAKE-O-RAMA. Trump can claim he got a wall built! TRUMP ENDS OBAMA DREAMERS PROGRAM INSTEAD OFFERS NEARLY 1 MILLION DREAMERS TRUMP RINO AMNESTY. It’s has phony as a Trump handshake. But its a WIN. When a Grifter Cons you, they call it a Win!


Always nice to see a lineup of new TRUMP Amnesty recipients sporting their scumbag gang stamps [Tattoos for you non hipsters]. Welcome to Merica Boys! Can any of you handle a Mar-a-lago leaf blower? Winning, Winning, Winning!



Everything about RINOs is the art of phony posturing to the base. They figure the base is composed of morons and they may be right. Over 25% of Republicans think the USA should go war with North Korea. These are the Bush / McCain neocons back again after their famous Mission Accomplishment disaster in IRAQ. This is the same group that under blowhard short fat man tin soldier, H. R. McMaster thinks the Military could have won in Vietnam if only they had gone it alone.

With Dreamers you get Amnesty…  precisely what Obama was shooting for. Trump Amnesty. But then again the Trump Organization needs plenty of leaf blowers. Trump has already given Amnesty to 100,000 Dreamers while you were not looking. What’s another 900,000!


How much TRUMP AMNESTY? Nearly 1 Million Mexican Illegals!

And that doesn’t even touch the 35 Million illegal Mexican Squatters in the USA. Deportation under Trump are down 1.2% from OBAMA! Nobody is getting deported. It is just more Trump Hot air.

Trump Administration officials claim there have been less border crossings.  How would they know this? They don’t know the millions that are squatting in the USA now. How would they know across the 2800 mile border who is walking over in the dark of night. They are not walking through the front door but go inside and the living room is packed full! It’s all games with Trump, one phony lie after another.


Trump once mocked the base saying he could go into the streets and shoot somebody and the base would still support him.

This shows absolute arrogant hubris and disrespect for the base. The Base elected Trump to avoid Clinton. In the process they got something nearly as bad. Trump has violated each and every campaign promise to date. When his phony schemes fail he blames congress.  All the schemes are as phony as Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan can make them. They are playing you.


Trump has no political compass:

The man has no character at all. He is akin to a pilot of an aircraft full of people that can’t fly. He has no character, no experience, no public service of any kind.

Military Service was avoided with the claim of heel spurs. His daddy provided multiple physician opinions and X-rays to the draft board in NY. Yet that didn’t stop his golf game only his ability to serve in Vietnam. There is no indication that he has ever had any close friends. His thinking is bizarre. His vocabulary child-like. There is nothing inspirational about him. On a character scale he is virtually in a dead heat with Hillary Clinton at the bottom of the barrel. He was elected because he was an unknown commodity. Clinton was known and she was known as repulsive. But Trump somehow mistook the close election as a Trump endorsement rather than the public’s repulsion toward Clinton. It is worth noting that Trump lost the popular vote against a very unattractive opposition candidate.


In other news MARCO RUBIO RINO Charter member of the Gang of Eight… wants Unlimited Venezuela Refugees to enter Merica as Venezuela Dreamers.

It is just another version of RINO Roulette in which the RINOs put a gun to your head en route to destroying Merica. Trump is now a good RINO BUDDY of Lil Marco!

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