16 years of utter Insanity. UPDATE. TRUMP, “Trust Me.” Just as you Trusted Trump’s wall, the Obmacare repeal, swamp draining…  Some ideas are beyond Stupid. TRUMP seizes on Nixon’s MAD MAN theory of war. BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS TRUMP KIDS WON’T BE SERVING. Apparently the whole family has very very very bad heel spurs. MADDOG Mattis like some kind of pansy flunky would not give the details of TRUMP’s ‘rigorous’ decision. [The same rigor Trump applied to TRUMPCRAPCARE?] Instead the Tin Soldier suck up flunky said Trump wanted to deliver that blockbuster to the American People Himself. Doubtful Trump will give McCain credit for this moronic plan. Can hardly wait. Time to nuke the popcorn. TRUMP AFGHANISTAN PLAN TRUMPNAM TAKES MCCAIN ADVICE EXPANDING US GROUND TROOPS 100 YEARS.


Nothing spreads good will like a pair of Kid’s Trump Shoes. Kids dream about wearing Trump Shoes while their parents enjoy Trump Steaks over a glass of Trump Whine!


NIXON’s MAD MAN THEORY OF WAR… Let the world think Trump is a WAR Crazed BOMB HAPPY HAIR TRIGGER!. Oh that will be a stretch!  Presidential Polls Down…. TIME TO BOMB up some numbers!



What is wrong with the RINO mind?


The TRUMP PLAN which is the McCain Plan will look something like this: INSANE.

“Now, nearly seven months into President Trump’s administration, we’ve had no strategy at all as conditions on the ground have steadily worsened. The thousands of Americans putting their lives on the line in Afghanistan deserve better from their commander-in-chief.” Said McCain.


Then why don’t we just remove the Troops from Afghanistan in that case then no Americans will be putting their lives at risk?


So what’s the walking Brian Tumor’s strategy? MORE Ground TROOPS, MORE WEAPONS, FOREVER. The war in Afghanistan has been ongoing for 16 years. McCain says we are losing it. Of course we made mincemeat out of that Civilian Kunduz Hospital. Three doctors were blown to bits. Pentagon said it wasn’t a war crime.

McCain says he is going to tack his plan onto a Military appropriations bill. McConnell and the RINOs will jump at the chance to keep this thing going for the next 100 years.


American has been at this for 16 years! Russia had the sense to leave after 9 years. 


Maddog Promised to have an Afghanistan plan in July. Perhaps it was a TRUMP PROMISE worth it’s weight in hot air.

I guess Maddog plum forgot while he was threatening Kim Jong Un with the TRUMP BLUFF Military strategy.

Trump is considering moving H. R. “Mr. Murica” McMaster to take charge in Afghanistan. That’s the idiot that said Vietnam, was winnable if only the Military had taken matters into their own hands…  ala Col. Walter E. Kurtz? Which is worse this or the ticking time bomb in McCain’s head?


BUSH RINO NEOCONS must be dancing in the street. Trump has come home to the RINOs. The Bush Third Term marches on. The base that put Trump in office is livid. Trump has broken every campaign promise in record time.


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