Get ready for the new FAKE REPEAL! Don’t feel sad, Trumpcrapcare was vastly more socialist than Obamacare. Neither had any free market incentives. Trumpcrapcare was nothing more than a Taxpayer bailout. Laughably the GOP exempted itself from TRUMPCRAPCARE before the bill even came to a vote. That clearly shows what a “Terrific” bill it was. But the Grifter in Chief was behind it all the way. Well good that’s over. Now reluctantly RINOs will have to vote for REPEAL! But it will be a FAKE REPEAL. TRUMP BLOWS FAKE REPEAL REPLACE OBAMACARE ESTABLISHMENT GOP PLANS FAKE REPEAL BAILOUT.


REPEAL IT?  Don’t get your hopes up the Repeal will be as fake as the replace.

Don’t think for a minute the Grifter, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan games are over. This bill will never be a clean repeal. This will turn out to be a ten year repeal bill with RINO Republicans funding and bailing out Obamacare for the next ten years. More simply it will be another fake repeal. Establishment Republicans don’t know anything other than fake repeals and fake legislation.

Trump’s budget has already exceeded the Obama budgets by over half a trillion dollars making Trump the biggest spender in history. Trump’s family has already exceeded the Obama vacation legacy by spending more since Trump has been in than the Obama’s spent on their lavish vacations in the first three years. This is the Bush Third Term. These Republicans are going to spend the nation into a recession again.

It wouldn’t be RINO without a yet another Republican War on Drugs.

So who is the enemy now? Its Opioids. During the Bush First and Second therm as opposed to this being the Bush Third Term, it was Stem Cells, and Marijuana and Cocaine. Now its Opoids which are drugs related to morphine. They are the mainstay of treatment for cancer pain. But virtually every Republican state is now clamping down on Doctors who write pain medicine prescriptions.

Lead states like Florida have even turned nonscheduled drugs into State Scheduled drugs. Medicines such as Esgic for headaches are suddenly a scheduled drug IN FLORIDA but not at the Federal Level. Tourists beware, you could be arrested in Florida for this drug even if your doctor in your home state wrote you the prescription. Florida is more RINO than ever.

As for cancer patients, you can get up off your deathbeds and go see the new specially authorized State Certified Pain Clinic doctors. Your Oncologist can’t write you for more than a few tablets. Government has encroached on the sacred Doctor Patient Relationship. Welcome to the clampdown.

Somewhere along the way some Congressman’s kid must have overdosed or become addicted and as we all know the politican could not take the blame for raising a loser. Oh No.. we need an Establishment Republican Crusade. Reminiscent of Bush making the study of fetal stem cells illegal.

Just like Bush expanding Government and police power, Trump is toying with the idea of setting up a Federal Agency to control pharmaceutical prices.

They want to fix prices. Can you imagine this? This is Trump the fake Capitalist. The only thing that matters to Trump is promoting that stinking family of his. He continues to run an promote his businesses. His hotel is used for dignitaries and foreign administrators all at the Taxpayer’s expense. Same with Mar-a-lago. None of this goes out to bid. Millions have gone into the Trump coffers. It is filthy conflicts of interest.

Last week Kushner had a meeting of small companies in Washington. One of the small companies that got a seat at a tech startup round table was OpenGov a firm funded by Jared Kushner’s brother Joshua Kushner. These are two sons-of-a-crook. This is a conflict of interest AGAIN. Click here for the Wall Street Journal Story. This Trump grifter family stinks.


Trump’s response to the Phony Repeal Replace… “Let Obamacare fail.” Better than letting TrumpCrapCare pass!

So the big shot wants to punish the country by keeping Obamacare in place. This was his intent all along. He knows absolutely nothing about healthcare or the process of leading. Everything turns into some kind of personal insult to this guy. Bottom LINE for Trump… It is just another FAIL.

Finally instead of just the empty headed liberals screaming, the Trump base is finally acknowledging that Trump was nothing but another lesser of two evils candidate. Trump has filled his administration with tin soldiers and inept blowhards. But the worst of it all is he has promoted his useless family. There is nothing worse than nepotism other than the flip side of that same coin, affirmative action. Both deprive those who earn and deserve opportunity from getting treated fairly.


Meanwhile don’t say you weren’t warned about RINOs Mitch McConnell and Paul RYAN and John “Clot Head” McCain.

The genius negotiator and Grifter in chief was going to demonstrate how control these RINOs and instead became one himself now heading the Bush Third Term. Gingrich warned that Pelosi may be the next speaker. She’s no worse than RYAN. Ryan is still increasing the debt just like he did when he was dancing to Obama.


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