American is 78th in the world in mathematics and it shows. The maths is clear as a bell and Joseph Biden Jr. has defeated Donald Trump soundly. But it is no longer about the maths nor is it is about the despondent King Lear child that had access to the nuclear codes. Nor is this about the child of the corn that barricaded itself inside the White House behind an unscalable concrete wall.  Nor is it about his long-gone Twitter account, where he spat his bile. Or calls to violence and insurrection that reached his jackbooted walnut brained thugs. The GREAT MAGNIFICANT TRUMP spinning in his chair at the centre of the Universe, was mad as a hatter. This story is about Joseph Biden, a slippery career politician, and a man with no philosophy at all that has chosen to become JOE TRUMP. 

“Who is it that can tell me who I am?”

William Shakespeare, King Lear

From the moment Trump set foot on the stage the signs of madness were clear. The great ring kissing ceremony at Trump Towers as sycophants lined up to serve the Great Trump. Then came the inauguration and the exaggerated claims that the audience size resembled Hitler’s Nuernberg.

Oh, but the inauguration speech was a dilly. Delivered in stumbling chunks like a third-grader grinding their way through a phonetic book about Kats. Mispronoucations, pleonastic verbal salad, mean spirited and memorable only in the speed in which it was forgotten. It was, in fact, deranged; a harbinger of things to come. 

Trump Burnout…

according to Trump the antidote was MORE TRUMP:

Disagree with Trump and you became his enemy. Agree with Trump and you are his firewall until you are not his firewall then you are his enemy. Always spinning, Trump had no focus. With the intellect of goldfish and the attention span of a gnat, the only person calling Trump a genius was Trump. He is a master of the unmade bed. 

As a Con Artist Trump is not very good at it. A Con Artist should be glib and likeable like Bernie Madoff. Nobody likes Trump. He’s a boorish, ill-mannered, loudmouth, blowhard. That is why all his low-level schemes failed. Yesterday his Blog went dark. Remember, he was going to start his own media kingdumb. He is a money loser, not a winner. His only viable business is as a Patroon in a quasi-feudal Lord rental operation inherited from his father. 

Trump doesn’t create anything. He merely owns real property and rents it to others. As President, he rented floors in his Hotel to the Saudi Arabians for years, and even the Pentagon rented space at Trump Towers in New York for millions. This went on for years bilking the taxpayer in unabashed self-dealing and cronyism. All buried in Taxes and financial statements Trump refused to release. 

Trump, the end comes or does it: 

After a long campaign of endless insults. The son Fred Trump called a loser at the breakfast table, is finally stripped of the Presidency and disgraced. He goes out as #45 ** Impeached twice. None of the other living presidents wants a thing to do with Trump. He simply doesn’t belong. 


Trump Loses Election

It is as Charles Klein wrote in his book the Lion and the Mouse. I paraphrase, “Trumps vociferating torrents of vituperous abuse on every man, woman or beast unfortunate enough to get in [His] way.”


Along comes Joseph Biden Jr. Loser 2nd Class, plagiarist, career politician:

To say this guy is a disappointment is being kind. Ever met a lightweight schmoozer? They specialize in small talk and being chummy. They expect you to overlook their lack of gravimetric mass and lack of intellect with a canned joke and a slap on the back. This is slaphappy joke time. People are foolishly relying on Biden to rescue the country while he meanders up to your knees in gibberish. Always ad-libbing down one dead-end alley after another. 

Biden’s streaming unconsciousness.

Biden’s idea of governance is walking around with a microphone in a small room, looking at the ground and talking from a stream of consciousness over whatever comes to mind. In Joe’s case, this is a stream of Unconsciousness fit for a meeting of Alcoholic’s Anonymous.

“Hello, my name is Joe and I could sure use a drink.” 

First, Let’s set the table shall we?

Biden was elected by people that hated Trump. In Particular, the Midwest which flipped from the Trump column of 2016 to Biden, wanted an end to Trump Tariffs that have destroyed what was left of US manufacturing. Those who think the Midwest is the hub of UNIONISM is crazy. The reason you have a rust belt is UNIONS.

A simple example is warranted:

5 million jobs in the USA rely on imported Steel that is not made in the USA. The USA has no blast furnaces and does not make heavy steel. Skyscrapers and bridges require heavy steel. Trump Tariffs on steel and aluminium were intended to protect 50,000 workers of the domestic Steel and Aluminum business… at the price of 5 million jobs. 

