We don’t serve readers… we serve the Truth… TRUMP’s BUSH THIRD TERM is in Jeopardy. Uh Oh…  Reagan and Jeffersonian Republicans are teaming up to stop the RINOs in their tracks. According to the self-proclaimed great man Trump himself, “The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican [BUSH RINO THIRD TERM] agenda if they don’t get on the [RINO] team, & fast. We must fight them, & Dems, in 2018!” Ah, a perfect articulation of RINO Trump that called RINOCARE a great bill! TRUMP BUSH THIRD TERM RINOS THREATEN AGENDA-BLOCKING REAGAN JEFFERSONIAN REPUBLICANS. Bush was the worst president in US History followed closely by Obama. Trump is the de facto Bush Third Term.




The Blame game begins but TRUMP is exempt! Just like Congress is exempt from Obamacare. Is that in the “Art of the DEAL” or the Commy Manifesto by Karl Marx? What’s the difference. Both books imply an elite party stealing from the proletariat. Good deals are always based on full disclosure, the meeting of minds, and mutual agreement. RINOCARE was crap that squirted out of the Paul Ryan Goose at 3AM in the morning. Trump said it was a wonderful bill. Click here for a glimpse at RINOCARE!


Glengarry Glen Ross Poster.jpg

The film adaptation is great. Rent it from Netflix! Not for children. They swear as much as Nixon in this film!

This is the Glengarry Glen Ross TRUMP Administration fighting for second prize a set of Steak Knives:

TRUMP was selling RINOCARE the way someone with no ethics would sell TRUMP UNIVERSITY or some worthless Florida Land. The CLOSER IN CHIEF was engaging the tools tools of the Unscrupulous Real Estate TRADE: Lying, flattery, bribery, threats, intimidation and larceny. Unfortunately for TRUMP there were not enough stupid gullible losers to buy into RINOCARE. They sent Paul RYAN and TRUMP Packing. But that hasn’t stopped TRUMP from trying to demonize those Opposed to RINOCARE.

USING his fifth grader vocabulary deception, Trump has tried to create the fiction that a Republican Opposed to RINOCARE was a REPUBLICAN TRAITOR OPPOSED TO REPEALING OBAMACARE!

Where did you well meaning Conservative voters go wrong?

You didn’t go wrong. Every elections following Reagan was the choice of the lesser of two evils. Reagan’s election numbers were enormous across the nation. This means that most all Americans actually wanted Reagan and were not voting against Jimmy Carter or Fitz Mondale. Carter and Mondale both were men of fine moral character. Trump ran against Clinton the bottom of the cesspool.

Trump was bombastic to the RINOs like Ellis Bush and Marco Rubio and Kasich. Quite naturally you may have supposed Trump was anti-Bush or anti-RINO. But he was just slinging dirt at opponents. He didn’t care who they were. TRUMP wouldn’t have known what a RINO was and would not have cared. None of his family voted for him in the Primary. The reason is that none were Republicans. Trump was merely an opportunist and since most all those in contention during the Primary were RINOs quite naturally you mistook Trump as a Conservative or Libertarian opposing RINO big government liberalism.


Reality however, trumps the lie:

RINOCARE WAS THE Linchpin. No Conservative could have supported this atrocity. RINOCARE stunk as bad or worse than OBAMCARE. It was chock full of the same blatant socialism and deception as OBAMACARE. RYAN’s backstabber of a bill was an insult to any thinking decent person. It was foul to the core.

Trump endorsed this product with the same GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS deception as Trump University, Trump Steaks, and his endorsement of Paul RYAN and John McCain. He will endorse anything and anybody if he thinks he can manipulate somebody. Trump figured, all on his own, that he would bring this kind of grifter conduct to the oval office. The truth is that Trump has already made so many enemies, he will be lucky if his entire agenda is not flushed down the commode. Trump is apparently incapable of realizing that he just got caught by the Republican base in a horrific deception. As with both Bush Administrations, Conservatives must now be wary and vigilant. Trump is not a guy with a moral compass or a guy that operates with any particular philosophy.

