PAUL RYAN the architect of the REPEAL-In-Name-Only TRUMPCARE SCAM. He has taken an uninsured FALL from grace. He must resign. Foolish Trump didn’t want to lead and instead blew all his political capital fronting for this phony RINO backstabbing legislation. Trump now has nothing to show for it. Defiant REAL Conservatives held their ground. They were sent to Congress to repeal Obamacare not to play RINO games with the electorate. Trump, a political novice with no political compass backed the wrong pony and has been vacated. It was pure Trump hubris on a scale of Obama. Republicans had been relying on Trump to provide real leadership instead he got RINOIZED in the last 100 days and now heads the Bush Third Term. TRUMP BACKFIRE PHONY TRUMPCARE REPEAL-IN-NAME-ONLY PAUL RYAN RESIGN.


Paul Ryan should resign as House Speaker! NOW! NO CONFIDENCE! How dare he attempt this phony RINO sabotage! His White House delusions are over.

TRUMPCARE was a pathetic attempt to defraud the Republican Voters. Ryan has never been trusted by the Republican base of Reagan Republicans and the more staunch anti-government Jeffersonian Republicans. They loath Ryan and regard him as traitorous liberal. During the election Ryan attacked Trump relentlessly. But Trump was so arrogant that he thought he could “use” Ryan to promote his agenda. Instead Trump was taken down by the con artist RINOs and left on the roadside. So much for the art of playing with snakes. Trump better learn the lesson that Republicans are not gullible liberals!  Trump’s arrogance however seems to think everyone’s gullible. The Closer in Chief just took it on chin in an astonishing miscalculation of reality.


The Closer in Chief just got closed down!

Don’t feel sorry for Trump; he’s been moving RINO for months. His VP is a RINO’s RINO. Trump’s cabinet is full of Bush retreads. His penchant for tin soldiers has Bush Iraq Commanders in every security position that exists. Perhaps that is why its such a mess at present. WE are presently in the BUSH THIRD TERM and Reagan and Jeffersonian Republicans are livid.


Can’t wait for the Tweets. Who will Trump blame. He should blame himself for insulting the Republican Base and threatening them! His threat yesterday was the last straw. How dare Trump threaten the BASE!

A few other items that will need refinement: Trump’s Old school Infrastructure idiocy is DOA. States are responsible for their own bridges, airports and trains. The Federal Gov can’t run the Post Office monopoly let alone AMTRAK! Tax cuts will be modest and spending will be reduced. The government is now broke. Without a debt ceiling increase, Trump has no money! Trump wanted to play RINO liberal well enjoy the backwash. The voters that put you in Office Trump were not the RINOs. RINOs were the “Anybody but Trump bunch.” You turned on the BASE. You had the unmitigated audacity to threaten the BASE!



TRUMP has also gamed his base with the selection of Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. Gorsuch is at best a Justice Kennedy type or worse a David Souter. Trump should withdraw his name if the Dems filibuster. That’s a perfect excuse. Then Trump can put in somebody that is a REAL Conservative jurist. Gorsuch is not the right guy! TRUMP should withdraw Gorsuch if Dems keep their promise to filibuster.


While we are at it. We would like to see the Trump Kids quit wasting government resources on their good times. They are adults and should be acting like mature Republicans not spendthrift Liberals. Nobody is sharing their joy in Aspen!

The most recent insult was that IVANKA and family had to go to Aspen to ski. This cost 100 secret Service that had to accompany them at the taxpayer’s expense. ENOUGH ALREADY! The Obama family raped the taxpayer for their vacations. Trump start acting like a Republican instead of a user!

Trumpcare was actually worse than Obamacare:

It left the Gov in charge of price controls on insurance policies based on age and income. It kept all those mandated policy requirement such as treatment for gambling addiction, drug addiction, marriage counseling, maturity leave, and more including the crescendo bit… sexual reassignment surgery. I’m not paying for that crap!

There would be no simple major medical offered. Further this bill PREVENTED the insurance companies from competing across state lines. It strengthened State Insurance Bureaucracies that limited Obamacare policies to the point of total inaffordabiltiy. TRUMPCARE KEPT 90% of the Obamacare machinery, 100% of the policy mandates. Trump called this a “wonderful bill!” Moron.

Obamacare holds 1/6th of the US Economy hostage. Trumpcare amounted to a new BAILOUT TAX that would continue to bailout ObamaTrumpcare annually. That is how they bypassed the Mandated purchases of policies, they hung it on the Taxpayers! It was a backdoor RINO BACKSTABBING!  TRUMP SAID THIS WAS A WONDERFUL BILL!


Anyone stupid enough to buy into the notion that the RINOs would add market incentives in later years was an insane lie.

There was no incentive. Trump and the RINOs kept the Lavish UNLIMITED PPO for life for themselves and IVANKA… you got the garbage insurance, and the taxes to boot!  Trump got caught in his own SCAM! HOW DARE TRUMP THREATEN THE BASE.


TRUMP is clueless about the VALUES of the BASE:

We abhor big government. The BASE abhors massive Gov spending and we abhor these endless CIA wars and meddling in the Middle East. We also want these 35 million Mexican squatters out of this country and that includes the DREAMERS who are nothing but felons. GET THEM OUTTA HERE! Quit playing RINO GAMES WITH THE BASE TRUMP! OH did I tell you that TRUMPCARE also allowed for ILLEGALS to get Tax subsidies to buy Trumpcare? TRUMP was very generous with your TAX DOLLARS. But of course IVANKA and KUSHNER were on the Gov dole so they were getting the LAVISH UNLIMITED PPO FOR LIFE FOR Themselves and their children. YOU PAY FOR A BILLIONAIRE’s kids and grand-kids healthcare as well as your own. How infuriating!


TRUMP… DON’T EVER pull another RINO stunt like this again. THE BASE of Reagan and Jeffersonian Republicans HATES RINOs! YOU were sent to Washington to lead OUT OF THE SWAMP, not to join the RINOs in the swamp!

PAUL RYAN MUST RESIGN. He’s incompetent, he’s bad for the party, and he is a stinking RINO punk. We want him GONE!

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