Tax reform is just another Trump Distraction intended to interest Wall Street while the rest of the Trump Agenda crumbles. TAX CUTS TO the RICH and BUSINESSES HAVE NEVER RESULTED IN MORE OR BETTER JOBS… except for accountants. Less thought put into this than Trumpcare. Bush had lots of Tax Cuts and look what happened. The Economy dived each and every year he was in office except the last year when it Collapsed entirely.  Meanwhile Bush just like Trump increased government spending by over 30%. In Trumps case that tallies to $4.5 trillion over Obama’s asthma gasping $3.5 trillion in just one year! And Trump doesn’t even have a budget. It is nothing but a RINOhaulic Goldman Sachs spendathon. This is the Bush Third Term on Steroids. TRUMP RYAN VOODOO TAX CUTS WHACK MIDDLE CLASS REWARD GOLDMAN RICH.


Just one more thing for Trump to bungle that has nothing to do with saving America. It is just the RINO way to further crush the Middle class and benefit the rich. PAUL RYAN is running the country.


Biden will run in 2020 with Harris as VP. She is the Female Obama. Biden will carry the labor vote and the Blue Collar Vote. Harris will draw the Black vote, Hispanic vote, and the female vote. Biden will likely be only a one term President. All other things are unimportant. This is what you have to fear from this Trump Bush Third Term. America is already clamoring for civility. If Democrats run any novelty candidates like the bombastic screech owl Elizabeth Warren or screwball Sanders they will lose. Hillary is already DOA.

Joe Biden is a wily old school Democrat along the lines of Tip O’Neil. He has a long history of compromise. Biden is not a socialist and he is pro business.  He is a cleaver in debate. Recall he tore Paul Ryan to pieces in the 2012 VP Debate.


Why the hell is Trump talking about tax cuts?

He has failed miserably at simple things. He couldn’t repeal Obamacare without trying to infuse more Socialism and Bailouts into that nightmare that overtook 1/6th of the US Economy.

Now tax reform? It is not reform. It is just tax cuts for the rich. We did a long expos’e on this to show Trump’s Tax plan v. Paul RINO’s tax plan. Essentially they were both a bust to the middle class and a big windfall for the rich. Click here. Here is another article we did with charts to show the Trump Tax lie! Click here for the charts.


Don’t become a Dumb TRUMP. Read these articles. Trump relies on your laziness and stupidity. 


This is all Paul RINO stuff. There is no pressing need for Tax Cuts. Tax Reform is dead and I would never trust the RINOs to do anything but slit the throats of the middle class.

Historically the only results of Corporate Tax Cuts have been larger CEO salaries:

Corporations still deduct expenses so instead of spending more on expansion, they simply divert the tax cuts top level executive bonuses. None of it is used to expand the business. The top executives laugh at the lower level workers. Meanwhile NAFTA still remains intact and they move operations offshore. They would still do this even if they paid no Corporate tax whatsoever. Most companies pay little to nothing in corporate tax.


Trump says Corporate Tax cuts will bring businesses back to the USA. How is that?

It takes years for large corporations to build plants in foreign countries. Thanks to Trump the next president is likely to be a full blown Socialist that nationalizes all the businesses. No big foreign corporation would rely on slightly lower Corporation Taxes to move manufacturing to the USA. Why would they?

Would a chemical company want the EPA and OSHA breathing down their necks at every turn? Would they want the most litigious legal system on earth taking them to Court every five minutes of the day? Or would they want US workers the world’s leading disability shufflers looking for ways to get injured on the job? Would they want to pay 40% more for raw materials than they would in Asia. Or would they want to pay $5000 a head for every worker at their plant to have Obamacare insurance offering sexual reassignment surgeries? Think Again! It is not happening.


Think about this Trump BAT Tax of 20% on all imported products:

You think that matters to the US Economy? Not a bit. So you will be forced to pay 20% more on your Iphones and Samsung phones. You will pay more for food. Those winter fruits and vegetables don’t grow in the USA in the winter. And it won’t make a difference on high ticket items like cars either. Cars built in America cost 70% more to make than those made in Mexico.


You will scream your empty heads off about tariffs when tires cost you $300 each.

RINOs will then tell you But but but we reduced your income taxes by 3%. Think about it 54% of American workers pay no taxes. Thanks to OBAMA TRUMP MacJobs and Bartending jobs in high demand, no tax will be collected from them.

So what changes for you? Your tires cost triple, your food costs double and your smartphones cost $100 extra. It all goes to government so they can spend it wisely.

