MAKAN DELRAHIM is under fire for playing the TRUMP Shill over the ATT TIME WARNER MERGER. Today he went to the States Attorney Generals to try to solicit some State Level support against the ATT Time Warner Merger. He got nothin! By now everyone knows this is Trump’s Crybaby issue over CNN. CNN according to thin-skinned TRUMP hasn’t been “nice” to him. Boo hoo hoo. So now we have TRUMP using the DOJ as his own personal thug to go after Time Warner and punish the ATT Merger. TRUMP CNN DOJ ATT TIME WARNER MERGER INTERFERENCE BACKFIRING ACROSS WALL STREET.



Bad Press just keeps hammering away.

Oh, I forgot, that must be FAKE NEWS.  Of course, Trump thinks there is no such thing as “BAD: Press! There you go. Sorry to break your bubble skull Trump, this is very very bad press.

The DOJ is being hit across the country for Freedom of Information Act requests for Trump communications with Sessions and Trump’s frontman MAKAN DELRAHIM over the ATT Merger. If they can locate a single instance then Trump has broken the law. He could be impeached on those grounds. A lot of business people wouldn’t mind a bit. Remember it was Republicans that finally told Nixon to resign.

The funny thing is that ATT and Time Warner have more or less bent over backward to at least outwardly show respect for the DOJ and the process. Meanwhile, MAKAN tried to stab them in the back with a Persian Wedding knife by eliciting Attorneys Generals from across the country to join the DOJ against the ATT Merger. HE GOT NO STATE PARTICIPATION. Essentially States told this Iranian Clown that they had no beef with the Merger. You might recall that the ATT Time Warner Merger was also approved by Brazil and a number of international governments.


The real question is how long will Trump annoy.

If Trump were sane he would have dropped this before it started. His linkage to CNN and prior threats appear that he is using the DOJ as his own personal thug. Appearances count in politics.

Remeber it was Trump in a huff that shut down the “Presidential Counsel of Manufacturing” and threatened Merck’s CEO Frazier over pharmaceutical prices. Just beneath the think orange skin is a creep always looking for a vengeance angle. To businesses, this isn’t sitting well.


Anti-Trump Republicans are emboldened now.

Let’s remember Trump is no Conservative. He’s basically a Nixon RINO warmonger. He’s a flip out. The Virgina and New Jersey wins were just the tip of the iceberg. The Republican candidate actually did very well. In fact, he did better than Trump in Virginia. Where he failed is the massive voter turnout by Suburbanites that flatly came out to reject Trump. They said as much in the exit polls. Trump is dissolving the Republican party with each passing day.


Senator Johnson R-WI openly shot down the Tax Bill Today:

“If they can pass it without me, let them,” Sen. Ron Johnson said in an interview Wednesday, adding that the plan unfairly benefits corporations more than other types of businesses. “I’m not going to vote for this tax package.”

We predict that there will be five or six others that will oppose this RINOTAX mess. They are just looking for some cover. If Trump comes out tweeting against Johnson, then others will come forward. Trump’s attack on senators in the past is part of why the college educated are deserting Trump. Educated people abhor RUDE so do decent people without degrees. I am very surprised that Rand Paul is voting for this RINOTAX garbage. He knows better. But even though he is a Conservative in the real sense, he’s is virtually spineless. Vote for enough RINO legislation and pretty soon you are just a RINO like the rest of them.

Johnson noted that the process was “Offensive.” He also said the bill favored Corporations over other small businesses.

We think the bill’s a shame. And hidden in the deep print is the BAT TAX. Look it up, you will be gasping for air at the thought.


Oh but but but Ivanka got her doubling of the Child Tax credit in the Senate version. What is this? It is just another NIXON style entitlement distributed by IRS just like the Earned Income Tax Credit that Nixon installed. 

Bottomline, Trump is now fighting a lot of losing battles on a lot of fronts. His DOJ involvement may earn him an impeachment. Businesses are very leery of Trump. As Rex Tillerson, former CEO of Exxon noted, “Trump’s a moron.”

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