Under Trump, the rust belt got rustier. The domestic prices of steel skyrocketed and demand fell so even the small number of domestic producers that were intended to be protected by Trump went belly up. But the most remarkable thing is that Bush II tried this same thing with the same disastrous results. Of course, Trump was going to get different results. Well, he got the same dreadful results. 500,000 jobs lost and nearly 40% of the domestic steel producers ended in bankruptcy court. 

Biden is elected to end the Tariff lunacy but doesn’t! 

Instead, he follows the same ruinous policies of Trump’s Trade War disaster. Joe now claims to be a “Union Man.” Even Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz, Janet Yellen’s Economics Mentor, says Tariffs will lead to recessions and worse, depressions.

If you talk to some unschooled dummy about Tariffs they claim they work. But they don’t work, never have. In the large circle of Economist, that rarely agree on much, they all agree that Tariffs are a disaster for those that use them. What do they know that you don’t know?

Perhaps, you think US Tariffs are good because you think they hurt China. That’s Trump’s stupid idea. They don’t hurt China in the least, not that “hurting China” is an intelligent goal.  Tariffs only hurt the US Economy. But by killing the US Economy further, Joe can call on Big Gov to open the soup kitchen’s for the Trump Cultist and try to blame that on China. Always find a way to spin the demon. 

It is in Biden’s interest to wreck the US Private Sector. By following Trump’s Trade War disaster, he will accomplish the goal. Yesterday Biden blocked Alaskan drilling leases. Trump was stupid but Biden is cunning. Even better was Trump’s assessment that Biden had dementia. Joe is a seasoned professional politician and he knows how to play the Trump Cult, like a Stradivarius. He feeds them protectionism and they gobble it down.

Good luck making those US Modems out of Wood…

Both political parties, the Dem’s UNION party and the Republican Cultists have now reached the point of Marxist Protectionism. That is a losing strategy. Just look at how well it has worked out under the Trump Cult and now Biden.

Trump’s Trade war lost 500,000 jobs and took US manufacturing from 13% of the economy down to just 8%. Meanwhile, the debt grew, to a whopping Debt to GDP of 137% the highest in history. US exports dumped by 22% and Chinese Exports to the US rose 36%. Ouch… those Tariffs really hurt China! 

The US supply chain was destroyed by Trump.

No matter how many times I give examples the Politicians come back with their unschooled rubbish. In point, it is not patriotic to pay more for inferior goods in order to claim to be patriotic. There is a reason why Toyota sells more cars than GM. They make better cars for less money. It is about value; which is Adam Smith. Paying more for less is Marxism coupled with the claim that businesses are an extension of the welfare office so paying more for less, helps the more pay less work set. 

Let’s look at the real factors for the US decline and stop demonizing China:

Start with OSHA, EPA, IRS, FTC and HHS, etc. You can’t ship 35% peroxide now without HAZMAT shipping. This demolished the H2O2 water purification industry overnight. Government stupid action is destroying businesses, every day.

On the local level, you now need a licence to cut a dog’s toenails, to shampoo a dog etc. There is no end in Government taxation and regulation to prevent Americans from going into business themselves. The House Painter thinks he is being protected by this. But the consumer always loses. In any environment where their is a lack of competition, quality suffers and prices of schlock skyrocket. 


Why did the Semiconductor businesses leave the USA… In one word… OBAMACARE which is ROMNEYCARE. Same two parties different name.

That was the single biggest Tax on US businesses. No foreign companies are even bothering to enter the United States with anything but small sales operations with under 50 employees. And the Obamacare tax is not deductible. So the smartest companies in the USA and the most competitive, Semiconductors left in droves for Asia after John Roberts declared it a legal tax.

Look at your employees: First in absenteeism, first in employee theft, first in violence against employers, first in worker’s comp and disability lawsuits. Then you have race issues and gender issues and even bathroom issues. Nobody is coming to the USA and big multinationals are leaving and enjoying new sanity. Foreign Investment in the USA has gone to nil. 

Then you have UNIONS; the undisputed champion of business sector destruction in the USA. Even today UNIONS are working over Amazon. The Teamsters don’t like the Prime Trucks, and Rubio is in with Elizabeth Warren pitching for Unions in Alabama aimed at Amazon.

And now you have unions in Government. Union Teachers, Union dockworkers, Postal Workers… etc. Even FDR opposed Gov Unions, but not Biden and or the Cult Republicans. It is all one big fast destructive political system. The USA is in massive decline.