Best of all without the BAT tax how will the RINOs finance their 20% Income TAX CUTS TO THE RICH? They will borrow it and let you pay it back. RINOs are every measure as bad as Democrats and yet you bozos keep sending back these RINO incumbents to slit your throats! What are you a bunch of abused children that keep going back to the abuser parent?


You have sent McCain back for 40 years! Forty Freaking awful years!

Ryan has been going back for the last 20 years

Susan Collins 24 worthless years as a Democrat lite

Oran Hatch 42 RINO years!

Thad Cochran 40 freaking years!

McConnell 34 Gaud awful years!


I can’t even name all the losers you Republican idiots return to office: Murkowski, Portman, Graham, Burr, Alexander, McCarthy, King, Corker, Young, Capito, Rogers, Cole, Rogers, Tillis, Stefanic, Simpson, Ros-Lehtinen, Cornyn, Flake and others. What are you Republicans thinking? You’re not thinking! You’re kill’in the Country!


Trump is the RINO Puppet!

Where’s the IVONKA fish hook?



WTF! Why is back to tax cuts? His election was NOT about tax cuts. Has he been talking to again?

Here is another ANN Tweet: This time she addresses the IVANKA Trump TAX REFORM MEASURE: God only knows I am sick to death of that micro-cephalic pinhead IVANKA. Ah yes another RINO Government entitlement.

This speech could have been given by Jeb! — except even he wouldn’t have talked about the govt helping yuppie women with child care costs.

Bottom line… Trump doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. I guess he he waiting for Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to produce another SWAMP HAPPY TRUMPCRAPCARE TRUMPCRAPTAX BILL.

Trump needs to be Primaried in 2020. Nobody wants PENCE the RINO either.

All Trump was really elected to do was fix the Courts. He’s blown that too.

He has failed to make proper appointments. His appointment of Neil Gorsuch is that of a closet Justice Kennedy liberal. Gorsuch is most certainly no Scalia as Trump in his infinitely small vocabulary has contended repeatedly. I have read all of the Gorsuch opinions and have yet to read a single conservative judicial word.

It stands that the entire Trump presidency is a sinkhole into the abyss for Republicans just as the George Bush Presidency ushered in Obama. With McCain running, Republicans, all except the most brainwashed were taking to airsick bags at the prospect of either McCain or Obama.

Trump is the Bush Third Term on Steroids. Mark my Words unless the Democrats try and run another Socialist raging Banshee, they will win big in 2020. If Joe Biden runs he will win in 2020.  His VP will be Kamala Harris. They will run on the platform of Medicare for all and civility. Trump will be annihilated.

After Trump it is impossible to calculate the damage to the Republican Party. Bush demolished the party and it has never recovered. The party is crawling with RINOs masquerading as democrat lites.

Trump was elected to clean up the swamp. He is now a charter member of the swamp begging Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to write legislation from the bowels of the same swamp Trump was supposed to terminate.

TrumpCare was the telling disaster.

It showed that Trump didn’t know anything at all about healthcare or the violation of Obamacare on the public. So his reform was simply Obamacare with Insurance Company bailouts. It was just garbage. Trump fell flat on his big mouth.

Suddenly Trump is screaming about shutting down the government to get a budget for the Wall. But there will be no wall. The Fix is in. John McCain already telegraphed the phony RINO scam. Trump will get a small budget to fix a short portion of fence. That fence will protect the property of some large Arizona McCain donors that don’t want anyone marching through their property. The fix will be in and Trump will call it a Wall and a “Win.” But it is not a win for America it is just a deceptive practice.

I am also wondering when the Democrats are going to call Trump on his stuffing his pockets with Taxpayer money each and every time he visits one of his marginal resorts.

The Secret Service is already broke from Trump family vacations and travel. Ivanka and Kushner use one of the 747 Presidential aircraft to promote themselves and their businesses. When the Chinese President Xi Jimping came to Mar-a-lago, security and staff stayed in the resort at full fare. Mar-a-Lago billed full fare. The Chocolate Cake was billed at over $1000 dollars. Nothing goes out to bid.


Each vacation is worse.

In Aspen where Ivanka and Kushner went skiing, there were 100 Secret Service along on this private vacation. It cost the taxpayers ski equipment that run over $20,000 per day. This is a long time away from when Nixon used to fly commercial airlines, and Reagan would pay out of pocket for any and all personal vacation travel for he and Nancy.

Mark my words, this and the nepotism will become a campaign issue. At present there are no laws stopping Trump from this indecent conduct. As I see it Trump has no moral compass or political compass. He is the most shallow of men always out for himself and his family first.


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