It is taking some of the loyal base longer to realize that Trump is not actually an honest guy who is a little outspoken. No, he is an inappropriately outspoken guy with a serious ethics problem. His support of RINOCARE is simply unacceptable. A large chunk of the base has peeled off at this point. Trump’s Gallop numbers are now below BUSH numbers. Apparently TRUMP thinks this is all Democrats. No Trump, this is the base that elected you… peeling off in disgust at your bizarre conduct. How dare you threaten the base.

TRUMP first threatened Democrats but that only caused laughter so now he is back at the Conservative Caucus:

Trump threatened the Conservative Freedom Caucus. Then he blamed Democrats. He then pandered to Democrats to help with Healthcare. Paul Ryan, Trump’s disgraced Straw man, immediately piped up that he didn’t want no Stink’in Democrats helping him with healthcare! Then Trump decided to threaten the Freedom Caucus again by declaring that Democrats and the Freedom Caucus were the enemies in 2018! So now the Reagan Republicans and Jeffersonians are the enemy. Very well then.

As far as the base is concerned, RINOs are the enemies. Democrats are Socialists and Trump is leading the Bush Third Term. The good news is that the Conservatives are now leading with some much needed gridlock. Republicans had failed to do this under Bush II opening the door for OBAMA! Trump is opening the door to the next MARXIST!


Trumps next stupid is on the way…

Tax reform under Trump has his centerpiece all picked out. Guess what that is? It’s a TAX on ALL Americans. It is called the BAT tax as opposed to the VAT tax. It is a 20% Tax to be levied on all imported products. So the cost of EVERYTHING WILL SKYROCKET!

For example, the USA no longer has a single blast furnace. Thus the USA must import ALL its structural steel. If you want to build a bridge or skyscraper, the raw materials will cost 20% more. Everything will cost more. Even the few things still built in the United States will cost more.

Food will cost more; fertilizer will cost more. Clothing will cost more. Shelter will cost more. In the end this Tax will be inflationary. Have you gone to Walmart lately? Food prices have gone sky high. Milk alone has gone up 40% in the last month.

Because of the dot com nosebleed dollar, the USA doesn’t export anything. Any product made in the United States can’t compete in the global marketplace. The US marketplace is preparing for massive shortages. This tax is not going to result in a new American manufacturer of big screen TVs. It will result in recession.


This is a slight of hand again by RINO Republicans:

They will need to raise taxes on all Americans just to give a tax break to corporations and the wealthy. Trump knows nothing about taxes or tax reform. We did a whole analysis on his tax plan. Click here for more. Though he has claimed he is a tax expert. This is “the every expert Trump” on the prowl. But this “deal expert”, “sales expert”, Closer in Chief clearly miscalculated his expertise to ram RINOCARE down American throats. He failed and he failed big. Now it is clear that TRUMP doesn’t have a clue how political power works. He is now frantic that his entire administration just ran out of Bullcrap. Trump is in serous jeopardy of being a total failure as president and he knows it. He just can’t fix it because Trump himself is nutty.


Here is a nice clear lesson in how taxation works:


Only RINOs would support such an awful thing for the American People and the US Economy. Trump talks big but imagine for a minute if every nation on earth applied a TRUMP BAT TAX to all imported US Goods! The US ECONOMY WOULD FOLD INTO A GREAT DEPRESSION! With TRUMP we may be headed there by year end.

Trump has threatened Reagan Republicans and Jeffersonian Republicans with the loss of their legislative seats in 2018. My bold prediction suggests instead that RINOs will get clobbered and the Senate will move to Democratic Control. RINOs are big government Liberals. Eisenhower warned you but nobody listened. Now look at you… you Americans are now living under the jack-booted Bush Obama police state smothered by Big Government at every turn. Trump is not smart enough for this job. And please never call this low class fraud… the second coming of Reagan. Real Simple; Trump is no REAGAN! TRUMP is merely a BUSH THIRD TERM.

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