Unions took down Steel, took down textiles and Chemicals, and every form of industrial construction. It costs more in America. Raw materials cost more, Transportation costs more. Even the Hollywood movie business is all Unions and independents are crushing that inefficient filthy corrupt business. 

I will give you an example of the stupidity of this… Trump put tariffs on phenols made in China. They make some phenols in the US but it is very expensive because phenols are cancer-causing so says California. Osha and the EPA have lots of regulations so the US phenol makers are not competitive. Phenols are necessary for paint and epoxies.

Companies in the US that mixed paint had to pay 25% more for Phenols from Trump Tariffs. The prices of their products rose and the demand fell. Paint mixing companies in the USA thought this would be short term. They were lied to by politicians that claimed this was just a negotiation strategy instead of a business killer. Eventually, it became evident that they would need to move offshore.

A few set up mixing operations in Vietnam where they could import the phenol from China and export finished product to the USA ready to use. These US companies shut down US mixing operations, saying goodbye to excessive regulations and liability. They resumed profitability and competitiveness. The US lost jobs. TARIFFS DON’T SAVE JOBS… they cost jobs. 

Example 2: Small guy makes granite countertops. He buys granite from China the largest and cheapest producer, his business thrives because it is cost-effective. Then Trump tariffs granite not once but twice. The granite guy’s business dies overnight. Granite is so expensive that the market evaporates. Jobbers switch to concrete countertops. And then, California determines that Granite causes cancer. This granite guy is out of business.


Yet you listen to the politicians with their grand plans.

Biden wants to build batteries in the USA. Once again as with OBAMA, he wants to give lots of money to companies to start-up battery production. Obama did it. Where are those battery factories that Obama gifted? They don’t exist. Only the scam exists. Joe Obama will gift some more battery factories. The last time this was done the execs of the company took the money then declared bankruptcy. Bush had the same thing happen with a Solar panel company… That has never stopped the politician from repeating their corrupt stupidity. 

The great wishes of the throw money at anything crowd. Meanwhile, China builds and advances battery technology and can warrant Tesla batteries for ten years. And the costs are coming down in China. What kind of genius would want to build batteries in a world where the cost is coming down and profit margins declining? Biden.

Remember the TRUMP GM and FORD ventilators? They took the money too and produced a handful of vents for COVID which were never used by the way. But the price was 600% higher than commercial vents. But Trump knew everything about manufacturing… a real prize. Cronyism and scammers. 

Back to the Trump Biden Steel Tariffs:

China produces 1000mmt of heavy steel. The US makes some cold rolled and hot rolled steel, some plate and some rebar. The US makes NO structural Steel and has no blast furnaces in operation. China steel is high quality made in the hottest furnaces on earth. Most US steel is made from scrap. OH BUT BUT BUT MADE IN THE USA… sure is and it is made out of scrap.

From there the list gets even more impressive. China is the number one producer of food, computers, tools, machine tools, semiconductors, pharmaceutical. Last year they filed more biotech patents than the US and Europe combined. They make more copper, aluminium and chemical than any place on earth. They build the largest ships and the largest structures built on earth, offshore platforms. The list is endless.

At least you in the USA have slogans… Build back better… Be Better….

No discipline but lots of slogans.

You will not beat ASIA by being an adversary. You will however destroy yourselves and your economy. Protectionism has always failed. ALWAYS ALWAYS FAILED. 100% failure rate. And yet both Political Parties are pushing hard for Protectionism and Unions. 

China has some new manufacturing wrinkles. They have adopted Dr Demming’s total quality control and are now producing their own brands. Hercules power tools are better than Milwaukee, both build in China. China has long been the producer of the finest concert pianos in the world and now leads in all classical musical instruments.

China has no unions and never will. Go back to your slogans and your fear and your protectionism. You will become a third world country in no time at all.

Joe Biden is lazy. His gaffs come about because he is unprepared and his talk turns to ad-lib rattle and then it is gaff after gaff of meandering undisciplined tangential yapping. Purposeless yapping and the slap on the back is the mark of a lightweight. They are Joe’s stock in trade… Biden’s streaming unconsciousness.

Trade increases prosperity encourages development, communication with nations, and lifts people out of poverty with the tremendous benefit of stopping immigration caused by wars.

Yet BIDEN continues Trump Policies destroying the US Economy.

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