USA v. THE MUSLIMS. What’s that crazy Trump Kid up to now? Antagonizing virtually all Muslims across the globe and solidifying hatred against the United States. RINO Neocon warmongers are thrilled as are “Crustian” Fundamentalist that think Trump is the forward advance team of the second coming. Haven’t seen this kind of enthusiasm since the Crusades.TRUMP CONSIDERS ISRAEL 51st STATE NEW USA MILITARY BASE CAPITAL JERUSALEM MAYBE TRUMP 3rd TEMPLE.


“Thou shalt not take the name of TRUMP thy ANTICHRIST in vain.”

“Crustians” is our term for Fundamentalist lunatics that preach their own form of pretend literal Biblical Translation. When in doubt just fabricate crazy stuff like the RAPTURE and 1970’s style Retirement Heaven… sounds like a great place to avoid.


A question to ask every Crustian about Heaven: What happens when your dog who lives with you in Heaven craps on the streets of gold?

Can you gamble at the golf course?

How much does food cost in Heaven? Oh… it’s all free. Free? Yup. Sounds like Socialism.

Uh Oh… That explains it.

I always wondered why Republicans that die always vote for Democrats from the grave.


Last week Trump Administration announced a US Military Base would be built in Israel. NOW the US Embassy in Jerusalem. Congress had nothing to say about this. Pentagon went along with it like they were Hitler’s SS. But what is really behind this? Trump always imagines himself as a cagey guy.

Two days ago Trump Administration decided to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. This is clearly the provocative crap that lives in the head of Trump’s son-of-a-crook son-in-law and Ivanka the born-again Jew. The USA is now a shield for Israel and perhaps the enemy of all Islam. No Problem, Trump has all his Trump Towers insured for double payouts if taken down by terrorists. Of course, according to Trump, all Muslims are terrorists.


“Trump is the Reality TV Anti-Christ paving the way for the Second Coming.”


Could Trump be the actual AntiChrist? If he is, then more Big Game Animal Sacrifices are in order. Trump Kids ready to take down more Elephants for GOD!  “Onward Crustian Soldiers…”

“According to Dispensationalist theologians, such as Hal Lindsey and Tim LaHaye, the Third Temple will be rebuilt when the Antichrist, often identified as the political leader of a trans-national alliance similar to the European Union or the United Nations, secures a peace treaty between the modern nation of Israel and its neighbours following a global war. The Antichrist later uses the temple as a venue for proclaiming himself as God and the long-awaited Messiah, demanding worship from humanity.” [And LaVar Ball!]  That sounds about right.


But don’t blame Trump. Bill Clinton signed the “Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995” into law!

Yup, chalk this one up to a Monica Lewinsky slippery pen moment. Introduced by RINO Bob Dole, this bill was passed by the House and Senate and Bill Clinton Signed it into law. Dianne Feinstein voted for it. Now she claims her vote was a fake vote. Nancy Pelosi was in Congress at the time and she voted for it too! Bernie Sanders, a mezuzah boy, was a Congressman at the time and he voted for it too. Now that Trump likes the idea and has fulfilled their votes, they say their votes were just “symbolic”… code for fake votes.

It was supposed to be one of those fake feel-good laws that nobody takes literally or seriously. Trump takes it literally. And after all, TRUMP is REQUIRED AS PRESIDENT to uphold all US Laws and the Constitution, including Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and Bill Clinton’s FAKE LAWS!  Chalk one up for the Anti-Christ.


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