Trump’s 54 minutes staged “Bipartisan” DREAMER AMNESTY gathering looked more like Michael Wolff’s Book had been turned into a TV Movie. It was sickening watching Trump raise the RINO flag of Mexico over America. Anne Coulter called it the low point of Trump’s Presidency. With Trump, a man of no moral or political character at all the bottom is essentially bottomless.



Difficult to tell the RINO BUSH AMNESTY TWINS Apart these days… Illegal Immigrant Love Fest with 36 Million Mexican Squatters and counting…

20 Horses Butchered. Do you know where your missing horse is today?


Meanwhile, just 40 miles from MAR-O-LOGO the gilded Taxpayers Bottomless Pit, 20 horses were killed and butchered in Miami by what most believe to be an AFRO-CUBAN Religious cult that practices animal sacrifices.  Santeria, as it is called, is allowed to do this according to the Liberal US Supreme Court. Forget assimilation into the Anglo-Sphere, this is that wonderful Diversity colorful culture that liberals keep talking about. Dead Horseheads strewn all over the place. Yeah, now that’s culture!


The useless Miami-Dade Police where cops don’t speak a word of English, leisurely responded at 11:30 a.m. and have yet to comment on who may be responsible.


So Hungry he could eat a horse or 20 horses.

One bystander said, “The Cop came by looked at the body parts of the 20 horses and left. He didn’t care, I guess it was Cop Lunchtime.”


Trump’s Kid… So hungry he could eat an elephant dick. BTW how is Trump doing with that Elephant Hunting Ban He tried to lift? What a Family. TRUMP, TROPHY, KID ZOMBIE, The Zoo Killas and Ivanka the Liberal.


Did you say 20 Horses were Slaughtered in Miami and the bodies strewn around like boxes of KFC after a Santeria Church Supper?

Yup. And what’s wrong with that? Are you prejudice or something against Religious Practices of AFRO CUBANS like butchering stolen horses? You Americanos have to learn to adapt. This is just the rich heritage of Cuban Culture.

So put on your Plastic Smiles, Whitey. It is you that has to adapt to this slime that enters America through MIAMI! These are the valuable foreign citizens with “SKILLS” that are desperately wanted in AMERICA… Like how to butcher a show pony!


As Mitch McConnel mused, “Trump will sign anything put in front of him.” And here comes AMNESTY!

At this moment there are over 36 million Mexican squatters in the USA. 65 Year old Cubans are coming in EVERY DAY and getting SOCIAL SECURITY automatically just by showing up. “We don’t need no stinking Citizenship!” How else would Florida retain two Chump Senators like RUBIO and Bill Nelson?

Trump deportations are far less than even OBAMA! No gangs have been deported. The border is now experiencing record border crossings. Trump is FAILING. Because of Trump’s gross negligence in the matter, 1500 new anchor babies are born each day.  That is over half a million in this year alone. Trump is now talking about pushing through another 1 million Dreamers. Oh, and these are not “children” they are middle-aged adults. Americans are just being scammed by Trump.


Yeah… its all one big fat act of love…



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