The Obamas set the tone for LAVISH VACATIONS at the Taxpayers doll. But the GRIFTER family is set to make the Obama greed look like pikers. This is so far from Reagan it is monstrous. The Reagans spent every Christmas at the White House except the last which they spent overseas with our Troops. Then after the holidays, the Reagans would head to the ranch. Reagan paid for Nancy’s airfare out of his own pocket. But not the Obamas and surely not the Grifter Trump. Trump has now spent 20% of his presidency at his own resorts filling his pockets with taxpayer money. How much? $91,655,424 to date. The Obama’s spent $196 million in eight years. The highest taxpayer abuse in history. Trump will surpass the Obama’s in just two years. TRUMP ABANDONS WHITE HOUSE CHRISTMAS LEAVES DUMP SPENDS 91,655,424 TAXPAYER DOLLARS TRUMP RESORTS POCKET STUFFER.


Hedge Fund Santa arrives at Palm Beach after leaving “The Dump” for Christmas.

Trump has spent 20% of his first year at his resorts billing Taxpayers a whopping $92 million dollars.

Prior to the Trump abuse, the Obamas spent an incredible $196 million on lavish vacations over eight years at the taxpayer’s expense. No other First Family ever showed so much contempt for the taxpayers. Guess Michele Obama figured we owed it to her. Reparations you know.

Trump spent $92 million in just 10 months on his lavish vacations and Taxpayers paid Trump Organization! None of this extravagance goes out to bid. The lout is stuffing his pockets!

The Reagans were the last humble Republicans, having spent every Christmas in the White House except the last. They spent that Christmas Overseas with our Troops.

When the Reagans would leave for their Ranch after the Holidays, Ronald Reagan paid for Nancy’s Airfare out of pocket. One thing is certain Trump is no Reagan. Trump is stuffing his own pockets. None of this pocket-stuffing self-lavishing goes out to bid. What a lowlife. If there is no express law prohibiting his Grifter conduct, he always dives for the bottom of the Character and fitness barre taking the low road.


The Taxpayer money goes to the Trump Organization. Taxpayer also paying for Christmas at “The Dump” (White House) :

The Trump Family’s lavish vacations at the taxpayer doll go to the Trump Organization. None of this goes out for bid. Trump fills his resorts empty rooms with Secret Service and other government employees that have to leave Washington and their families to get a full dose of the Trump family over Christmas. Oh but Baron and Trophy will be there… how wonderful.

The night before Christmas and all throught the house not a creatures was stirring but Mueller the mouse… 


Don’t order the chocolate cake!

The last time President Xi went to Mar-o-logo, a slice of caked was billed at $1000 by Trump to the Government. Expensive cake. The Grifter just slugs the taxpayer whenever possible. The Obamas were the worst by far until Trumps set the new standard for Taxpayer abuse. How could America ever end up with back to back louts like these two? In many ways, Trump is the Obama Bookend. Both live in the world of amplified hubris.








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