Welcome to the John McCain First Term or the Bush Third Term; take your pick! WE are calling this attack the MAR-O-LAGO Bombs Away Dessert Attack. Apparently Chinese President Xi was informed of the Trump Syrian Bomb-O-Rama just as he was eating his dessert.  Trump set a new standard of international rudeness with that garbage.  Trump voters were also stunned by the 180 degree departure of Trump’s campaign promises. As Ann Coulter put it, “Those who wanted us meddling in the Middle East voted for other candidates.” Yeah, like Ellis “Lobster bib” Bush or Raphael “Ted the fake name” Cruz. Meanwhile John McCain said there were plenty more targets to go. TRUMP BOMBS AWAY DESSERT STRIKE DIPLOMACY Xi LOSES PUDDING FACE.



Uh Oh somebody Lost FACE!

War-O-LAGO… Welcome The House of GAUD.

Tackiest place in the United States.  It is one of those places that has a lot of gold trim and Disney faux stone that just screams FAKE or Nouveau Slob. It’s supposed to look “Ritzy” but just looks imitation. In a way, its is very similar to Trump.

Trump runs for president as a bit of an isolationist; refreshingly so. Then once in office things change as he morphs RINO into a John McCain First Term or a Bush Third Term. Take your pick both are disastrous.

Meanwhile like a crying punk, talk show screamer Michael Savage, all 5’4″ of him is screaming, “Who got to Trump?” Laughable. Well you did Mr. Savage. You had dinner with the TRUMPS. Hard to believe Mr. Savage that you didn’t understand the cheapness of the moment.


Book of the Minute Club. These roll hot off the grill like TRUMP STEAKS!

MOST IRONIC OF ALL, it was Coulter and SAVAGE that wrote Books lavishing praise on TRUMP!

Savage wrote or somebody wrote “Trump’s War: His Battle for America”.

Trump's War: His Battle for America by Michael Savage(Hardcover)

Guess that battle didn’t include SYRIA!  It is truly pointless to discuss Savage’s odd ball reasoning. But his contention that “Somebody [The Military] has gotten to him just as the Military got to Woodrow Wilson.” So this assumes that TRUMP is easily manipulated. That’s a trait worth not having.


Then Coulter’s book, “In TRUMP We TRUST!”.

Image result for in trump we trust

Do we? How’s that RINOCARE BILL sitting with you Ann?


We should stop talking, stay out of Syria and other countries that hate us, rebuild our own country and make it strong and great again-USA!

Missiles flying. Rubio’s happy. McCain ecstatic. Hillary’s on board. A complete policy change in 48 hrs.

Laura, it was not a complete policy change in 48 hours. It was a Total RINOIZATION when the GRIFTER IN CHIEF tried to sell RINOCARE using GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS tactics. And for all we know, TRUMP really is Shelley Levene! You get the “steak knives.” By the way Laura the US GDP under all the Trump Euphoria is at 0.6%. Looks like the America First Agenda is on a ventilator.

Cash McCall simply remarked, “This is either the McCain First Term or it is the Bush Third Term; Take your pick!

And for Democrats, uber-liberal Noam Chomsky said the story of a Trump-Russia Collusion is a “Joke.” Democrats and the media “are tearing away at a positive element of the Trump administration… the drive to reduce tensions with Russia.”

But the Democrats want to pretend that Trump is the slipper carrier for Putin. It is their stupid Hillary Clinton Obama RICE narrative. It’s right up there with the Benghazi YouTube Video.  Certainly the impulsive entry of Trump into the affairs of a Syrian Civil war shows that Trump doesn’t think much at all about anything, including his own past words.


Abu Ivanka al-Amriki

Meanwhile Syrians rebels are praising IVONKA [Sounds like an air horn from a Diesel Locomotive] for pushing Trump into Bombing Assad!

So much for the other idiotic idea “Operation Knock the Hell out of ISIS!” As we will continue to repeat ISIS is almost identical in scope the the Irish Republican Army at the turn of the last century. They are fully infiltrated into every Middle Eastern and Persian society. They can’t be exterminated. Further, their warring technique is Terrorism. Terrorism is unstoppable. As the IRA often reminded the British, “You can’t hide from your Irish Maid’s eyes.”

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